Donal Logue says missing daughter is not a runaway Published By Alexandra Heilbron on Jul 06, 2017

Donal Logue in 2009 with Finn (l) and Arlo (r)Gotham star Donal Logue, whose transgender daughter Jade has been missing since June 26, has spoken out to say she is not a runaway. He says she is "missing" and he's so worried that he's gotten not only the NYPD, but the FBI involved in the search.

Jade, 16, is Donal Logue's youngest child. The actor also has an 18-year-old son, Finn.  Jade, whom Donal called "loving, innocent" and "cuddly" in a tweet (see below), was known as Arlo, before identifying as a female. He posted a photo along with the tweet, saying it was "one of my favorite photos of her taken in a happier time."

Donal tweeted on Wednesday: "Any info on JADE LOGUE, please call 1-800-THE-LOST. @john_walsh for LEO’s, this child is MISSING-not a runaway- Special Category Missing."

Jade (@arlologue) tweeted in April 2016: "shoutout to being trans cant wait to be assaulted for absolutely no reason other than existing." The Twitter account has not been updated since August 2016.

Donal is asking whoever has Jade to "Just drop her off" and said, "The point is, you may have had good intentions to help her, but realize that now it's bigger than you could have ever anticipated."

Sounds like he thinks she may be with friends -- hopefully that is the case and she turns up soon. ~Alexandra Heilbron

UPDATE (July 8): Jade was found 400 miles away in North Carolina and is "safely back home with her family" according to Donal's representative.

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Comments & Discussion

  • George - 7/6/2017 12:24:18 PM
    That's so weird. Keep us updated, this is pretty mysterious. I hope the kid is okay.
  • zena hannouche - 7/6/2017 4:26:49 PM
    I pray that you'll find him/her.
  • thatperson - 7/6/2017 5:01:19 PM
    @zena hannouche - I'm going to assume you're just unclear on how pronouns work and not trying to be something that rhymes with your last name, but Jade is a transgender female, so you would only use her.
  • J. - 7/7/2017 1:03:57 AM
    Hope she will be found and is okay.
  • Kimi - 7/7/2017 3:32:00 AM
    Sorry to hear the child is missing I hope jade is found soon that being said... @thatperson in biology there is ONLY MALE OR FEMALE IT IS A BINARY CHOICE THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED
  • Julia - 7/8/2017 7:12:37 PM
    Hope he/she is found soon, his parents must be sick with worry

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