Watch an exclusive Gal Gadot/Ralph Breaks the Internet clip! Published By Tribute on Feb 07, 2019

Gal Gadot as Shank in Ralph Breaks the InternetWalt Disney Studios has given us an exclusive bonus clip from Ralph Breaks the Internet to share with our readers!

The clip shows Gal Gadot making her singing debut as she records a duet with Sarah Silverman, who reprises her role as Vanellope.

In the movie, during her travels through the internet, Vanellope comes across racing queen Shank (Gadot), which leads to the catchy musical number.

Executive music producer Tom MacDougall, actress Sarah Silverman, producer Clark Spencer, and directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston all agree that Gal quickly embraced her role and this song, excelling in this new territory for her career.

Ralph Breaks the Internet is nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Animated Feature category.

This clip is exclusive to us until February 12, when the film releases digitally. Enjoy!

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