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Isn't it Romantic Monday, March 18, 07:16:29 PM

I can't believe this movie is still playing. Feel good movie for unattractive, and that's being polite

Captive State Monday, March 18, 06:36:23 PM

GARBAGE....I walked out of it after I saw the aliens....Trust me I seen enough movies to differentiate between junk and a great movie...This movie should be used as a bonfire to keep every one warm and get rid of it...

Captain Marvel Monday, March 18, 05:50:57 PM

Everybody in the theatre fell asleep and the snoring was louder than the explosions on screen. The volume of the snoring was surprising because the theatre was completely empty. When my kids woke up, they said "why is everybody snoring?" I said to them "the theatre is empty, you're not here. I'm not here. The empty theatres, people falling asleep, disney buying all the tickets, and Rotten Tomatoes censorship is all in your imagination." My kids said, "Thanks, I didn't realize how stupid i was for believing the butt-hurt, alt-right, BS."

Transit Monday, March 18, 05:41:26 PM

Rotten Tomato gave it a 4-5 star rating ..... the movie was actuallyo terrible and 1/3 of the audience walked out of the theater after playing for 40 minutesl Not worth it!

Captain Marvel Monday, March 18, 05:41:25 PM

The only reason I went to see this sorry pathetic movie is because my child wanted to and my child fell asleep one hour into the movie! My child never falls asleep during any super hero movie so this should tell you not to waist your time or money especially with the recent news about at least 60000 negative reviews have been deleted about this movie which gives a false misleading positive rating of this movie. But even with the negatives being deleted ( keep an eye on your negative rating as it may vanish as well) and the same people giving positive ratings over and over just re-wording each wording, the ratings for this movie is still falling.

Captain Marvel Monday, March 18, 05:40:49 PM

People giving this a 5/5 is just ridiculous. Marvel has produced a few disappointing movies and this is definitely one of them. I was really looking forward to this movie, but after watching it I found had many flaws and plot holes. The storyline is weak and the writing is very poor. I've never has a problem with Brie in other movies but I feel she fell flat in this role and her facial expressions bothered me at times. I've never really cared for superheroes that are almighty and powerful like Superman, so I didn't really care seeing her powers in the last 30 mins. Also, the backstory of how Nick Fury loses his eye is absurd and I can't believe thats the story fans know now. It did have some decent humor like most Marvel movies do and it was cool to hear some older music, but overall I just didn't dig it. Endgame should be solid though.

Captain Marvel Monday, March 18, 05:40:16 PM

Wonder Woman was great, this is up there with Green Lantern.

Captain Marvel Monday, March 18, 05:38:59 PM

RT deleted 54,000 negative reviews from the subscriber published list. Not trolls, or fanboys, but people who like to review movies. They inflated this dog from a low 29% to a recent 50% while keeping the "critic" score at 81%. Movie reviews are bought and paid for, and you can see it in the fanboy comments below, and I'm sure, above as well. There used to be over 200 comments on this movie and they have been censored. Take that for it's worth. It's mediocre at best, tripe at worst. Personally, I thought it was badly cast, and tacky.

Captain Marvel Monday, March 18, 05:37:31 PM

Rating at one of the worst Marvel movies ever according to most movie review site. Here the censors delete any comments that do not fit the narrative.

Captain Marvel Monday, March 18, 05:35:28 PM

Bad plot, writing, action.