• Release date: October 28, 2016 (limited)
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Running Time: 1h 50m
  • Rating: 14A
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Friday, February 17, 04:44:16 PM

Everything I wished Boyhood would've been.

Wednesday, February 15, 12:05:29 AM

introspective.... bias is in every community. behave yourself and be nice. you most likely have similar views as the bigots and racists, of other communities. this story should move your mind toward understanding human nature. most individuals may not recognize their likeness to those they fear. get some help with your insecurity. *****

Sunday, February 5, 10:15:10 PM

Boring. The only reason I gave it one star was because there was no provision for no star.

Sunday, February 5, 12:03:14 AM

What was the point? No plot line. Long, boring.

Friday, January 27, 08:19:51 PM

No real plot and too much sexual content very dissatisfied would not recommend it

Monday, January 23, 12:19:40 AM

I feel very bad for the person who gave it 1 star and said that it was boring and that he didn't get all of the 5 star ratings it was getting, down below.

Thursday, January 12, 08:34:15 PM


Thursday, January 12, 08:20:47 PM

Beautiful storyline...Beautiful cast...BEAUTIFUL!!!

Thursday, January 12, 08:14:31 PM

Beautifully acted, written, filmed and directed. Definitely recommend!

Thursday, January 12, 08:08:30 PM

A beautiful masterpiece.

Tuesday, December 27, 06:49:39 AM

Moonlight interweaves dialogue, silences, looks and gestures to reveal several experiences through characters. These characters nudge Little from Chiron to Black. The crucial philosophy in Moonlight is the caretaker, which is everyone's hand minus a fingertip--the gap that the protagonist must fill in to grow into himself. Once he listens to all of whom he is, Black becomes the dawn to that moonlight.

Tuesday, December 20, 07:15:37 PM

I found this ,ovine to be emotionally draining due to the outstanding performances. It really hits home during the current political climate & opiate epidemic.

Wednesday, December 14, 08:30:53 PM

Vey disappointing movie - very boring. I cannot understand all the 4 star ratings it gets

Saturday, December 3, 02:27:39 PM

I grew up in a very poor black neighborhood in the 80's and NOBODY dressed the way the characters did. The housing was not anything like portrayed here. The relationship between crack heads and the dope dealers was not real here either. I never remember anyone questioning a 6-8 year old about their sexuality either. The gay black men that I remember had very feminine and promiscuous. This movie is way off base upon reality and written by someone who did not have any idea as to what really happened. Some one is trying to soften the reality of growing up poor and the life of a junkie.

Friday, November 25, 01:52:07 PM

'Best movie of the year' hype is a bit of an overstatement. Solid character study. Nicely filmed. Well acted. Interesting mix of soundtrack.

Tuesday, November 22, 04:18:31 PM

I have already seen this movie twice and am hoping to go see it a third and fourth time. It's an absolute knockout. When the movie ends, you'll wish there was at least another half hour. A very poignant and thought-provoking film experience. And what a cast and musical score ... MASTERPIECE!

Tuesday, November 22, 04:16:33 PM

Best movie I have seen in YEARS ... an instant classic. Gorgeous storytelling that never tries to shove any message or agenda down your throat. If you're into car chases, explosions and special effects - stay away. If you're into character studies, this is the movie for you.

Friday, November 18, 05:38:27 PM

Very slow, really not much of a story line. About being gay kinda. Would not recommend. Can't see how anyone gave it 5 stars.

Thursday, November 17, 10:04:51 PM

Its time that the movies actually represent struggles real people go through. LOVED! approach and the open-endedness of the film. Definitely re-watching!

Wednesday, November 16, 10:18:27 AM

Elegant and knowing treatment of how difficult it is to grow up gay in hyper-masculine cultures without becoming hard and disillusioned or worse. This film suggests rather than exploits the problems and uses cinematography to mediate the expression for viewers, softening and making iconic by turns. Uses a delayed audio feature that is worthy of further consideration. Occasionally pious and stereotypical but that doesn't seem to undermine the effort. Very internal story. Requires commitment from viewers but film gives much in return.

Monday, October 24, 02:26:17 PM

get out your brooms people; Moonlight will sweep the Oscars!

Wednesday, October 19, 07:31:39 AM

One of the top 3 or 4 movies I saw at TIFF this year, I can't wait to see it a 2nd time when it comes out soon.