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Capone Saturday, July 4, 02:26:43 PM

Boring and complete waste of time.

Color Out of Space Saturday, July 4, 11:47:06 AM

Badly written just becomes ridiculous by midway through

Onward Friday, July 3, 09:20:47 PM

I see a pizza planet truck in Disney Pixar Onward.

Scream Friday, July 3, 05:20:25 AM

Amazing suspense.

Cats Thursday, July 2, 05:36:05 PM

Trash 🤣

Force of Nature Thursday, July 2, 05:23:11 PM

One of those movies you keep watching because you want to see if it can actually get worse. It does.

Blood and Money Wednesday, July 1, 09:59:33 PM

Probably the worst movie Berenger ever did. If this is what he's come to as an actor, he may as well give it up. They quite possibly asked a street bum for his pocket change for the budget for this disaster. Sad. I'm a Berenger fan.

The Lodge Tuesday, June 30, 01:09:02 PM

Fun movie with twists. More of a thriller than horror but I really enjoyed it.

SCOOB! Tuesday, June 30, 01:05:07 PM

1 from me 5 stars from the 6 year old

Phantom of the Paradise Monday, June 29, 07:33:27 PM

Music, story, characters!