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Jumanji: The Next Level Saturday, March 28, 12:18:31 AM

Good's something to do right now

Contagion Wednesday, March 25, 07:31:52 PM

What a movie

Clemency Wednesday, March 25, 04:10:27 PM

All bad

Sonic the Hedgehog Wednesday, March 25, 02:11:47 PM

Love this movie

Guns Akimbo Wednesday, March 25, 12:37:06 PM

how can anyone rate this a 5 it was crap

Superman: Red Son Tuesday, March 24, 08:42:32 PM

Pretty good story. One could take out the few minutes of far left mythology and man-hating and no-one would miss a thing.

Spider-Man 2 Tuesday, March 24, 04:51:36 PM

great movie, one of the best spider man movies.

Superman: Red Son Tuesday, March 24, 04:30:05 PM

Very good story and grahics

Pokémon Detective Pikachu Tuesday, March 24, 12:40:46 AM

good movie , ryan reynolds did a great job as detective pikachu .

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Tuesday, March 24, 12:35:03 AM

harrison ford is really good as han solo.