Quentin Tarantino blasted by Roman Polanski rape victim Published By Marriska Fernandes on Feb 08, 2018

Quentin Tarantino and Roman PolanskiAn audio interview from 2003 with Quentin Tarantino and Howard Stern has resurfaced, in which the director defends Roman Polanski’s sexual assault of 13-year-old Samantha Geimer in 1977.

Jezebel.com posted an audio clip from an episode of the The Howard Stern Show, co-hosted by Stern and Robin Quivers. They ask Tarantino about a comment he made to a reporter following Polanski's Oscar win. The reporter asked: "What's so great about a rapist being a recipient of Hollywood's highest honor?" Tarantino replied: "I don't consider him a rapist."

Stern then asked Tarantino: "How come Hollywood embraces this madman, this director who raped a 13-year-old?" Tarantino responded: "He didn't rape a 13-year-old. It was statutory rape. That's not quite the same thing. It's statutory rape, he had sex with a minor, that's not rape. To me, when you use the word 'rape' alright you're talking about violent, throwing them down. It's like one of the most violent crimes in the world.

"Throwing the word 'rape' around is like throwing the word 'racist' around. It just doesn't apply to everything that people use it for. He was guilty of having sex with a minor."

Quivers then replied, "That she didn't want to have." Tarantino responded, "No that was not the case at all! She wanted to have it and dated the guy..."

Samantha Geimer, now 54, blasted Tarantino, saying: "He was wrong and I bet he knows it. I hope he doesn’t make an ass out of himself and keep talking that way. I’m not upset, but I would probably feel better if he realizes now that he was wrong, after 15 years, after hearing the facts. Nobody has to be p**sed off on my behalf. I’m okay."

Looks like people are p**ssed about it, and rightfully so. Melissa Silverstein, founder and publisher of Women in Hollywood, a gender equality initiative and entertainment news site, told The Guardian: “This feels epic. I think people are really disgusted." The director’s resurfaced comments have also sparked backlash online. Director Judd Apatow and actress Patricia Arquette, to name just a few, have also taken to Twitter to express their anger.

Tarantino is currently developing a movie about the Charles Manson family murders in Los Angeles. It's to be noted that Manson’s followers murdered Polanski’s then wife, Sharon Tate.

Listen to the audio and then sound off below. ~Marriska Fernandes

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Comments & Discussion

  • Jen - 2/8/2018 10:58:17 AM
    I don't normally comment on articles (or anything online, really tbh) but I felt that I had to in this case. I think your chosen title for this article is extremely insensitive to Samantha Geimer. Couldn't it have said 'Quentin Tarantino blasted by Samantha Geimer' or 'Quentin Tarantino facing backlash from Stern interview''? By using 'Quentin Tarantino blasted by Roman Polanski rape victim' we are putting Roman Polanski back in a headline and shoving the victim to the side, nameless and unimportant.
  • Tharsos - 2/8/2018 11:11:15 AM
    While I agree that when you throw the word "Rape" around needlessly (Like in False accusation, and the "You regretted the night before, so its rape" or the "I changed my mind while having sex and I didnt tell him, so its rape" that I have read in forums) It diminished the heinous crime that Rape is. With that said Sex between an adult (Male or Female) and a 13 year old (Male or Female) is Rape. Rape is not always violent, but it is always a violation. This is just one more reason to hate Tarantino
  • Genny - 2/8/2018 11:36:01 AM
    I think because Samantha Geimer hates to be mentioned and have her whole life revolve around the fact that she was raped at 13, they probably left her name out of the headline for her benefit so it doesn't pop up in google with her name in it. It's why she spoke publicly to say she wanted him pardoned a few years ago. Not because he didn't rape her but because he was found guilty (even though he skipped out on his sentence like a coward) and she would like the whole thing to go away because every her name is mentioned, it's in regards to being raped by this pig. She says she was raped once by Polanski but she's raped over and over by the media when they repeatedly mention her and so she wasn't able to keep the info from her young sons. Not that it's ever going to go away, unless the rapist finally pays for his crime when Hollywood actually holds him accountable.
  • Joe - 2/8/2018 11:39:58 AM
    We never truly remember what happened years ago let alone last night. We got to stop playing the victim and live today as strong loving individuals or we are never going to get past these wars we are having between ourselves. Peace be with you all! :-)
  • Tharsos - 2/8/2018 11:42:11 AM
    @Jen, Its about bringing attention to the headline. Most people dont know who Samantha Geimer is. So saying "Quentin Tarantino blasted by Samantha Geimer" ... no one cares. AND Howard Stern does butt loads of interviews, many with Tarantino, so which interview? the issue gets lost in the question. Saying "Polanskis Rape Victim" Reminds/tells you that Polanski is a Rapist (A fact that many seem to forget or ignore in Hollywood, same with Woody Allen) That draws you in, and you read more. People who read this and didnt know Polanski's history, now knows Samantha Geimer. Now know that Polanski drugged and Raped a 13 year old girl. They now know her name. She is not nameless, and the victim has not been pushed to the side. She is front and center.
  • Rachel - 2/8/2018 11:45:29 AM
    I feel terrible for her.But, what was she doing there with him. He rather had a rep as a seducer, a creep. But in some parts of America couldn't you marry at that age? Consistent laws to protect children from sexual abuses use no leniency should apply.
  • Tharsos - 2/8/2018 11:50:12 AM
    Joe... I am sorry, you win the dumbest comment on the Internet for February 8 2018. Rape isnt something you just forget. People who were actually raped, are not Playing victim, they are Victims. We arent talking about people who get offended for no reason. We are talking about people who were sexually violated. Forcibly F**ked if you will. You dont just brush that shit off and live and let live.
  • Tharsos - 2/8/2018 11:54:19 AM
    Joe, You win the Dumbest comment on the internet for February 8th 2018. Rape isnt just something you forget.it stay with you forever. People who were actually raped, are not playing the victim, they are a Victim. We arent talking about people who get offended for no reason. Samantha Geimer (The Victim) Was Drugged and Sexually Assaulted.
  • CDubya - 2/8/2018 12:08:23 PM
    Wow. I like Tarantino movies, but now he's going to be thrown into the pit with a lot of other actors and film makers who will end up being boycotted. He's usually good with words, but in this case his argument falls flat. It was freaking RAPE.
  • Genny - 2/8/2018 12:53:06 PM
    That's the point though, Tharsos. She doesn't want to be front and center. Why don't we all just leave her alone and stop mentioning her name? It's what she wants. And on the topic of Tarantino, these remarks prove him to be a scumbag. I hope people boycott his movies. First he knows two women who complain to him about Harvey Weinstein and he does nothing about it (says he "talked" to Weinstein but probably did nothing) and now he thinks a sodomized 13-year-old girl who barely knew Polanski was "dating" him and "wanted" it. What a douche.
  • Genny - 2/8/2018 12:57:29 PM
    Oh and Rachel, you know you're blaming the victim? You know what she was doing there. Her family thought they could trust this world famous director. She was doing the same thing as the hundreds or thousands of actresses who went to Harvey Weinstein's hotel room(s). Hoping to break into movies. Not thinking there was a chance in hell that this person in power with a famous name would risk his good name by forcing himself on her.
  • Robert Bouchard - 2/8/2018 1:41:30 PM
    "It’s what she wants. And on the topic of Tarantino, these remarks prove him to be a scumbag. I hope people boycott his movies." The interview was in 2003 LOL!!! You people are morons!
  • Robert - 2/8/2018 1:47:14 PM
    Come on people, the interview was in 2003! Rape is a very bad thing but, Quentin's point is that statutory rape and rape are two very different things. Statutory is still super bad but most of the time it's consensual. I'm not saying it's right but, Quentin is aloud his own point of view since he lived in the 70's which was a different time. Drugs and sex went together like penut butter and jam. Let's stop bringing up interviews from 2003 so Genny can go all nuts trying to help all the statutory rape victims from the 70's......
  • Robin - 2/8/2018 9:04:46 PM
    So if she was raped years ago, and her rapist didn't do time, it's all good? If someone murdered someone in the '70s, should we just forgive them? Should we have let Charles Manson out of prison long before he died, because after all, it was in the '70s! Forget about it, it was long ago! Paul Bernardo, what the hell is he doing in jail by your standards, Robert. It was long ago. You know, that interview may have been in 2003, but has he changed his mind? Is he saying something different in 2018 so the victim doesn't have to go through the pain of hearing she "wanted" an old man to sodomize her at 13? This just goes to show how men don't get it. Even now. The #metoo movement isn't reaching them at all.
  • Gina - 2/9/2018 11:19:16 AM
    Damn, now I've lost all respect for Quentin Tarantino. I did not know he was such a pig. It makes me wonder who he's been assaulting. FU quentin, I will never go to one of your movies again but it looks like you're done anyway.
  • Cronin Mitchell - 2/9/2018 11:40:48 AM
    Oh look, that insufferable beta male Apatow is throwing stones again. What a cuck.
  • David - 2/11/2018 6:59:26 AM
    "I’m not upset, but I would probably feel better if he realizes now that he was wrong, after 15 years, after hearing the facts" Facts according to her. There is no evidence to say she was willing or not. Just her word. She could have changed her mind after the guy dumped her in order to get revenge. We cannot know what really happened 40 years ago unless Polanski himself confesses. I don't see that happening anything soon. People will just have to continue making up there own minds and choosing a side without proof.
  • Gareth - 2/11/2018 1:51:18 PM
    David the proo is he had sex with a 13 year old! Nothing else is needed. The law recognizes that some are just to young to even consent to sexual acts and as such does not matter what she does or says to "indicate he agrees to his actions". The FACTS are he sodomized are 13 year old. So whether or not she agreed to let this dirty old man have anal sex with he is immaterial. I mean really ay what height is ur bar? What if she was 12? or 10? How about 7? Statutory rape is rape and as heinous as forcible sex. It is ALWAYS non-consensual since she does not have the capacity to consent and he knew that. Put him in jail along with all those here saying statutory rape is "not as bad" as if you forcibly have sex with an adult. These are the same guys who hold their women down and forcibly have sex with her and then claim well she is their wife of GF so not the same since they kinda have a right to do what they want with her. NOT. All douches you people in that group.
  • Raymond Owens - 2/21/2018 9:21:46 AM
    Rape is a very big word. It means you are doing something that is completely unwanted. The celebrity world and normal world doesn't endorse that behavior on purpose and it isn t encouraged at all, unless they are making a documentary about real events that happen, look at the history of people with mental disorders,celebrity or not, really, it's hard to be a victim. It's also hard to understand motivation for those events, all in all,its usually pretty bad and even thinking about it might be disturbing too so watch what your reading about and to be honest criminals will always be rude pigs who deserve nothing more than suffering some sort of judgement from the law in order to slowly gain trust or any kind of forgiveness. I am not saying you have to take my word or express your opinion along my opinion. I just thought I'd throw my opinion out there too.

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