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Copshop Sunday, September 19, 07:41:23 PM

Intense action - a few laughs but shoot/em up and bang bang if that's what U like - then you'll love this one - I DID

BellBottom Sunday, September 19, 06:31:05 PM

One of the good hindi movie THRILLER based on true politically inspired PLANE HIGHJACKS secretly funded by ISI & BRITISH INTELLIGENCE , as usual . Great crew , true story, Akshay Kumar has done justice to it .& such NATIONALIST THRILLERS SHOULD COME NORE N MORE THOUGH THE FUNDAMENTALISTS RADICAL IDEOLOGIES OPPOSE IT .

Free Guy Sunday, September 19, 05:46:27 PM

Brought my daughter to the cinema. She had never been to one. The movie was funny and had a great storyline. Loved it!

Cry Macho Sunday, September 19, 05:42:48 PM

Eastwood could beat up your movie

Copshop Sunday, September 19, 11:02:45 AM

Liked Alexis Louder's performance

Cry Macho Saturday, September 18, 09:51:42 PM

Absolutely extraordinary! Clint Eastwood, at 91, is still riveting, impactful - truely remarkable! Great choice to have Dwight Yoakam in a supporting role - very underated actor. Best flick I've seen in a theatre in 10 years.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Saturday, September 18, 08:19:24 PM

Loved this character in the comics when I was a kid, and love how they've updated him and his family for the big screen. Excellent kung-fu battles & stunts, especially the scenes on the bus and in Macao. Awkwafina brings great comic timing, Shang-Chi's dad and sister are much more interesting and sympathetic characters than they ever were in the comics, and the giant monster battle at the end brings some interesting Lovecraft and kaiju energy to the mix. A very worthy addition to the MCU!

Gully Rowdy Saturday, September 18, 07:43:53 PM

Great cast!

Black Widow Saturday, September 18, 06:10:13 PM

Uninspired. Marvel sausage.

Lake Forest Park Saturday, September 18, 05:00:59 PM

1 bout of boredom