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Avengers: Endgame Friday, May 24, 07:46:09 PM


Poms Friday, May 24, 05:19:06 PM

cute but made seniors look silly and petty not worth 12 bucks though

Poms Friday, May 24, 05:17:01 PM

cute movie but no great acting and story is bland

Aladdin Friday, May 24, 04:51:20 PM

We were looking forward to seeing this Disney original remade....and it does not disappoint. Lots of smiles, laughs and the same original songs, memories...............Will Smith was a wonderul fun genie!

Aladdin Friday, May 24, 04:49:53 PM

Very entertaining, true to the original, same snappy songs, beautiful scenery, lots of fun. Will Smith is good, very funny as genie. God family fun.

Avengers: Endgame Friday, May 24, 04:43:30 PM

Super good movie.

Hunting Elephants Friday, May 24, 04:19:32 PM

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Between Maybes Friday, May 24, 04:05:28 PM

it is a good movie, must watch.

Anna Friday, May 24, 01:53:06 PM

looks good; though im not fan of all these women doing these kinds of leads, they really cant do half that with the best trained women Sorry just reality so why are they getting these leads Yeah thats right they dress to kill (get it) yet dont get caught looking

Dark Phoenix Friday, May 24, 01:50:47 PM

how did she get this part i have seen GOT and she not that great an actress