• Release date: August 30, 2024
  • Genre: Horror
  • Running Time: 2h 3m
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Curtis (John Cho), his wife (Katherine Waterston) and their children are selected to test a new home device: a digital assistant called AIA. It comes with cameras that are placed throughout the house. AIA not only reads to their young son and orders meals, but offers to handle their bills.

She also begins involving the younger kids in secrets that they have to promise to keep from their parents. When their teenage daughter gets into trouble, AIA comes to the rescue, but her methods involve murder. It soon becomes clear that she's putting the entire family in danger.

Columbia Pictures
Chris Weitz, Jason Blum, Andrew Miano
John Cho, Katherine Waterston, Havana Rose Liu, Lukita Maxwell, David Dastmalchian, Keith Carradine
Chris Weitz
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