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Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga Wednesday, June 12, 09:24:55 AM

What a movie. Skip Bad Boys, Furiosa is an event.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die Wednesday, June 12, 09:21:53 AM

Amazing that people go to see this, when it's star, Will Smith, is a milquetoast who can't think for himself and lets a controlling woman pull the strings.

Summer Camp Wednesday, June 12, 09:16:34 AM

Cute and funny movie, had potential for a lot more humor. Audience seems to laugh most at seniors cursing.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die Wednesday, June 12, 05:02:41 AM

I plan on seeing this movie, but I'm here to promote "Young Woman & the Sea". It's not getting the publicity it deserves. Excellently cast & acted w/ the music score equally matched. I saw it again yestaday. I asked two strangers about the movie to see if they loved it as much as I did & their response was as enthusiastic as mine. "Bad Boys" may be fun but "YW &S has heart & will move you. It's not many movies I feel I have to rave about.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire Wednesday, June 12, 04:27:33 AM

There hasn't been a creature feature of this caliber since JAWS: THE REVENGE.

The Watchers Tuesday, June 11, 07:33:01 PM

Very great with the ticket for,.a.few jumpscares, and worth the wait. Full of mystery a classic movie he made.

Longing Tuesday, June 11, 04:20:16 PM

So interesting to have complex human situations explored without being sentimental or moralizing.

The Garfield Movie Tuesday, June 11, 04:08:44 PM

This movie is awful. O er the top crazy. My 5 year old grandson was ready to leave after 30 minutes

Bed of Nails Tuesday, June 11, 03:29:30 PM

This movie turned out to be really unexpectedly good, I like the plot twist. It’s not what you expect and that’s really cool that someone has come up with something that hasn’t been done before because it seems like a lot of the movies I watch are repeat plots that I’ve seen before, this one was totally something I could never tell you what’s gonna happen next…… bravo

Summer Camp Tuesday, June 11, 01:04:48 PM

I didn't think movies could be this bad.