Karla Souza reveals she was raped by director Published By Marriska Fernandes on Feb 22, 2018

How to Get Away with Murder actress Karla Souza told CNN en Español on Tuesday about a horrifying incident that occurred early in her career.

The star alleged that she was raped by a director while filming in Mexico. Although she refused to name the director, she talked about the incident.

"I had just started my career, and they introduced me to all of these producers, and that's where the manipulation began of 'You owe me one.' So they start to put that in your head, they'll tell you things like, 'Oh, you know, I'm having to push for you. You haven't made a name for yourself, but I know that you're great. I know that you're going to show me that you're great.' I'm saying it like this but it's all said in a very relaxing setting, but they're little seeds that are red flags that back then I wasn't educated on this to know what this person was doing. This is a very charismatic person, who has a great career."

Karla was staying at a separate hotel from her fellow actors, where only she and the director had rooms. "He knocked at my door saying he wanted to go over some scenes and I thought it’s 2 a.m., it’s not appropriate and it’s something that shouldn’t be happening."

After knocking on her door again, she refused to open it. So he "decided not to shoot my scene and then he suddenly started to humiliate me in front of the others on the set." She added, "This was the psychological control that he held over me."

She revealed that after a month of "total abuse of power" by the director she finally felt she had to "give in." She said: "I ended up giving in to him. kiss me, to touch me in ways I did not want him to touch me and in one of those instances, he attacked me violently and yes, he raped me."

Karla is among several actresses who have spoken up about sexual abuse in the film industry. ~Marriska Fernandes

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  • R - 2/22/2018 11:25:58 AM
    Give me a f***ing great. She thought she HAD TO give in??? Oh, well, if that was the only way she could escape that prison... what? No prison? OK, then, maybe that was the only way she could avoid a bullet to her ... what? No gun pointing at her? Maybe the "rapist" had someone she loved abducted... or... So, what was she to lose then? Her job??? OMFG - Power struggles happen everywhere. She decided to give herself to ADVANCE her career. That's not rape, that's prostitution, and there's nothing wrong with it.
  • R - 2/22/2018 11:44:00 AM
    Deleted my comment?
  • R - 2/22/2018 11:48:18 AM
    Here it is again, then: "she finally felt she had to “give in.”" For what? For the ADVANCEMENT of her career. She had two choices: Leave the rotten career that was not up to her morals, or give in to it and get what she wanted. She chose the latter, and NOW she's complaining??? That's like a prostitute complaining about having to have sex with a client, but keeping the money anyway.
  • R - 2/22/2018 11:48:57 AM
    Is the key word to have the comment deleted "prostitute"?
  • Barbara - 2/22/2018 1:58:20 PM
    It makes me so sick to hear of these directors taking advantage of young girls!! You should name him and cause him humiliation & pain just as he caused you Karla Souza. That S.O.B should of never gotten away with this!!!
  • Jeannie - 2/22/2018 2:24:33 PM
    This has been going on since the beginning of time. It has also been well known that there was a "casting couch" mentality in Hollywood and elsewhere. Personally, I say "off with their heads" and I don't mean the one on their shoulders!!
  • Debbie - 2/22/2018 2:28:39 PM
    Very good comments Barbara and Jeannie. Will leave it at that. Would say enough said...but is never enough said until no more!
  • giants - 2/22/2018 2:49:50 PM
  • Terry Kellington - 2/22/2018 11:31:03 PM
    It is very disturbing that directors have the power to destroy careers forcing actresses to submit to rape or else. The whole acting community and a tea needs to set standards that punish those who break the rules.
  • Bach - 2/22/2018 11:33:15 PM
    R, I only came here to say you are a terrible human being.
  • Alec - 2/23/2018 12:39:00 AM
    Shows how despicable these Hollywood directors, producers, etc. all the people in power really are.
  • Judy - 2/23/2018 1:32:14 AM
    R, how can u compare her to a prostitute?? Prostitutes consent to sex. This woman didn't. She said she gave in to kisses n being touched. Doesn't mean she was giving the green light to everything!
  • Peter - 2/23/2018 12:09:46 PM
  • Edie Barry - 2/23/2018 2:51:16 PM
    I'd pretend to want to go over scenes. But when he knocks, I would set up a tape first. Audio and video. Maybe at a decent hour, I may let him in. "Oh, Mr Director, I discovered that my phone inadvertently recorded our conversation at the door. I deleted it though... After I sent it to my friend. He deserves to be outed one way or another. WUTTA P-I-G!
  • Toni - 2/23/2018 6:56:42 PM
    I don’t care if Karla is a movie star, it’s hard to give credibility to her story if she won’t name the director that raped her. Anyone can get on the “ive been raped” band wagon. Where’s the proof?
  • Willis - 2/24/2018 2:15:54 AM
    If this happened- name him! It's a crime. Amazing how so many "guys" have been accused in the media without going through formal charges, court and so forth. If you have the courage now to talk- then name him so something can be done. You never have to "give in" I don't care for what! I say it a third time, name him if he violently attacked and raped you- it is a crime!!
  • JJ - 2/27/2018 7:08:05 PM
    It amazes me how easy people think it is to name your attacker. It's not. It's been 40 years for me. I thought I was ready after the #metoo movement however I've lost my courage. You folks need to take a step back. It took me this long jyst to admit what happened! ugh.

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