• Release date: November 4, 2016
  • Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
  • Running Time: 1h 54m
  • Rating: PG
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Friday, February 24, 08:23:39 PM

Awesome Marvel movie ties in well, and great as stand alone movie

Monday, February 20, 09:31:34 AM

Best movie I've seen all year!

Monday, February 20, 09:30:05 AM

Cinematography was amazing! Storyline intriguing! Can't wait to buy this movie in 3D! Counting the days!

Tuesday, February 14, 05:46:59 PM

5 star movie!

Tuesday, February 14, 05:46:36 PM

Great movie!

Saturday, February 11, 07:14:01 PM

Make sure and stay for the 2 little previews at the end. they add to the movie.

Saturday, February 11, 05:02:31 PM

Great addition to the Marvel Universe!

Saturday, February 4, 08:00:13 AM

well done !

Friday, February 3, 11:23:30 PM

I have a feeling someone is trolling the ratings here. the movie was very good. not the best of the marvel movies, but still very entertaining with excellent acting and great visuals. Not deserving of so many 1 stars.

Thursday, February 2, 07:15:13 PM


Thursday, February 2, 07:14:45 PM


Tuesday, January 31, 06:55:24 PM

It was amazing

Sunday, January 29, 04:44:51 PM

This movie was actually so horrible! :( I didn't like the plot/story and the characters (bad acting).

Wednesday, January 25, 07:55:02 PM

Very good! Falls in well with the infinity stone set up!

Sunday, January 8, 10:24:33 PM

Awesome adventure flick!

Monday, January 2, 02:58:28 PM

As is the norm with Marvel movies, the story strays from the comics. But this film is amazing. It's incredibly visually stimulating and the story is easy to get into. I saw it in theaters twice. Now I'm just waiting for it to come out on DVD.

Monday, December 26, 02:46:14 AM

Magic, marvel, and some inception. Best movie I've watched in 2016

Monday, December 19, 04:27:27 AM

I love Cumberbatch! His personality really fits Dr.Strange's character.Fun characters, funny one-liners and the special effects are top notch. If you're in for some magic and LSD this is the movie to watch. If I can't predict the narrative, it means that it tries something different. If It's an ironman 2 or ironman 3 movie, 2 stars, but this narrative takes it to a different level. Who knew hollywood can pull this weird comic book character off!

Sunday, December 18, 02:05:10 AM

Wow, if you watched the movie and didn't like it. You don't have a pulse. This was an awesome entertaining movie. Can't wait to own it.

Friday, December 16, 01:35:39 AM

starting is amazing.but finishing is too week. missing some parts.

Thursday, December 15, 10:27:51 AM

I had no idea who the Dr. Strange character was until this movie. It may have been a little slow in parts as it set up the background of Dr. Strange and his transformation to superhero but it was worth it. Love the cloak. Love Cumberbatch.

Tuesday, December 13, 06:14:53 PM

Not a huge Marvel movie fan but really liked this one. Liked that it began with Dr. Strange's life before so you understood the change and growth.

Sunday, December 11, 01:56:25 AM

I did not expect this movie to be that good but it blew me away. This was the best marvel movie so far, i could watch it again.

Thursday, December 8, 10:42:34 AM

Benedict Cumberbatch is amazing! The special effects were great. I am sorry I did not get to see it in 3D I heard it was even better! The story was well written and kept me invested the whole time. Glad I stayed for all of the credits and the extra at the end!

Tuesday, December 6, 05:26:57 PM

Horrible dialogue, horrible characters - I walked out of the theater after a hour - I'm surprised anyone would give this movie 5 stars

Tuesday, December 6, 05:22:41 PM

Not an entertaining movie at all!

Tuesday, December 6, 02:44:27 PM


Friday, December 2, 12:50:37 AM

Lame movie. I guess it might be of interest if you were in the special effects for film business yourself.

Monday, November 28, 05:56:18 PM

Absolutley amazing!!!! It was such a fantastic movie I loved every minute of it. The casting was great and I loved the effects. It is a classic Marvel origin story. I would love to see it again if I had time, can't wait to buy it when it comes out on DVD. It is a movie for everyone, people of all ages will enjoy it!!

Monday, November 28, 05:14:31 PM

I walked out about an hour and a half into the movie - it just got boring and I realized I really didn't care how it ended

Monday, November 21, 07:48:39 PM

The special effects were great if I could have stayed awake to see them. Everything moved too fast , too bright and was mesmerizing!! I fell asleep many times and was unable to keep up with the story. What I saw was mostly beautiful.

Monday, November 21, 10:40:29 AM

The fight and struggle to evolve

Saturday, November 19, 09:08:27 PM

Great movie. Saw it with my son and husband. Family movie night.

Saturday, November 19, 11:10:30 AM


Thursday, November 17, 08:36:24 PM

I've seen stranger...

Thursday, November 17, 04:47:25 PM

Good effort. I had to sit through all of the credits to see the extra scenes. It is unbelievable how many people go into making one of these movies.

Tuesday, November 15, 12:45:59 PM

Doctor Strange holds tightly to the Marvel formula and never takes any real chances. The most frustrating thing is that the film seems to be going through the motions most of all when it comes to developing its main character.

Tuesday, November 15, 01:15:07 AM

Stay past the final, final credits. Just can't wait.

Monday, November 14, 10:30:19 AM

Start well but used too much computer generated effect towards the end. The continuous folding and rotating buildings was almost sicking. A film that Benedict C. will probably be embarrassed about in a couple years from now.

Sunday, November 13, 10:52:58 PM

I am an old jaded movie goer who does not impress easily anymore. This movie, however, is AWESOME!!!! I am also not a huge Cumberbatch fan, but he was very good in this, as were all the other actors. The special effects were utterly beautifully amazing. Highly recommended.