Jennifer Lawrence gives critics the middle finger Published By Marriska Fernandes on Sep 22, 2017

Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence has kicked off her Oscar campaign for her role in mother! in classic J-Law fashion.

She and director Darren Aronofsky, 48, attended a New York screening of mother! hosted by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

During a Q&A at the Museum of Modern Art, Jennifer flipped the middle finger at the critics while Darren, who she has been dating since they completed filming the movie last year, found it very amusing and laughed beside her.

She was recounting a story about making the film when she decided to make her favorite gesture that she has pulled off in the past, be it at red carpets or interviews. Remember when she infamously flashed her middle finger in the press room moments after she picked up Best Actress Oscar for her role in Silver Linings Playbook?

If she scores a fifth Oscar nomination for her role in mother!,  she would be the youngest actress to earn five Oscar nods. Kate Winslet achieved that feat when she was 32 while Meryl Streep earned it at 35. ~Marriska Fernandes

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Comments & Discussion

  • Bernie - 9/22/2017 11:59:07 AM
    Hopefully she doesn't get another nomination. She's got a big enough head as it is.
  • gino - 9/22/2017 2:41:14 PM
    mother is the worst movie ever
  • Adam Sorg - 9/22/2017 3:48:48 PM
    I thought the movie was great, but it definitely isn't for everyone. And I fully support giving critics the middle finger at all times.
  • Brian - 9/22/2017 7:53:53 PM
    Never was a fan of her. Between her constantly reminding everyone how she hates being famous and how down to earth she is to her inflated ego . Like seriously, can they stop giving her screen time, she's overrated plain and simple.
  • Ross Murray - 9/22/2017 8:26:42 PM
    - No she is not over-rated; she is that good - as an actress. But how many times can you piss off people in the same general business before it comes back to haunt you or kick you in the butt? She acts like she took a course in diplomacy from Lindsay Lohan or Donald Trump.
  • Snepts - 9/22/2017 11:39:24 PM
  • miss Janis c - 9/23/2017 8:28:07 PM
    Use to like her Jenn Lawrence but your right , she gotten to cocky,arrogant,soon she be asking for someone to carry her around the studio.dont care 4 her anymore
  • Pasquale Crispo - 9/24/2017 10:02:53 PM
    This movie was incomprehensible and terrible. Lawrence does not deserve any award for this mish mush of horror with supposedly symbolic overtones. The director could not figure out what the movie was about. I almost walked out but hoped some thread of cohesion would occur.Aronifsky may be enamored of Lawrence but is no Fellini and Lawrence is no Betty Davis. Unless the academy votes based upon political considerations, rather than artistic excellence, the film the actors and the director will never win and should not.
  • CDubya - 9/25/2017 11:49:37 AM
    Never saw the movie, don't plan on it. She needs to dial it back a bit or she will become the Mariah Carey diva of the movie world. Actors are not godly and they can fall pretty fast and hard (see Kristen Stewart as an example)
  • Eddy Ladner - 9/25/2017 4:51:32 PM
    Campaigned ? not a good idea Jennifer ,. your film 'MOTHER" is the THE MOST HATED , STUPID MOVIE EVER MADE . Everyone was upset as we leave the theater. YOu think the audience are stupid and dumb ? Or is because your Film Director suffers hallucination and delusions?
  • Richard Maloney - 9/27/2017 2:40:59 PM
    Who gives a f*** if this entittled bitch gives a finger to her public? To many hollylibtsards thing the world evolves around them and it dont. More attention we give them the more they think their opinions mean shit.

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