• Release date: October 21, 2016
  • Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama
  • Running Time: 1h 58m
  • Rating: 14A
  • 22 Reviews
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Wednesday, October 26, 04:16:10 PM


Wednesday, October 26, 04:15:15 AM

Excellent! Keeps you engaged from the get go. Definitely a must see.

Tuesday, October 25, 10:16:59 PM

Not worth going to see....

Tuesday, October 25, 05:05:39 PM

Hardly worth the imax price. Overall not a very good flic.

Tuesday, October 25, 01:54:10 PM

Excellent Film

Monday, October 24, 08:55:54 PM

Good movie. Would recommend.

Monday, October 24, 05:03:05 PM

Heard it was supposed to be good - well, there are two hours of terrible movie time I will never get back!

Monday, October 24, 05:02:04 PM

One of the worst movies!

Monday, October 24, 02:59:11 PM

The worst movie ever made!! Tom Cruz should be totally ashamed of himself! What a complete waist of money!!!!

Monday, October 24, 06:38:33 AM

Good movie. Would recommend.

Monday, October 24, 06:37:47 AM

Enjoyed the suspense. Have never read the books, but have no complaints with how this was cast on all scores.

Monday, October 24, 12:52:50 AM

I love this movie! It was way better than I anticipated. Great story line and Tom Cruise is soooo bad ass as usual :)

Sunday, October 23, 10:49:33 PM

Someone said a terrific must see......are you kidding me?

Sunday, October 23, 10:43:32 PM

Colby is terrific in this....Tom..well...as someone else said...same old, same old. I'm tired of his no talent on the big screen.

Saturday, October 22, 07:56:50 AM

Terrific must see !

Friday, October 21, 07:55:58 PM

Awesome, I love this character, have read all the books, this movie does not disappoint, can't wait for the next one!!!

Friday, October 21, 07:02:23 PM

I liked the first Jack Reacher movie but I liked this new one even more. Loved the strong female role played by Cobie Smulders, she is a female version of Jack Reacher. Worth the time and money...I recommend this movie.

Friday, October 21, 05:57:54 PM

Awasome action. Actually enjoyed it.

Thursday, October 13, 11:54:21 PM

please see the movie before you get all hung up on size and heigh.t Tom Cruise is Jack Reacher even Childs says so think outside of the box

Saturday, September 24, 08:02:40 PM

Yes the character is mentioned as 6'4 ish and 240, but Jack Reacher is ALL about the personality and smarts. not his shoe size. Tom Cruise deliveries on Jack's personality and then some which is why we love the character.

Tuesday, February 23, 02:10:53 PM

It's hard to rate as movie not out & no trailer as of yet. But rating goes according to the very high standards of this exceptional Hollywood Actor, that really can't do a bad movie. He is a true professional & some dumb ppl that believe just because a book describes a 6ft.3 240lbs can't possibly be Mr.Tom Cruise doesn't know much. FYI Tom is more than 5"7 & has the muscle & talent in which to play the role just as Perfect as the 1st Jack Reacher & also Lee Child's did answer that exact question Re: height in his book upon an interview .!!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 12:34:55 AM

Tom Cruise is miscast here. Reacher is 6 feet 5 inches tall and 240 lbs. give or take. Cruise is what 5 foot 7 or so. Lee Child should have held out for a bigger man. Who should have been Jack Reacher?