Bones of Crows is a limited drama series told through the eyes of Cree Matriarch Aline Spears (Grace Dove). Along with her siblings, she's wrenched from her loving family on the plains and sent to a residential school, where they are abused and starved. Meanwhile, the government takes away her parents' home and land.

Years later, she meets a man who also survived Canada's residential school system and he leaves to fight in WWII. When he comes back, his service seems to be unappreciated and they both struggle to create better lives for their children.

Canadian Connection Canadian Connection : Filmed in Canada with a Canadian cast and crew.

Marie Clements
Marie Clements
Grace Dove, Phillip Forest Lewitski, Michelle Thrush, Alyssa Wapanatâhk, Karine Vanasse, Sierra Rose McRae, Summer Testawich, Rémy Girard, Glen Gould, Jonathan Whitesell, Patrick Garrow, Gail Maurice, Kevin Loring, Carla-Rae , Cara Gee, Joshua Odjick, Lorne Cardinal, Graham Greene, Angus Macfadyen
Marie Clements
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