• Release date: November 18, 2016
  • Genre: Action/Adventure, Family, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
  • Running Time: 2h 13m
  • Rating: PG
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Sunday, December 11, 01:52:55 AM

I found this movie to be utter rubbish. The main hero looks mentally challenged he is suppose to be the crocodile Dundee of magical creatures he cant even look a girl in the eye.

Saturday, December 10, 09:05:13 PM

Loved it, a little dark but there is so magical. Can't wait to see the next movie.

Wednesday, December 7, 08:31:49 PM

I think the premise was ok. But the beasts weren't beautifully fantastic. The person with the briefcase spent the entire movie hunched over seemingly speaking to a spectre behind him. Or was too dark a film. I had though it would be a more interesting and pretty movie, smaller, less loud, less yelling. Maybe that they were more benevolent, or something. I think the movie makers in trying to make up for the lack of substance, just made more, loud, yelling and screaming animals. Too bad.

Wednesday, December 7, 04:00:18 PM

wonderful :)

Wednesday, December 7, 01:29:22 PM

I saw the movie on Sunday with a friend of mine and her caregiver, we had liked it

Tuesday, December 6, 10:38:44 PM

Don't listen to people who can't review a movie without slandering those who disagree with them. \/ \/ Shameful.

Tuesday, December 6, 03:40:54 PM

don't listen to bad reviewers. they're most likely angry star wars virgins lol. the movie was great. judge for yourself

Sunday, December 4, 11:31:39 PM

Wizardry on steroids, I see they're going to make it very over-the-top in this series. Entertaining enough, excellent CGI and visuals. Plot a little thin though. And what is with Eddie Redmayne's character's dialogue? Totally incomprehensible. And that is unfortunate, because during those scenes where his lines call for him to explain the plot to the audience, you're lost. Redmayne tries to play it coy, but in doing so doesn't have near the charm of Radcliffe. Hopefully the next installment will have a better script and Redmayne will articulate his lines a little better. Series has potential though-just a lukewarm first offering.

Sunday, December 4, 05:42:41 AM

More garbage from Rowling, a writer with much more luck than talent.

Saturday, December 3, 05:34:33 PM

Whow. I couldn`t believe how bad this movie was. The Potter movies were terrific but this wasn`t. Couldn`t understand Newt. all he did was mumble. I was debating walking out but hung on to the end. This movie has one thing. Visual effects and not much else.

Friday, December 2, 04:36:11 PM

I loved the Harry Potter books and movies, and I mean LOVED!, so I was excited to see this latest spin-off. I left entertained yet disappointed. It obviously is setting up the next line of movies and yet it lacked some of the sizzle one expects a 'pilot' would have to grab your attention. Thoroughly enjoyed the Jacob and Queenie characters; thought Newt (Redmayne) was oddly directed as I normally love anything he does, but the overt shyness didn't draw me in; and sadly thought Ms. Waterston was miscast as Porpentina. Still, the movie is worth seeing and look forward to improved sequels.

Wednesday, November 30, 03:00:37 PM

a stunning triumph of visual wonder. loved every minute of it.

Wednesday, November 30, 12:18:07 PM

Harry Potter was a giant success because it was only the author's massive and pure imagination. But this one is planed to be another big success in movies world. Harry potter series when you read the books or watch the movies it's like you are watching the happiness of a small child of having a new red ball ! But this one was like watching the happiness of a grown up for buying a new car! simply didn't enjoy it.

Sunday, November 27, 11:40:12 AM

Simply fantastic, and creative, 3D effects are good too!

Saturday, November 26, 03:30:01 PM

i still cant believe the surprise cameo!!! wow...just wow

Saturday, November 26, 03:29:14 PM

well worth the wait! such a fantastic prequel

Saturday, November 26, 03:28:22 PM

stunning. funny. sad yet hilarious. this movie has it all. an a special surprise at the end ;)

Saturday, November 26, 03:27:08 PM

possibly better then any harry potter film

Saturday, November 26, 03:26:36 PM

a great holiday film

Saturday, November 26, 12:44:30 PM

Contrived, childish, boring. All it was was a special effects orgasm. The story was utterly lacking, the dialog was cliche and unintelligent. The main actor, for me, just didnt do anything for me. This wasnt a movie worth making. There just wasnt anything worthwhile in it.

Thursday, November 24, 11:41:50 PM

Not at all upbeat. Very dreary. Black magic etc.

Thursday, November 24, 10:52:46 PM

Fantastically, delightfully entertaining with a touch of whimsical comedy.

Thursday, November 24, 02:33:59 PM

perfect. in every way

Wednesday, November 23, 08:41:35 PM

this movie was amazing it was everything I wanted it to be it was sad, happy, and thrilling all at once-highly recommend!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 03:41:43 PM

Such a delightful movie. So much fun to watch. Hey all you producers at there who "try" to make 3D movies. I have to say this is my first one that I actually experienced it. Many times. And this was not on a IMAX screen either. Will see it again, I'm sure. :-)

Monday, November 21, 08:20:22 PM

Make sure you see the IMAX 3D version. It is fantastic and a different intellectual dimension than the Potter series. I would not recommend for children under 13 yrs. There are many fascinating aspects, moments and characters to this movie. I could easily sit thru it again. Worth every penny! Enjoyed every second! Leave day to day stuff on the parking lot and bring your imagination ready to rock and roll over the moon type rock and roll!

Monday, November 21, 06:25:43 PM

is it strange that i enjoyed this more than the harry potter films? simply brilliant

Monday, November 21, 06:24:56 PM

OH...MY..GOD! wasnt expecting it to be this good. what could easily have been a quick cash grab (like the new star wars will be) turned out to be a brilliant start to another EPIC series :) so excited

Monday, November 21, 06:18:18 PM

wow the surprise ending!!! i cant wait for the next one. overall its a brilliant movie whether you're a harry potter fan or not, its amazing!

Monday, November 21, 06:17:15 PM

you HAVE to see this movie in 3D it will blow your mind!!

Monday, November 21, 12:37:05 PM

a must see

Monday, November 21, 10:41:16 AM

Eddie was okay, but can you have a lead character who's so withdrawn? And his leading actress is so dull and blank, who the hell is she and how did she get this major part in a movie without any acting talent?

Sunday, November 20, 08:31:25 PM

Great movie and very funny!

Sunday, November 20, 06:11:33 PM

Was surprisingly great, Awesome FX. sound and video was not that good.

Sunday, November 20, 12:44:24 PM

The movie is so dark from the very beginning. (according to JK Rowling, the following movies are going to be even darker). I didn't find it enjoyable to watch for the following reasons: -The movie is not uplifting at all and almost comes across as a horror movie at some times -The main female character is extremely annoying to watch with her constant vacant expressions -The main male character mumbles way too much and tries too hard to be eccentric (never making eye contact with the person he is speaking to) -Didn't find the magical creatures very imaginative -Plot was not engaging and very confusing. I still don't really get what happened. Overall, quite a massive disappoint considering how wonderfully magical and hopeful the Harry Potter series was!

Sunday, November 20, 09:30:54 AM

It's kind of dark and serious, and it's only towards the end of the movie that all the details and clues come together to reveal the true story. The special effects are interesting and dramatic. There is subtle humor throughout the movie, especially provided by the creatures; but I laughed out-loud during the epilogue, where we learn about the character’s fate. My 12 year old granddaughter loved it, but I’m not sure if there is enough entertainment for younger children. I enjoyed the movie, and I’m looking forward to the next episode!

Sunday, November 20, 12:46:21 AM

I was disappointed, the movie was long and other than the effects it wasn'the very captivating

Saturday, November 19, 11:08:01 PM

I really enjoyed the movie. Very creative creatures. Nice story...

Saturday, November 19, 10:34:08 PM

I wanted to like it, because I love the Harry Potter movies, but I just didn't.

Saturday, November 19, 01:20:38 PM

What did I watched? Boring. Plot with not beginning or end. Some after effects is all.