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Wonder Woman 1984 Monday, January 18, 02:10:28 PM

Gal Gadot did a great performance especially with the emotional parting of her friend. Kristen Wiig was fantastic playing so many different roles as Barbara. So very entertaining and funny. You gotta love this movie, the world needs to pay attention to the message of Love not destruction. For all ages. Don't miss it.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout Monday, January 18, 08:46:46 AM

Why is this not in DOLBY?! Seen this more than one time in Dolby 2 years ago. I'm neutral about Cruise, But this is as good as the best in Action/thrillers, period. I'll be going again to see it. With all the action there is, my favorite is Rebecca Ferguson leaping over the railing & rapping the back of her leg around the "bad" guys' neck, taking him down. Maybe I have a thing for "Bad-Ass Women". Predictabl/not predictable - what's with these people:? do you not take a vacation in a beautiful part of the world because it's going to be predictably beautiful. - it's the journey that counts, even if it's predictable. Look for more criticism on people who are wanna-be intellectual critics. rich h.

The Prom (Netflix) Monday, January 18, 04:10:22 AM

Could've been good, but this is sunk by James Corden's horrendously bad (and indeed offensive) performance. Why did they cast this supremely infuriating loser? Why does anyone??? Corden's career is as mystifying and inexplicable as that of the equally talentless Kristen Stewart. Here's hoping that annoying spunkbubble Corden is never ever cast in another movie

Cats Monday, January 18, 03:32:13 AM

Very poor. Beyond strange. Terrible cast, especially that annoying fat bastard Corden. This plays like a crossdresser's night terrors. If it's possible to get AIDS from a movie, CATS is the one that'll do it.

Aladdin Monday, January 18, 03:26:08 AM

Terrible. A moron movie for sure. But it was a big hit! (There's no shortage of morons, unfortunately)

The Babadook Monday, January 18, 03:20:48 AM

Quite possibly the worst horror film ever made. This is the AIDS of horror cinema.

Yesterday Monday, January 18, 03:17:49 AM

An insult to The Beatles and their fans. This is appalling.

XX Monday, January 18, 03:15:54 AM

The scariest part was that this got made in the first place. Terrible!

Baghead Monday, January 18, 03:14:07 AM

Oh, this was bad, alright. In fact, this is HORRENDOUS. One of the worst movies ever. A must to avoid. You have been warned.

Wonder Woman 1984 Sunday, January 17, 05:53:32 PM

Stupid and boring