Friday, March 31, 09:41:56 AM

I love the movie can't wait until it comes out on DVD I am not into romance movies to much I love action but this movie is Amazing thank you all great job!

Wednesday, March 15, 04:09:38 PM

I love the movie especially the on-going love story, so romantic. Going again this weekend.

Monday, March 13, 08:08:14 AM

I loved the movie I've seen it 3 times. It's a great love story.

Saturday, March 11, 08:37:51 PM

Loved every minute

Saturday, March 11, 08:37:03 PM

Loved every minute

Thursday, March 9, 03:21:38 PM

read the books - the film too abbreviated connection just not there

Monday, March 6, 11:20:17 AM


Sunday, March 5, 04:13:08 PM

I read the books, and thoroughly enjoyed the movie - this one maybe more so than the first; the story of an abused boy grown into a disturbed man, meeting a woman whose love helps him heal. A wonderful story of love and compromise, meeting each other sexually in a place they both find erotic and comfortable. I loved it!

Sunday, March 5, 10:03:49 AM

Great story, better then first movie

Saturday, March 4, 01:44:13 PM

I was very disappointed with the second sequel and found myself yawning. I loved the first movie. This movie is not about women being sexually abused or dominated and I am a woman who does not watch porn movies. It is consensual sex between a man and a woman. I just found the storyline boring. Having said that I will go and see the third movie.

Saturday, March 4, 01:17:47 PM

Loved the movie! Went back to the theatre to watch it again!

Saturday, March 4, 04:51:22 AM


Friday, March 3, 10:58:00 AM

Waste of your time - ....

Friday, March 3, 03:56:24 AM

I liked it

Friday, March 3, 02:07:19 AM


Thursday, March 2, 08:03:50 PM

It was just ok -- still like the second one best.

Thursday, March 2, 07:24:12 PM

Terrible. Skip it.

Thursday, March 2, 05:38:23 PM

Lame movie. Glad is doing to take down tomorrow.

Thursday, March 2, 02:22:16 PM

Just a great movie

Thursday, March 2, 01:37:27 PM

I found the movie was trying to throw the scenes together without much action. Having said that I still enjoyed the movie and I loved the sound track for it.

Tuesday, February 28, 05:47:48 PM

No a great movie.

Tuesday, February 28, 02:44:54 PM

No...Really I mean NOOOOO...

Tuesday, February 28, 02:39:02 PM


Tuesday, February 28, 12:37:26 PM

I absolutely loved this movie .... Great love story

Tuesday, February 28, 12:15:23 PM

We did not like the story.

Monday, February 27, 11:31:33 AM

Terrible movie. Nothing good from this type of movie. Hollywood is going down hill.

Monday, February 27, 04:18:33 AM

It was great! Sexy time!

Sunday, February 26, 02:23:26 PM

A one star only because there is no option for a zero - that's what this film is - !

Sunday, February 26, 12:25:25 PM

Waste of money.

Sunday, February 26, 09:16:17 AM

Boring story.

Sunday, February 26, 05:12:26 AM

We found the movie without any flavor or plot. Very simple movie without morals.

Sunday, February 26, 05:08:53 AM

A typical movie made in a garage.

Sunday, February 26, 05:06:31 AM

👎 No a great movie. Mediocre and cheesy.

Sunday, February 26, 04:06:20 AM


Sunday, February 26, 04:03:36 AM


Sunday, February 26, 03:57:35 AM


Sunday, February 26, 03:57:01 AM


Saturday, February 25, 07:53:12 PM

Loved it.. Equally as good as the first one.

Saturday, February 25, 06:43:56 PM

We thought the movie was off. Probably some people like. We were the group who did not like the story. Is all.

Saturday, February 25, 11:55:06 AM

Considering they had to apteal to a group of sex starved women, it would have been appropriate, however there are a great deal of intelligent women who I would think did see and understand the story of these two characters. It is ashame that more of that wasn't in the movie. I really didn't need do see or hear Ana having sex, insinuation can go a long way. As Christian always said it is mostly in your head. I would have liked to have seen Dr. Flynn and the bidding war and the reaction. It just wasn't Darker enough for me. Jamie Dornan is an amazing actor, just wished they would have chosen someone else for Ana, too late Freed is almost in the can. Worth seeing for Jamie!