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In Search of Greatness Tuesday, March 31, 10:54:30 AM


Mulan Monday, March 30, 09:02:30 PM


Ozark (Netflix) Monday, March 30, 03:58:40 PM

Great series!! Must watch!!

Sonic the Hedgehog Sunday, March 29, 11:32:45 PM

sonic is great

A Dog's Way Home Sunday, March 29, 11:18:28 PM

great movie loved it so heart warming.

Tangled Sunday, March 29, 11:07:16 PM

good movie , zarchary levi was good as flynn rider.

Frozen II Sunday, March 29, 11:05:38 PM

movie is really good, the best disney movie .

The Silent Natural Sunday, March 29, 04:08:06 PM

Historical portrayal, Family Oriented! Captions need to be larger those who need caption.. Great character portrayal of Wm Hoy!

Charlie's Angels Sunday, March 29, 07:06:16 AM

How in the World did Charlie's Angels go from from Farrah Fawcett one of the most beautiful women who ever lived to a nothing looking girl with a Bart Simpson haircut. Charlie's Nightmare would be a more accurate title.

Life (2015) Saturday, March 28, 09:53:48 PM

Great Documentary type movie of Jimmy Dean before becoming a superstar