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Lake Forest Park Saturday, September 18, 04:58:57 PM

Worst movie ever made

Defining Moments Saturday, September 18, 04:36:23 PM

Good little film. Got it on iTunes in the US when I was there. Great stuff.

The Green Knight Saturday, September 18, 02:18:06 PM

This movie seems to have been designed for a small group of people who are familiar with the lore and/or are fairly artistic in nature. I could appreciate what was attempted but, because I'm not familiar with the lore/story, I found it very tedious with a disappointing ending. I understood the ending, but just wasn't enough to make me not regret watching. And by the way, movies tastes are subjective - people who bash people for liking or hating it are just conceded.

Show Me the Father Saturday, September 18, 01:15:41 PM

I have never experienced a movie that touched my heart like this one!

Show Me the Father Saturday, September 18, 01:12:12 PM

This movie nailed it and spoke to my inner most being like never before!

Lucifer (Netflix) Saturday, September 18, 10:51:25 AM

love the characters in this show

Cry Macho Friday, September 17, 11:59:40 PM

Eastwood was funny.

Cry Macho Friday, September 17, 11:57:18 PM

Quirky storyline, refreshingly funny and great teaching moments. Eastwood didn’t disappoint.

Cry Macho Friday, September 17, 10:52:49 PM

Bad story. Bad acting. Nothing like a Eastwood movie

Cry Macho Friday, September 17, 03:07:46 PM

Typical Eastwood flick. Take your grandkids and enjoy.. NO cringe and great teaching moments wrapped in a feel good about humanity flick