Thursday, February 23, 10:58:39 PM

Have been waiting for this movie to come to the screens. Read the book years ago and it left a huge impression on my heart!

Monday, February 6, 11:05:55 PM

The storyline in the book was amazing then touched me to the Core. My Insite to the father Son and Holy Spirit heightened greatly

Monday, February 6, 07:40:18 PM

Hope it's as good as the book! I can hardly wait for March to come!

Tuesday, January 17, 10:59:16 AM

Amazing book, the movie should be good too! Can't wait to see it.

Wednesday, August 10, 03:29:30 PM

If it's anything like the book. (Which I've read 6 times as well as listened to it several more times). It'll be one heck of a ride! Absolutely fantastic in my world! So, looking forward to this movie! Many Blessings to all! :-)