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Midsommar Monday, July 15, 02:36:48 AM

A waste of time and money. Not worth watching

Midsommar Sunday, July 14, 11:59:08 PM

Really! It was ridiculous

Yesterday Sunday, July 14, 11:29:01 PM

Original, delightful. A fresh story with actors who are not famous, but well-performed throughout. Enogh surprises and twists near the end to make it more rewarding. Plus, every time he launches into another song, you are left going, "damn, another great tune."

Yesterday Sunday, July 14, 10:53:38 PM

The was a magical mystical tour that explores the tenents of Physics String Theory which holds that there exists infinite possibilities of anything happening in an endless amount of universes which all universally hold the maxim of "Be True to Thyself" to be the ultimate truth in the meaning of life in achieving ultimate peace and true happiness. I got chills when Jack sings his first Beatle song. Extremely well-done while packed with experiencing every conceivable emotion with humor, sadness, regret, excitement, and most importantly, that love that we all seek and cherish as human beings.

The Beach Bum Sunday, July 14, 10:31:07 PM

Oh look! Another men are stupid morons who need to be taught by the ever so wise women. I am so sick of this woke garbage.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Sunday, July 14, 09:32:06 PM

Peter Parker seems stuck in adolescence.

Crawl Sunday, July 14, 08:08:52 PM

Loved it, going for a 2nd viewing with my wife tomorrow. Very entertaining and I really liked the characters. And of course it won't win any academy awards. But the really good movies never do.

Yesterday Sunday, July 14, 07:45:32 PM

Great movie, all 3 of us loved it!

Unplanned Sunday, July 14, 07:45:03 PM

Go with an open mind, or go to reinforce your basic human conscience of life and being. It is intense. it is quite emotional and powerful and well done.

Unplanned Sunday, July 14, 07:43:37 PM

This is a powerful movie. Go to see it. Let your heart and humanness speak to you. Sometimes difficult to watch, but a must see. Movies can be so powerful, effective and making at its best.