Robert Pattinson approved as the next Batman for DC Published By Tribute on May 31, 2019

Robert Pattinson takes over as Batman from Ben Affleck

Robert PattinsonAfter a few weeks of speculation, Robert Pattinson, best known for his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight films, has been approved by Warner Bros. to take on the iconic DC Comics character Batman in Matt Reeves' upcoming Batman prequel.

The British actor will be taking over the role from Ben Affleck, who appeared as the Caped Crusader in the DC Extended Universe films Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad and Justice League. As has been known since Affleck's on-and-off status with the character, Reeves' film will feature a younger version of Batman to fit within DC's cinematic universe.

Negotiations between the actor and studio are currently underway, after Warner Bros. had initially wanted Pattinson and Nicholas Hoult to both do taped auditions before a decision was made. Pattinson is said to have been Matt Reeves' favorite choice for the role, and ultimately he was chosen.

While there will be fans unhappy with this selection due to Pattinson's association with the Twilight series, Pattinson has built up an impressive resumé over the years with a slew of small budget indie films with some very talented directors.

From films such as David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis and Maps to the Stars, to the neo western The Rover, and critically acclaimed films including The Lost City of Z, Good Time, and High Life, there is a ton of cause for optimism. And that's before even mentioning some of his more highly anticipated upcoming films, such as Robert Eggers' The Lighthouse and Christopher Nolan's Tenet.

The next Batman movie will be titled The Batman, and will release to theaters June 25, 2021.

What do you think of this news? Do you think Pattinson will make a good Batman? Tell us your thoughts below. ~Paolo Maquiraya

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Comments & Discussion

  • GDR - 6/1/2019 9:52:13 AM
    Fans went nuts when Michael Keaton was cast as Batman because of Beetlejuice and the fact he was a comedian and comedic actor. They couldn’t see what Tim Burton saw in him until the film opened. He’s now regarded as the best actor to have portrayed the character in a feature film. There must be a reason Reeves fought for this actor. There were some good things about Ben Affleck’s portrayal but overall miscast. He took on the role at a low point in his life but you can also blame the lame scripts and direction for Justice League and Batman V Superman to have to be better than the material.
  • Penguin - 6/1/2019 2:24:22 PM
    Never watched the Twilight series. Too old for that crap. So I am more than willing to give Pattinson an opportunity to wow me with this portrayal. Hopefully he's grown a lot since those days anyway. Besides, I hate to typecast any actor. Give him a chance people.
  • Glenn - 6/1/2019 9:10:23 PM
    The boy can act, what does it matter what he looks like. A few hours in the gym can make up for any shortgivings and the muscle "suits" they wear now days will make up for the rest......but the actor playing THIS character especially better be able to act. I think it is a good choice. Tall and mysterious enough to play ...THE BAT for years to come if he is accepted in the first film. Good choice.
  • Matt - 6/2/2019 6:23:24 AM
    Look I get it. He’s not who anyone imagines as Batman, but I doubt Warner Bros & DC would risk the backlash if they didn’t see something. It’s not like he’s big enough to bring larger fan base than the ones who’ll jump ship if he sucks. While they may not be risking much considering how badly they missed the mark with Batman V Superman & Justice League I don’t think they’d give the job to him if they didn’t see some kind of promise in him. True talent as an actor doesn’t always mean good in the role (George Clooney) sometimes the last person who you’d cast gives us a portrayal that all will be compared to (Heath Ledger) I was totally against Heath Ledger as Joker and by the end of the movie I not only had to eat my words and now I don’t think anyone can do better as the Joker than the Aussie from 10 things I hate about you. Now if WB/DC cast Kristen Stewart as Wonder Woman then I may have to boycott but for now even though he’s not my 1st choice I’m hopefully optimistic.
  • CDubya - 6/4/2019 6:47:49 PM
    I will reserve opinion until I see it. So many people get all up in arms about casting choices until they see the final product and suddenly get their foot in their mouth.
  • Snepts - 6/5/2019 10:59:51 AM

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