Wednesday, March 29, 12:52:06 PM


Tuesday, March 28, 11:45:01 PM

Great soft fantasy thriller. Suspenseful, edge of your seat survival adventure.

Tuesday, March 28, 03:54:46 PM

I don't get the whole smart people turn stupid in these kind of movies. Very typical Hollywood ending for this genre - disappointing!

Tuesday, March 28, 06:41:55 AM

it was sooooo goood. actually one of the best in 2017 so far. absolutely fantastic. no single waste of characters or plots...

Monday, March 27, 07:41:50 PM

I hated it, but keep in mind I'm that person who closes her eyes at scary, gross scenes. If you liked alien, you'll probably like this. Not a fan of Ryan Reynolds - that cocky attitude he always seems to play is overdone. I thought the special effects were pretty good.

Monday, March 27, 07:23:08 PM

A truly scary sci-fi/horror movie in the tradition of "Alien". Very suspenseful and gripping throughout. If you like this kind of movie, it is worth the time and money. If you are looking for a blood squirter or absurd special effects film, this is not your bag. The acting is quite good for a horror film. Nicely paced and directed.

Monday, March 27, 08:30:04 AM

A forgettable movie. I felt sorry for the actors. The plot was far fetched. The special effects were not that special.

Sunday, March 26, 07:37:58 PM

Ryan Reynolds does he play same character annoying routine as always

Sunday, March 26, 04:12:35 PM

great movie, must see the movie of the year...

Sunday, March 26, 03:01:40 PM

I could believe in the premise, monster, sci-fi. But can't believe stupid, selfish, idiotic people would be on a space mission. That's horror: if the characters don't make dumb decisions there's no movie. Very, very well produced, but the characters are... something not good. Can't root for the heroes or the monster in this movie.

Sunday, March 26, 08:02:56 AM

Good Movie! Great Ending!!!

Sunday, March 26, 12:23:19 AM

Good Movie! Great Ending!!!

Saturday, March 25, 07:44:35 PM

My husband and I saw this movie and it kept us on the edge of our seats with a twist at the end leaving it open for part two...

Saturday, March 25, 03:57:23 PM

Waste of good actors-especially Jake.

Saturday, March 25, 08:30:03 AM


Friday, March 24, 05:24:13 PM

Sorry but I can only give it a 1, I'm part of the 30%. Catching that satellite at that speed , at the begging of the movie was absolutely impossible... Some good special effects but over all a waste of $12. The trailer does not represent the rest of the movie.

Friday, March 24, 05:10:14 PM

This was as good as the Alien pictures, very scary!

Friday, March 24, 05:09:20 PM

I enjoy sci fi movies, and this was excellent, so scary! Great acting, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout!

Friday, March 24, 05:07:32 PM

i didn't know what to expect, as I didn't read any reviews, but I am a fan of Ryan Reynolds and enjoy sci fi space movies. This was up there with the Alien movies, it was that good. Very scary!

Friday, March 24, 05:06:16 PM

If you like sci-fi, this is a movie for you, soooooo scary, really worth seeing, I was on the edge of my seat the whole movie. Well done!

Friday, March 24, 03:10:05 PM

Please ignore the 33% of troll voters that managed to relegate a 1 star rating... this movie was pretty damn solid, in my opinion. It was a tense thriller with some great acting and wild visual effects.

Thursday, March 23, 04:00:06 AM

Great Sci-Fi

Wednesday, March 22, 09:05:09 AM

It catches your attention just like the alien catches the astronauts in the ship. And that plot twist is 100% terrifying and well directed!

Sunday, March 19, 10:00:03 AM

Scary good.

Sunday, March 19, 09:58:56 AM


Sunday, March 19, 09:57:38 AM