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The Tax Collector Thursday, October 29, 09:07:28 PM

Director lost his way halfway through and turned an interesting story into a formulaic Indonesian shoot-em up.

Over the Moon Thursday, October 29, 06:20:16 PM

Pretty cute, very emotional. Nice family film.

American Murder: The Family Next Door (Netflix) Thursday, October 29, 06:18:25 PM

I got the chills watching it.

The Legend of Tomiris Thursday, October 29, 05:38:07 PM

It was boring

The War with Grandpa Thursday, October 29, 03:44:40 PM

Horrible piece of garbage crap filled with horrible acting and basic pranks idk man its just old people tryna make some fast cash at least you all got covid while laughing out loud in the movie theatre.

Sound of Metal Thursday, October 29, 02:30:59 PM

I was lucky enough to see the premiere at TIFF at the Winter Garden theatre and it was my absolute favourite film that I saw the entire festival. The sound is AMAZING (likely getting an Oscar nomination) and Riz just nails his performance. I'd love to see him nominated as well. 95% as of today on Rotten Tomatoes. IF you can see it in a theatre - if they are actually open and near you - this is worth spending the $$ on.

Baaghi: A Rebel For Love Thursday, October 29, 11:55:31 AM

Its a good movie and its a remake of Varsham.

Rebecca (Netflix) Thursday, October 29, 11:28:24 AM

Nicely done, and quite an entertaining watch. But the original Alfred Hitchcock movie still stands strong as a classic.

The Legend of Tomiris Wednesday, October 28, 07:45:35 PM

shame on you liers , you fake the truth

Holidate (Netflix) Wednesday, October 28, 05:21:48 PM

So trite, so corny, so vulgar, so blah. Lead character very unlikeable.