Tom Cruise injury puts Mission: Impossible 6 on hold Published By Alexandra Heilbron on Aug 17, 2017

M:I 6 - Mission Impossible has postponed filming for a period of six weeks to three months after Tom Cruise was injured during a failed stunt.

While leaping from a scaffold to a rooftop, Cruise twice slammed into the wall of the building, and according to Variety, his ankle was broken in two places and he also injured his hip. In a video posted by TMZ earlier this week, Cruise was visibly limping after crashing into the wall, then pulling himself up onto the roof.

Paramount has released a statement that reads: “During production on the latest Mission: Impossible film, Tom Cruise broke his ankle while performing a stunt. Production will go on hiatus while Tom makes a full recovery, and the film remains on schedule to open July 27, 2018. Tom wants to thank you all for your concern and support and can’t wait to share the film with everyone next summer.”

Some post-production work and filming of scenes in which Cruise isn't involved will take place during the hiatus, but the delay puts some of Cruise's co-stars in a bind, including Henry Cavill, who's lined up for another Superman movie, as well as Justice League 2; while Simon Pegg is scheduled to shoot Slaughterhouse Rulez this fall, followed by Lost Transmissions.

This isn't the first time a Mission: Impossible movie has caused a headache (and possible loss of work) for Cruise's co-stars. In 1999, Mission: Impossible II went so far over schedule that Dougray Scott, who played Sean Ambrose, wasn't free in time to play the role of Wolverine in the original X-Men. The role instead went to Hugh Jackman. ~Alexandra Heilbron


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Comments & Discussion

  • WDG - 8/17/2017 10:29:09 AM
    A broken ankle never really heals. He'll probably have a bit of a limp for life. I think his stunt days are over.
  • CDubya - 8/17/2017 11:25:08 AM
    Really where were the riggers on this? Why didn't they see his trajectory and pull him up before he hit the wall? Now all of Tom's running scenes in future movies will be limp.
  • Georgina - 8/17/2017 12:38:36 PM
    I broke an ankle and I'm fine. I'm not 50 years old, however. This is the fault of the rigging operators. They let him crash into the wall instead of lifting him up. Someone needs to be fired.
  • Penguin - 8/17/2017 12:57:21 PM
    He's too old tobe doing his own stunts now. As I've said before, it's time to stop doing that. Will save the productions companies lots of insurance money too.
  • Kathy Mattatall - 8/18/2017 6:06:03 PM
    When I told my husband about this, his first comment was, "Well, you don't bounce as well in your 50's!" lol Hope Tom Cruise recovers quickly.
  • Kathy Mattatall - 8/18/2017 6:07:11 PM
    When I told my husband about this, his quick comment was, "Well, you don't bounce as well in your 50's!" lol Hope Tom Cruise recovers quickly. Can't wait to see the newest Mission Impossible
  • Bob - 8/19/2017 1:33:46 AM
    Welcome to aging. The older you get the more fragile you become and things can break much more easily.

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