Friday, March 24, 03:09:34 PM

Excellent movie. JDL is such a talented and versatile actor. The story of Edward Snowden and how his eyes were opened to the corrupt and terrifying underworld of the NSA and CIA. I'm personally thankful for his sacrifice of freedom to show the American people just how corrupt and dishonest the government can be. A democratic government is supposed to protect the values and privacy of its people, not abuse and infiltrate it through their own personal devices. The world needs more transparency and honesty. Thank you to Snowden for being brave enough to stand up for what is right. I guarantee you will cover your devices cameras after seeing his story. Call me paranoid but every single one of my devices has been and will always be covered since I discovered his story.

Friday, January 6, 10:00:26 PM

very good movie

Monday, November 28, 09:29:35 PM

Thumbs up

Tuesday, November 15, 02:00:17 PM

Excellent! Only thing that bugged me was he unnecessary talked in a deep voice and wasn't consistent about it. Oh well. Good movie. Covered a lot that I didn't know.

Saturday, November 12, 07:47:02 PM

Cyber security is a part of the future.

Sunday, October 30, 09:23:42 PM

The detail is compelling and I might see it again in case I missed things. Appreciate the viewpoint offered on this vital event that turned the tide of American history and its connection up to the present -- a gov't that must keep him a criminal. His remarks about being at peace with himself -- we all strive for such peace. Snowden came into the world with the grit, resilence and depth of soul to see it through. May he have refuge when needed anywhere in the world. May he stay a free man.

Saturday, October 29, 11:34:59 AM

This was a great movie. I was shocked that the US government allowed it to be shown. It was interested to see that the producers were not main stream Hollywood movie producers. The actors in this movie did a great job sharing the fear of what the US government is doing to their own people. Keep making these kind of movies that bring enlightenment of our present situations.

Monday, October 24, 07:40:34 PM

I am a retired golden ager who knows little about computers yet I had no trouble following the technical explanations. The film is excellent, not only does the viewer clearly understand what motivated Snowdon and the personal sacrifices he has made but also appropriately reminds one to question government. Government's role is to create policy which serves the needs of its population, not spy on personal emails or follow private citizens' search engine requests.

Friday, October 14, 07:16:19 PM

This man is a genius he found out what everyone was thinking and he showed it to the world every secret agentcies dirty laundry

Saturday, October 8, 08:25:45 PM

Great acting, great cinematography, great script, great set design, Snowden himself as a consultant, and a director that managed to make what could have been a movie that was too complex easy to understand. To be honest, I didn't care for Stone's JFK. It just seemed all over the place and without focus. This was very focused. I knew I would be interested in the subject matter and would learn something, but I learned a lot more than I expected -- and am grateful for that. I just saw it 2 days ago and I hope to see it again this week. (Note: I have never wanted to see the same movie twice in one week before in my life. Yes, it's that good.) Anyone who thinks Snowden was a traitor is not as educated on what this was all about as they should be. He did all of us a huge favor. Thank you, Mr. Snowden. You rock!!!

Saturday, October 8, 03:44:09 PM

It seemed truthful and shockingly like the book 1984.

Tuesday, October 4, 04:28:31 PM

Fascinating story, well developed plot AND characters

Monday, October 3, 09:35:25 PM

This is not a movie for right wing, fearful, uneducated people. This is a movie about one man's effort to expose a worldwide conspiracy to monitor our lives through the Internet, cell phones and technology. He starts out as a believer and advocate of monitoring for the sake of protecting us against terrorism and then discovers that it is more heinous than that. It is the attempt to control our thoughts, actions and beliefs. We should all be aware of the danger of this. I see Snowden as a hero and not a traitor!

Saturday, October 1, 03:52:37 PM

A really gripping telling of the Snowden story. Edge of your seat story telling, and unbelievable that it's based on truth!!

Saturday, October 1, 01:30:14 PM

how can anyone call Edward Snowden a traitor when he is exposing the illegal corruption that the government is doing and the government is lying about it. How can you trust a government? Conscious superseded money. Edward is a true hero for all humans.

Friday, September 30, 08:50:03 AM

Everyone should see this movie!

Thursday, September 29, 10:58:34 PM

Excellent!! Builds on Edwards' personal moral conviction to protect the innocent. A movie every true American must see. Open your eyes and your mind and see what is happening now. Edward Snowden, thank you for sacrificing your life for exposing this terrible injustice. You are a HERO and if Gary Johnson is elected POTUS, you will be pardoned. Stay strong and know that you have the love and support of many back home.

Thursday, September 29, 07:58:52 PM

Great movie where all lies of the modern world are exposed. Pleasure to watch

Thursday, September 29, 11:54:40 AM

This is an excellent movie telling us who Edward Snowden is and not only what he did but why and how he did it. I hope the espionage charges will be dropped against him because he did not intend to disclose secrets to hurt our nation or any individual. Only to inform the public of what the government was doing to OUR citizens that was not allowed by law. Then denying it was being done.

Monday, September 26, 12:17:43 PM

Excellent movie. I would hardly consider Snowden to be a traitor. I admire him and wish more people had his sense of integrity.

Friday, September 23, 08:58:54 PM

This is an excellent movie. Snowden deserves a pardon.

Friday, September 23, 07:59:48 PM

A great movie with real content and meaning, not the usual Hollywood trashy fluff with wiz bang special effects! Snowden, a fearless hero, makes the point that ordinary people need to stand up and not be intimidated by mass surveillance on an unimaginable scale Orwell could only have dreamed about. USA is the greatest threat, not nation, on Earth.

Friday, September 23, 03:21:00 PM

I wanted to stand up and give Edward Snowden the ovation he richly deserves. He is a true hero - Americans should be proyd to claim him as one of their own. Makes me believe that altruism exists and we should celebrate those who give up everything to do what is honorable, ethical, and morally right.

Tuesday, September 20, 11:43:44 PM

worth the see, especially for those who disagree with "might makes right" foreign policy of USA since the 1980's, as well as USA's ongoing "economic hitman/coup-d'etat/war" method of operation for foreign resource "rape" of international "neighbors" ... if it makes our neighbors angry to "terrorist" mode, we have a vicious perpetual dilemma ... the protector becomes the biggest bully if all, and the victim nations want to be bullies in revenge to stop the cycle from repeating: "kill 'em all"?

Tuesday, September 20, 05:25:23 PM

Well done and very insightful! I'm surprised the US government hasn't "arranged" an accident for him yet.

Tuesday, September 20, 10:27:24 AM

Movie was a bit on the dull side and I'm sure there were a lot in the audience who had a hard time following the very detailed computer jargon throughout the movie. While I understand Snowden's dismay at realizing that the government can hack into anyone's social media or email accounts, I can't say I agree with what he did as a result. I sincerely doubt the government cares too much about you or I ordering a pizza, breaking up with someone or looking at porn. They've pretty much got their hands full with looking for terrorist activities on a daily basis. I don't think Snowden's actions made the world a safer place.

Monday, September 19, 08:28:54 AM

Slow and boring. very techical language used in the movie.

Sunday, September 18, 06:12:00 PM

A fair movie with some outstanding shots and symbolism, is sometimes difficult to understand what is being said though

Sunday, September 18, 02:04:12 PM

Why do some of these critics call him a traitor? Don't citizens deserve to know when the government does corrupt things like tap our phones? He lost everything to expose the truth. Traitors do things for their own gain.

Saturday, September 17, 10:19:52 PM

Well done explainer movie. The most interesting thing, for me, was the fact that it was suspenseful, despite the fact that the story is already well known.

Saturday, September 17, 03:47:59 PM

This movie is not for everyone....a lot of talking, explaining the surveillance issues etc. I liked it, I sympathized with Snowden at the time. Brave, bold, modern hero.

Saturday, September 17, 01:49:27 PM

very interesting movie-extremely good acting by gordon-levitt-and i feel this movie portrays quite accurately to a degree what goes on behind the scenes and that our freedoms and privacy which we are entitled to are in danger of being eroded.

Saturday, September 17, 08:53:22 AM

"Hero or Traitor? You decide?" I love that Hollywood is documenting our history in movies like Snowden, which I agree is well written and performed. Though a biased perspective, it challenges us to see the importance of investigative journalism and liberties that allow for a democratic society. What would Hitler or Stalin have done to their critics with that kind of unbridled use of technology? What would Trump do with it? As said by a previous reviewer, "Let the conversation begin" and for once let's listen to each other instead of demonizing the other perspective. Isn't that what democracy is about?

Friday, September 16, 09:49:30 PM

Superbly written and well acted. Hero or traitor? You decide. It's time to start the global conversation. Bring your entire family!

Friday, September 16, 12:23:03 PM

So boring. Edward Snowden has the personality of a rock. And on top of that, he's a traitor. Hollywood is so liberal, they have no values, it's not surprising they're making a hero out of this bum.

Friday, September 16, 12:04:40 PM

Tied with Ghostbusters for worst movie of the year...

Friday, September 16, 12:00:39 PM

Pathetic Hollywood attempt to put a positive spin on the story of a traitor and coward who put hundreds of soldiers lives at risk.

Friday, April 29, 11:56:44 AM