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Unplanned Tuesday, June 18, 05:26:35 PM

A couageous movie! Everyone should watch this movie! Don't let others stop you from going to see this movie. Watch it with an open mind.

The Souvenir Tuesday, June 18, 05:16:16 PM

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Totally boring

The Tomorrow Man Tuesday, June 18, 04:58:12 PM

I thought it was a sweet romance between an older couple.

Yesterday Tuesday, June 18, 04:31:16 PM

Saw an advance screening last night, this is the best movie I've seen in a long time, it's hilarious and the tunes are amazing!

Late Night Tuesday, June 18, 04:19:36 PM

movie was against everything i'm for-left about half way thru. bad flick.

All Is True Tuesday, June 18, 01:27:01 PM

Very slow paced. Not Branagh's best work!

Raiders of the Lost Ark Tuesday, June 18, 11:48:44 AM

Easily the gold standard for all action adventure movies. It gets no better.

Emanuel Tuesday, June 18, 10:16:43 AM

The honesty on racism in America. Forgiveness is our healer.

Emanuel Tuesday, June 18, 09:54:05 AM

America should see this movie. Theaters should show the movie more than two days. The forgiveness miracle is real.

Men in Black: International Tuesday, June 18, 06:31:54 AM

Men in Black 3 was Ok but it was not as great as the other two. More like a one time flick movie.