• Release date: April 29, 2017 (limited)
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Rating: PG
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Young King Ferdinand of Navarre (Sanjay Talwar) and his three friends, Berowne (Mike Shara), Dumaine (Thomas Olajide), and Longaville (Andrew Robinson), take an oath to avoid the company of women for the next three years, instead devoting their time to study. The King goes a step farther: no woman can come within a mile of the court.

When the Princess of France (Ruby Joy) and her ladies arrive to speak to the King on an important matter, he has to meet her outside the court, where they've set up camp. The King falls in love with the Princess, but when his friends fall for the other ladies, he chides them. When Berowne is accused with treason for writing a letter to a woman, the three men must decide if they want to uphold the vow they made to the King.

John Caird
Stratford Festival
Mike Shara, Sanjay Talwar, Ruby Joy, Andrew Robinson, Thomas Olajide
William Shakespeare

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