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IT: Chapter Two Tuesday, October 15, 05:55:53 PM

I hadn't seen the first one, bought into the hype and was really disappointed that rather then being a horror movie in the vein of Halloween etc instead this is a 'scary' movie for kids.

Fiddlin' Tuesday, October 15, 04:46:46 PM

Fun, Inspiring and Uplifting! I loved seeing young kids and older people all having a great time together and the dancing was a hoot! Some people may want to pick up an instrument after seeing Fiddlin' but I want to try flat-footing. There was such respect and admiration with everybody genuinely bragging on each other. I loved the film for reasons I don't even understand. Harmonious, just like it's music and the people. A real good time!

Joker Tuesday, October 15, 03:55:43 PM

the movie is so-so

Joker Tuesday, October 15, 03:31:23 PM

Should be no stars!!!!!This was the worst movie ever made!!Why bother!!!

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Tuesday, October 15, 12:56:35 PM

A lot of CGI and too many actors over 50 playing in the fairy tale - even the fairies looked like they had walked out of an AARP convention. Maleficent did have the nice dark tinge of Darkness which Disney rarely explores except in Something Wicked this way comes but here, we get the same tired CGI look. It would be nice if such films would take a look at what can be done without CGI and look at films like the 1985 Dreamchild or The 1981Neverending Story.

Downton Abbey Tuesday, October 15, 12:09:53 PM

Liked the movie - my friends who saw it at Paso de Oro viewed a prologue of the past tv segments to explain how the current characters and plot got to this point. This was not shown at my viewing. Very disappointed to not have this presented.

Jexi Tuesday, October 15, 11:48:53 AM

If there was a rating minus five I would use it for this film. should be rated 3X. Bad words for no reason.

Joker Tuesday, October 15, 10:34:12 AM

Great movie ending made me think hard. Should get an award !

Gemini Man Tuesday, October 15, 10:11:04 AM

Great movie, the female character is definitely the most compelling of the three (two of which are Will Smith). The cinematography was incredible, it's an experience you have to see on the big screen. And for the person who trashed the film, calling it a sleeper, please look up what sleeper means when it comes to movies. It means the film started slow but ended up being a hit. However, I bet the person who wrote that didn't even see this film.

Joker Tuesday, October 15, 08:55:08 AM

This movie is not what you would expect. The first time I saw this I didn’t hate it or didn’t like it. I was back and forth but when I saw it a second time I did enjoy it more. Things I missed the first time I caught on the second time around because if you saw it once you will probably miss things that the movie is trying to tell you