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Stop Making Sense: The IMAX Live Experience Friday, September 22, 10:24:04 AM

This is the one to see if you love Talking Heads.

Expend4bles Friday, September 22, 10:20:37 AM

You can tell very little effort was put in to make this movie. They know Americans are dumb and will fall for just about anything, no matter how idiotic it is. This movie is beyond embarrassing. Don't waste your money.

Blue Beetle Friday, September 22, 10:15:49 AM

I liked this movie a lot!

TAYLOR SWIFT: THE ERAS TOUR - The IMAX Experience Friday, September 22, 08:21:19 AM

The most acclaimed movie of the year is now also the BIGGEST! Thank you, Miss Swift!!!

Expend4bles Friday, September 22, 08:19:23 AM

Disappointing -- Stallone was barely in it, and Arnold wasn't in it at all. Series is done!

7/G Brindavan Colony Friday, September 22, 06:13:07 AM

Spectacular movie!!

Blue Beetle Friday, September 22, 12:40:31 AM

Nice average english and latino movie . laughing and funny at times. got to read subt titiles and listen to the english words too. maybe the next super hero, we shall see.

Expend4bles Friday, September 22, 12:34:13 AM


A Haunting in Venice Thursday, September 21, 11:24:25 PM

The acting is wonderful. The story is full of surprises. A great movie.

Oppenheimer Thursday, September 21, 08:11:08 PM

This is the fastest three hours I’ve ever experienced. A cerebral siege and orgasm, Have come back to see it 7 times. Can’t get enough. Masterpiece. Except nudity during interview sequence. Didn’t need it. Otherwise flawless. Kaboom MF. p.s. Folks who said it was long and boring… stop eating paste. You’re a grown-up now