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Prem Ratan Dhan Payo Saturday, January 20, 02:14:00 PM

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12 Strong Saturday, January 20, 02:11:56 PM

Wish we could edit our comments -- forgot to do my "star" rating in my comment :( Definitely a FIVE star film!!

12 Strong Saturday, January 20, 02:09:07 PM

Hemsworth out-did himself -- exceptional performance!! Not happy that horses were killed to make props for this movie though.

The Greatest Showman Saturday, January 20, 01:42:01 PM

Absolutely LOVED this movie! Just everything was fabulous!

Wolves (2001) Saturday, January 20, 01:22:23 PM

An older film with some out of date scientific data.

The Post Saturday, January 20, 01:21:32 PM

So relevant to 2018 that everyone should see it. Meryl Streep is moving and magnificent as Katherine Graham.

Forever My Girl Saturday, January 20, 12:38:52 PM

It has a very good story line. Very interesting relationship between a couple who are definitely in love. I really enjoyed it very much. Had a very good ending too.

Paddington 2 Saturday, January 20, 11:59:37 AM

Excellent family movie and a stellar performance by Hugh Grant

Phantom Thread Saturday, January 20, 11:34:05 AM

If you look at how many theaters this movie is showing in, you get a pretty good idea of how well the production company thought it would do. One theater, one star, one week. You will find yourself wondering why you're in the theater as the story is weak and plods along for almost two hours which seemed much longer in reality. Good actors, but terrible story. Paint drying bad.

Phantom Thread Saturday, January 20, 11:30:14 AM

Not a movie that you would want as your last picture before retirement, but so it goes. Phantom Thread is pointless. Phantom life perhaps? Phantom Plot? I always liked Daniel day Lewis but he picked a dud for his last hurrah.