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The Hate U Give Tuesday, October 23, 09:44:03 PM

Pure liberal crap.

A Star is Born Tuesday, October 23, 09:16:06 PM

Very good performances by Bradley Cooper & Lady GaGa, but i don't think i would see this movie again. A little bit disappointing. I have to say, though the music was very good.

Night School Tuesday, October 23, 09:03:00 PM

Was a Kevin Hart supporter, this is the worst movie that I have ever seen, walkout within 18 minutes of the beginning and get your refund. Tarran Killam, and the Teacher were the only redeeming Actor's. On the bright side...the new reclining seats are fantastic and this is still the best Theater around, many thanks.

Burn the Stage: The Movie Tuesday, October 23, 09:02:03 PM

Haven’t seen it but anything bts is amazing and us army’s gotta sell out the movie

A Star is Born Tuesday, October 23, 07:43:34 PM

Loved the music, but why do they have to swear so much? Made it low class.

Bad Times at the El Royale Tuesday, October 23, 07:41:45 PM

Great characters! Strong plot. LOTS of suspense!

Blacula Tuesday, October 23, 07:07:18 PM


Halloween Tuesday, October 23, 06:43:36 PM

It blew. Watch "Witches Night Out" instead.

A Star is Born Tuesday, October 23, 06:15:49 PM

As much as I loved the Streisand/Kristopherson version. I also loved this one. It stood on it's own. Great cast, great chemistry, wonderful music, great cinematography. All that and Sam Elliott. What's not to like.

A Star is Born Tuesday, October 23, 06:03:25 PM

Amazed at the 5 stars people have given for this movie! It was too long, too drawn out and boring, with unnecessary bad language which did nothing to enhance the poor plot. Yes, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper can sing, but their characters evoked no empathy. One of the few movies I have seen that I could not wait to end. The dog was cute.