Monday, March 27, 10:16:43 AM

Looking forward to it. I agree, whitewashing is an issue, but it's a little more complicated with Japanese anime. Why? Japanese culture fetishizes north american culture. This is why the Asian leads in anime films are drawn to have Caucasian characteristics like wide eyes, lighter skin, etc. in some cases. I think casting a Caucasian lead in GITS is an annoyance and disappointment, but given the stylistic choices of Japanese anime, it's not at all surprising or alarming.

Friday, March 24, 04:49:43 PM

This movie looks great!! I agree, it is not a 'race' issue in this film...the main female character in GITS Anime version doesn't look 'Asian.' Besides, if Scar Jo is Caucasian, and she is, and people are not happy about that, their is "Asian" in the word CaucAsian! Get it? Ha ha...heeeheee...This will be a great movie and anime is multi-ethnic and diverse all the time...if the world did abide by anime principles of inclusion in the artist's and writer's character development process, we would all be a lot better off...!!!!

Saturday, December 3, 10:42:45 AM

anime characters are fluid...they do not have to be a certain race in the adaptation and the anime character female does not even look a hundred percent Asian...she is more diffuse...besides don't bring race into this fantastic story we already know the bias of Hollywood. think instead about the technology and how it is used and is continuing to develop in the GITS movie.

Friday, December 2, 01:47:47 PM

Crappy looking wanna be matrix movie... Half the stuff in the trailer is nothing like the original source material. 2 examples She isn't the only cyborg and she doesn't do matrix style moves.... Should have at least gotten the Wachowskis to direct the movie.... They only spent 10+ years trying to get a production company to get the rights to make it.....

Wednesday, July 27, 06:36:22 PM

Hollywood claims they don't whitewash movies when hiring. Then go and hire a white actress with no box office credibility. When there are dozens of talented Asian actresses out there to play a Asian Character role.

Sunday, July 24, 03:46:55 AM

This movie is going to fail in box office like all Hollywood made live action adaptations. Hire talentless actresses/actors Whitewashing of main characters. Giving them small budgets Or spending the majority of the budget on actors Hiring directors that know nothing about the original source material and ignore it.