Making great fun of low-budget sci fi films from the '50s, this bawdy and deliberately campy romp chronicles the exploits of three gender-bending space travelers aboard the U.S. Intercourse. The three men are on a trip to the planet Clitoris, a decadent resort designed for the pleasure of women.

It is filled with beauty shops, miles of stores and gambling palaces. Men are not allowed. To this end, captain Daniel Tracy and his two male lieutenants take special gender-reversal tablets and become fabulous women. Once there, the crew is given the grand tour by the ruler Princess Angel. They see that there is trouble on the planet.

There have been terrible earthquakes, horrible crimes, fashion gaffes and worst of all, someone is robbing the planet of girlinium, the rare crystals needed for the thin planet atmosphere to hold its color. To make matters worse, the captain and crew must justify their presence upon the planet by staging an elaborate lounge act.

This in addition to finding the missing crystals. This film was conceived, written by one of San Francisco's most notorious drag queens, the late Doris Fish, who also plays the captain and designed all the glittery sets. The female aspects of his crew are played by real women.

The film features many cameos from other famed queens and is filled with allusions to and lines stolen from many campy '50s films and television shows.