Atomic Blonde stunt training at 87eleven in Los Angeles! Published By Alexandra Heilbron on Nov 13, 2017

To celebrate the release of Universal Picture's spy thriller Atomic Blonde on DVD and Blu-ray, Tribute was invited to Los Angeles to work with the stuntmen from the movie to learn the fight choreography and to talk to the director David Leitch and stunt coordinator/co-star Sam Hargrave, who played British spy James Gasciogne in the film.

We were brought to 87eleven, a studio where the stunt team taught Charlize Theron all the stunts she needed for the film. After interviewing David and Sam about how Charlize did with all the stunts in the film, we were taught a fight sequence by Cale Schultz (Boris in the film), Stephen Dunlevy, Daniel Bernhardt, Remi Bakkar and Bruce Concepcion.

Once we were taught the movements, which included breaking a bottle over stuntman Stephen Dunlevy's head, it was then filmed by Sam Hargrave, who in addition to acting and coordinating the stunts, also did some of the camera work in the film. Check out the fun below!

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