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The Hopeful Saturday, April 20, 10:47:01 PM

In 1844 they were not called Adventist

Civil War Saturday, April 20, 10:07:27 PM

Horrible script, casting, music OMG worst movie I’ve ever seen. Wanted to leave - don’t waste your money!!!

The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare Saturday, April 20, 08:58:08 PM

A true life Mission Impossible! When I saw Jerry Bruckheimer associated with this movie I knew it would be done well. The excitement never let's up. The acting is commendable. Music is supportive. It's interesting that the team was selected for their ability to get the job done with total disregard for orders. People don't always have to be bossed.

Civil War Saturday, April 20, 08:41:34 PM

It's making the lefties very uncomfortable as you can see by the comments here. Too funny.

The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare Saturday, April 20, 07:34:27 PM

Interesting and amazing story of a key part of World War II.

Civil War Saturday, April 20, 05:42:36 PM

Very good movie that was well directed, well written, good acting and helps the viewer understand what could happen if things go the way of a civil war in a world that is constantly changing. I liked the approach that was taken to tell a story through reporters’ view. The movie, in my opinion, is not about political views or the cause of the civil war but rather the suffering that a war will cause.

Civil War Saturday, April 20, 04:51:01 PM

The only thing that I was stirring when I saw this movie were my bowels. 1 star for the movie, 3 stars for the washroom (low on TP).

Civil War Saturday, April 20, 04:46:43 PM

I will join the one star party. Obvious propaganda. Was going to see it Now NO

Civil War Saturday, April 20, 02:51:13 PM

if U want to watch a 12 year old press reporter put in the line of fire- a movie without a plot - stupid acting - then U have the right movie. I almost demanded my money back -Perhaps the worst movie I have ever seen

Abigail Saturday, April 20, 10:57:00 AM

There are no decent movies out to watch - so being a horror fan - I decided to see this after watching that disastrous Civil War movie last week which made me vomit it was so bad. Abigail is a little better - just stupid -but it's what's out there. Not scary - just bloody. BUt way better than Civil War movie