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Triangle of Sadness Thursday, December 1, 07:22:15 PM

I loved this movie! I have been thinking about it since viewing it, definitely a sign of a good movie. It was very sad Charlbi Dean passed away, the movie would have made her career, turning her into a big star!

Elf Thursday, December 1, 05:56:47 PM

BEST Holiday movie. Never get tired of seeing it every December on tv now on the big screen sooo funny!

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Thursday, December 1, 05:11:36 PM


NCT Dream The Movie : In A Dream Thursday, December 1, 05:01:09 PM

love love love NCT DREAM and everything they have accomplished!! I’m so proud to see them on the screen and so close to my hometown. These boys have come so far and their journey has just begun! Can’t wait to watch the world fall in love with all of y’all! Each member is so unique and could never be imitated. They are definitely worth getting to know for yourself. Please go fall in love with them just as the rest of the world has!! 💚💚

The Menu Thursday, December 1, 02:41:25 PM

There's nothing mind blowing about this movie, but hardly a bad movie either. People that give this only a 1 star are just negative people best be ignored. It's a good movie to watch, whether you want to spend "Theater" prices or not is just a personal choice.

Strange World Thursday, December 1, 12:49:10 PM

Cute family fun about caring for your planet and those close to you.

Strange World Thursday, December 1, 11:40:41 AM

Besides the obvious dislike for gender confusion this causes to YOUNG children, I will base my review on the movie alone. Disney used to create movies with imagination that sparked magic when you watched them. Lately their movies are lacking in the imagination department and are not creative at all. This movie had a terrible plot, the storyline was more concerned about agenda than developing an actual engaging story and it felt more like a cheap competitor film and not a Disney movie. Go back to imagination, creativity and originality, so tired of these movies that are lackluster and unimaginative remakes. Bring back the magic

NCT Dream The Movie : In A Dream Thursday, December 1, 11:32:05 AM

The latest BTS imitators aren't worth your time or money.

Bodies Bodies Bodies Thursday, December 1, 11:28:10 AM

Has something for everyone.

The Mean One Thursday, December 1, 11:26:02 AM

Dr. Seuss' beloved Grinch gets another reboot just in time for the Holidays.