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Booksmart Tuesday, June 18, 09:03:51 PM

I loved it. It was funny to me.

Men in Black: International Tuesday, June 18, 06:50:55 PM


Dark Phoenix Tuesday, June 18, 06:49:46 PM


Unplanned Tuesday, June 18, 06:46:58 PM

the world needs to see this film

The Dead Don't Die Tuesday, June 18, 06:29:47 PM

I am a big fan of quirky movies with odd characters but how in the world did this waste of time get made? And how did they suck some great actors into damaging their reputations by appearing in it and mumbling the atrocious dialogue? One reviewer compared it to the masterpiece “Fargo”? Really? I’m not going to waste anymore time discussing this mess. Do not waste your money.

Men in Black: International Tuesday, June 18, 06:27:13 PM

I just watched MIB and I thought it was a great movie. To be honest I still liked the original first movie of MIB but I still adore this movie and love the characters and monsters/aliens/creatures. Would definitely watch again :)

Aladdin Tuesday, June 18, 06:12:19 PM

I was prepared to not like this movie, but I enjoyed it so much I saw it twice. I honestly don’t know what the negative reviewers want in a movie. This had very good lead actors, great musical numbers, lots of colour and spectacle. For all those people that are sick of superheroes, violence, and bad language, this is a very refreshing antidote.

Late Night Tuesday, June 18, 05:41:21 PM

Super hilarious! Must see!

Rocketman Tuesday, June 18, 05:36:12 PM

Musical fantasy. Never was a fan. This did not change my mind. Not biographical. Nor musical. Added nothing to my knowledge or desire to learn. Only for this most rabid fan and what?

Late Night Tuesday, June 18, 05:30:38 PM

Might have been funny if this had come out 30 years ago but the story lines and humor were so dated it sounded like something off a 90's something sitcom.