This drama is an exploration of the contemporary world of work, and how the gig economy gives one family trying to hold it all together more challenges than they can handle.

Struggling to make ends meet and pay off his debts, Ricky Turner (Kris Hitchen) becomes a delivery van driver for a company that uses only independent contractors who don't get wages, but earn "fees."

However, Ricky has to pay out 1,000 pounds for a down payment on a van, sold to him by the company. To get the money, he sells his wife Abby's (Debbie Honeywood) car, even though as a home-care nurse, she needs it to get to her clients.

On the first day, Ricky finds the regulations overwhelming, and a number of things go wrong as he struggles to fill his orders during a 12-hour shift. By the end of the day, he discovers that unless orders are delivered within an hour of the promised time, he has to pay a fine. If he's late, misses a day of work, or loses a parcel, he has to pay a fine.

Meanwhile, without parental supervision, their son is a budding delinquent who's skipping school and painting graffiti with a gang of his peers, while their 11-year-old daughter longs for the old days, when she was able to spend time with her parents.

Ken Loach
Pacific Northwest Pictures
Rebecca O'Brien
Kris Hitchen, Debbie Honeywood, Rhys Stone, Katie Proctor, Mark Birch, Alfie Dobson, Charlie Richmond, Julian Ions
Paul Laverty