Tuesday, February 21, 06:11:40 PM

This is not a smart comedy...just another over the top obscenity laced brat movie.

Monday, February 20, 01:47:48 PM

A complete waste of time. The vulgarity was not even cleverly used. I would give it a minus 5 if that category existed

Saturday, February 18, 11:11:28 PM

I have never been more disappointed in Ice Cube. I cannot believe he was a part of such a disgusting, poorly written movie. I can't choose which part was more disgusting... I didn't laugh once. I saw a half empty and theater empty out in the first half.. I just wouldn't advise anyone else to waste their time. I so disappointed!

Saturday, February 18, 06:57:13 AM

I liked the whole plot of it. Wimpy, "nice" teacher mans up in one day. Taking punches from an insane co-worker who uses fear as a weapon and ends up in an inspiring message that sometimes we have to face our fears and probably, that some men really sort out problems through physical therapy. This movie isn't something that you would watch with your children though which is why it's R-rated. Overall, if you want to laugh at something then you'll at least find something to give you a chuckle but it's not for the whole family hence the R-rating.

Saturday, February 18, 04:34:33 AM

Pretty boring and not too funny, could have been a lot better.

Friday, February 17, 10:19:24 AM

pretty much perfect in so far as it's exactly what you think it is. i loved it! the ending blows little miss sunshine out of the water

Thursday, February 16, 05:18:08 PM

Saw the movie last night its screening . Started off not that interesting but it picks up and becomes a good comedy in the end. Slap stick comedy is what it is.