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Blockers Wednesday, April 25, 10:56:43 PM

Some funny moments But way too much gross comedy that comes off as disgusting and reaching for cheap laughs instead of genuine humour Expected much better than that

Indian Horse Wednesday, April 25, 10:55:05 PM

This story should be told in every North American home so that as a country we can ensure that children are not taken away from their families or culture.

Eye on Juliet Wednesday, April 25, 09:27:00 PM

This is a great Canadian drama movie to watch! For those who lost faith in love this movie makes you believe in love.

Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero Wednesday, April 25, 09:06:23 PM

Beautiful animation and musical score. Historically accurate true story. Teaches about World War I, in a gentle, non-threatening way. The movie has humor, as well as emphasizing values of patriotism, loyalty, love and courage. Bring some tissues--you will shed a tear or 2, as well! In a world needing a good family film, this one fills the bill!

Guy X Wednesday, April 25, 08:45:59 PM

really enjoyed this movie....a ton of subtle humor

Indian Horse Wednesday, April 25, 04:27:22 PM

To bad that those of you that think this movie was propaganda obviously have no feelings or compassion. This movie certainly opened my eyes as to what our government did to the native people. Every person should see this movie.7

Selfie From Hell Wednesday, April 25, 03:42:10 PM

Scary and so relevant to today's technology!!

I Feel Pretty Wednesday, April 25, 02:49:04 PM

I loved this movie. the acting was ok, some cheese , but the underlying message speaks to all girls, women who might feel they're less than worthwhile lets say

Tyler Perry's Acrimony Wednesday, April 25, 12:49:07 PM

This movie was nothing short of phenomenal!! Best movie Tyler ever made. If you did not like this movie, something is seriously wrong. This movie was deep and touched on feelings that I think many women experience but never act upon. It leaves you to ponder, who was really the victim as well as the abuser? A definite must see x 2. Money well spent! Congrats Tyler, you have reached a level I think will be extremely hard to surpass this time!

The Leisure Seeker Wednesday, April 25, 12:03:34 PM

Perhaps younger people will not understand how sweet this movie is, but those approaching the end of life will relate to this with many nods & laughs. A tender movie about long lasting love with terrific acting.