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Jumanji: The Next Level Tuesday, February 18, 06:47:38 PM

Sadly disappointed

1917 Tuesday, February 18, 06:24:52 PM

was like going back in time to war torn europe in 1917

Sonic the Hedgehog Tuesday, February 18, 06:14:26 PM

Very funny. Is not a real story. Lol

The Photograph Tuesday, February 18, 05:42:10 PM

Dull, slow and the music was distracting but the main stars were very attractive.

Sonic the Hedgehog Tuesday, February 18, 05:36:42 PM

It lacked realism.

Frozen II Tuesday, February 18, 05:22:16 PM

best movie

Cats Tuesday, February 18, 05:08:29 PM

if you love your local high school musicals and costumes then you will like this

Cats Tuesday, February 18, 05:06:45 PM

horny cats me-owing around .... stupid plot , this movie is just a lot of flash and fluff riding behind the soundtrack

1917 Tuesday, February 18, 05:05:22 PM

Storyline was good; script was not. Very unrealistic, with pristine trenches, mowed and uncratered fields, unseen enemy, no artillery bombardment (which was heavily factored in WWI trench warfare), absence of noise, cries of wounded, drama. Highly touted, but saw no reason for all the hype. Very disappointing.

Like a Boss Tuesday, February 18, 05:02:58 PM

dead on arrival , waste of time movie.