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Unplanned Sunday, April 21, 04:05:45 PM

This is such a powerful must see movie! It portrays the truth of the story so well. Everyone 13 and up needs to see this!

Captain Marvel Sunday, April 21, 03:14:48 PM

Bruins have Leafs just where they want them.

Indian Horse Sunday, April 21, 02:14:36 PM

Great show

The Grizzlies Sunday, April 21, 12:47:32 PM

Thought this was a wonderful and thoughtful movie. Certainly brings home the problems that the Inuit face. Was really glad to see at the end of the movie just how all the characters had moved on with their lives. Would have liked to know what happened to the teacher though. I hope he stayed in the community. would definitely recommend to others to watch.

Shazam! Sunday, April 21, 11:47:27 AM

Was surprised how much I enjoyed this movie. Wasn't expecting it to be so entertaining and humorous. Well done!

Little Sunday, April 21, 11:45:11 AM

Typical. Don't waste your money.

Breakthrough Sunday, April 21, 11:41:42 AM

Outstanding movie! Got a little misty eyed at times.

Glass Sunday, April 21, 11:14:23 AM

I wish I could un-watch it

Glass Sunday, April 21, 11:13:12 AM

A load of crap

Hotel Mumbai Sunday, April 21, 10:56:40 AM

Hard hitting!