The original Angels, Farrah, Kate and Jaclyn might be long gone, but now there's a new trio ready to take on tasks assigned by the ever-absent Charlie, head honcho of a unique detective agency. It's up to Bosley, Charlie's assistant, to serve as ground support for the bodacious babes, Natalie, Dylan and Alex, who risk more than just breaking a nail as they fight crime and mayhem.

What can be done when Eric Knox, a soon-to-be billionaire, is kidnapped from his own office at Knox Technologies, and the company is in jeopardy of losing a billion dollars? Under the sure hand of their suave playboy boss, notorious for his clever ways of avoiding face-to-face meetings with his employees, the Angels use feminine charm, high-tech gadgets and hand-to-hand combat to save themselves, Charlie and thousands of innocent people.

McG , McG , McG , McG
Columbia Pictures
Drew Barrymore, Leonard Goldberg, Nancy Juvonen
John August, Ryan Rowe
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