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Life Itself Thursday, September 20, 08:06:53 PM

Loved the story and great acting

Fahrenheit 11/9 Thursday, September 20, 07:42:27 PM

Forget the movie and check out Trump’s new theme song for his rally’s . “Theres a Monster in my Pants” by Fred Schneider . He should thank Ms Daniels .

White Boy Rick Thursday, September 20, 07:39:01 PM

Debbie light in this movie at all...... may be true but not all truth is worth spending millions to bring to the screen...

Peppermint Thursday, September 20, 07:36:40 PM

very entertaining movie.... violent don't complain that it is too rough... lots of good characters/plots.... always great to see the bad actors get exactly what they deserve !!

A Simple Favor Thursday, September 20, 07:33:31 PM

Surprisingly funny and good/ also a real thriller. This movie is worth seeing but don't think you know what is going to happen.....

The Predator Thursday, September 20, 07:30:47 PM

Not close to the original....... lots of special effects but little else to hold the audience's attention..... Not worth seeing until it gets to the dollar movie theatre...

Fahrenheit 11/9 Thursday, September 20, 07:26:26 PM

Very little accurate most of what Mushroom face Moore does !! So far it is the liberals rioting in the streets and at senate hearings....guess he got that wrong....

Crazy Rich Asians Thursday, September 20, 07:20:34 PM

I really enjoyed!,, fun and light and no shooting and violence !,need more movies like this!,

The Predator Thursday, September 20, 07:09:56 PM

Ignore the haters, it's a ton of fun!

Life Itself Thursday, September 20, 06:59:28 PM

Though the acting was great. Good storyline as well.