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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 Sunday, September 24, 11:03:21 AM

Absolutely loved it.

PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie Sunday, September 24, 08:44:06 AM

A story about puppies who learnt teamwork is the most important power.

Expend4bles Sunday, September 24, 12:45:27 AM

The last big release before Taylor Swift takes over the box office is a wonder to behold. Statham follows THE MEG 2 with another solid hit and Stallone hasn't been this good since ESCAPE PLAN: HADES.

It Lives Inside Sunday, September 24, 12:43:43 AM

Insanely boring and not even close to scary

Expend4bles Sunday, September 24, 12:38:04 AM

Best cast of the four takes this to new heights of adventure. A must in IMAX! 5/5

Oppenheimer Saturday, September 23, 08:41:32 PM

3 hours too long.....very flat and boring with sex part of the movie it male u laugh of how pointless it was is not his best .....better than tenet and not better than Dunkirk, Momento and Batman trilogy. ...... thev silver lining of Oppenheimer was the actors doing their part specially Robert Downey Jr. And not worth watching it in IMAX FILM .....if you're going to see it just regular theater

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 Saturday, September 23, 08:29:20 PM

Loved the family memories and adjusting when a matriarch dies and the family struggles to be a family when the mother of the family has Alzheimer's to add to the unfortunate events. Truly inspiring. Loved it and anyone that has had that happened to their own family can feel the hurt, anxiety and togetherness we all strive for in life. Until it happens to you, you won't understand apparently. We truly enjoyed the acting and realism. Thank you

Blue Beetle Saturday, September 23, 01:07:40 PM

Just awfull

Barbie Saturday, September 23, 10:38:48 AM

Too much propaganda and feminism.

Bobcat Moretti Saturday, September 23, 08:57:20 AM

Wow, I’m so blown away by this one! This is a very special movie that you don’t see very often. Inspirational, but also extremely true to life. There’s no Hollywood ending wrapped up in a happy ending bow. It’s incredibly refreshing to see real, honest, RAW life up on the screen (or on my home, television set, in this particular case). I laughed & wept (for both joy & heartbreak, which was so honest in a good way), & rooted for our main character, Bobby Moretti (played with gusto and magic by new Hollywood star, Tim Realbuto - a true star-making performance). Not only did he lost over 100 pounds for the film, his dedication and passion was apparent in every frame on the film, most of which he was in. A huge shout out to Vivica A. Fox, easily her best film in years. And sorry I’m bad with names, but the female semi-love interest and fellow boxer at the gym gave a heartbreaking performance. The actress from Orange Is The New Black was lovely. And it was such a treat to see Frau Farbissina in a funny 2 scene cameo. RIP Coolio. It was wonderful to see him. Realbuto co-wrote the script to perfection w/ director Rob Margolies. Both should both be extremely proud of themselves for creating such a beautiful and heartwarming film. I have to warn you that there is some strong language and violence and a teeny bit of drug use, so the film is rated R, but if you have mature teenagers, I believe they can definitely handle it. I am a SAG/AFTRA member and I will 100% be voting for this film come awards seasons. We get way too many Little Mermaid’s and Guardians of the Galaxy. This was a wonderful breath of fresh air. And even though it could be violent at times, and had some strong language (plus they were some very dark themes), I felt like the movie needed that so that the main character can come up on top and really change his life. I didn’t leave depressed or hopeless, I left fully inspired and ready to take on the world. Bravo to all! This one is a classic.