Barbie movie banned in Vietnam; Philippines considers same Published By Alexandra Heilbron on Jul 05, 2023

Margot Robbie in front of map in BarbieVietnam has banned the upcoming Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken -- not because it has raunchy scenes, but because in one scene, a cartoon map is seen behind Barbie that depicts the "nine-dash line," an area that China claims to own.

Cartoon map depicting nine-dash line in BarbieTwitter user Lmao gan ma (@rzhongnotes) posted the photo of Margot in front of the map, writing, "I spent part of the morning reply guying (sic) policy peoples questions about Vietnam banning the Barbie movie with the nine dash line map with this image of the map."

The map shows territorial claims China has made in the South China Sea, despite being rejected during an international arbitration ruling in 2016 by a court in The Hague, which determined Beijing's "nine-dash line" claim had no legal basis. China refuses to accept the ruling.

Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei also have claims on the territory. The Philippines banned the 2022 movie Uncharted because of a two-second shot showing Tom Holland looking at a map that contained the nine-dash line.

The Philippines is currently deliberating on whether or not to also institute a ban on the Barbie movie. "If the invalidated nine-dash line was indeed depicted in the movie Barbie, then it is incumbent upon the MTRCB (Movie and Television Review and Classification Board) to ban the same as it denigrates Philippine sovereignty,” Senator Francis Tolentino told CNN Philippines on Tuesday.

Barbie opens across the country on July 21, 2023 and is predicted to be a big hit at the North American box office. ~Alexandra Heilbron

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Comments & Discussion

  • Robyn green - 7/5/2023 9:54:47 PM
    I am taking my 93 year old mother to see this movie!
  • Robyn Hamons - 7/5/2023 9:56:33 PM
    My mom ask me to go with her and a friend to see this movie
  • Robyn green - 7/5/2023 9:57:37 PM
    Taking my mom
  • This is dumb - 7/6/2023 11:27:08 AM
    Its a movie people. Like wow
  • chris marlowe - 7/6/2023 1:35:07 PM
    The famous barbie dolls in the 80s was the reason my older brother came out of the closet at such a young age
  • ss - 7/6/2023 4:14:49 PM
    It would seem to be simple for the studio to remove the offending line, remaster and produce a new copy, so every country can view the film.
  • Nancy Adair - 7/6/2023 8:28:49 PM
    What is “the nine dash line”?
  • Jim - 7/7/2023 11:45:50 PM
    Maybe the studio has W.O.K.E. syndrome.
  • miguel - 7/8/2023 12:30:35 PM
    easily settled give me the land and there no problems ill turn the whole territory into a brothel and no problem solved wiil all live happily after OR NOT will see
  • Debbie - 7/8/2023 12:56:37 PM
    I do not think Margot Robbie or Ryan Gosling look like the Barbie and Ken dolls. In that case, maybe add other cultured friends and family? Not into it, so cannot add much. I do not know about the nine dash line. Miguel's comment is disgusting! A male opinion at its finest!
  • Brad - 7/9/2023 7:02:30 AM
    The company that makes the movie cares more about China's reaction than any other. That alone is reason enought to not see it. Good for Vietnam for standing up to China's influence. Hopefully the Philippines will too. Those who don't know that line. It could be the reason for a world war. It controls a huge about of shipping and resources. China claims it but international court ruled the area doesn't belong to China. China is beating up on the little countries around them. Going to this movie as it stands now would be saying it is okay to be a bully.
  • Elaine B - 7/9/2023 8:03:22 PM
    Totally agree with you Brad! only movie i will be going to is SOUND of FREEDOM.
  • Nancy - 7/9/2023 9:41:34 PM
    I think this fun fanciful movie will be great! I am tired of serious sad movies.
  • Vicki - 7/10/2023 4:27:06 AM
    Hollywood is owned by China folks & all of us have been sold out since Clinton 1996. Or maybe you missed our Treasury secretary bowing to her Chinese counterpart. You might want to brush up on your Mandarin, & bend over.
  • Kye - 7/10/2023 7:22:42 PM
    The nine dash line is china trying to control the international recognized territory of the country's that are banning the movie! Basically this film is giving validation to China's invasion and takeover of other countries international recognized territories.
  • Alice - 7/11/2023 5:13:46 AM
    Barbie is not a real, why the movie company don't just put a fake map there to avoid political problems!?
  • Don dzikowski - 7/11/2023 7:58:01 AM
    Because the movie makers were as stupid as the subject matter - plastic dolls - to utilize a fake map in order to reap box office returns from a major market.

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