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The Legend of Tomiris Thursday, January 14, 10:54:39 AM

This movie based on Herodotus writings and I recommend everyone to watch

The Legend of Tomiris Thursday, January 14, 10:51:48 AM

I have enjoyed it when watching this movie, the cast is very good

Charming (Netflix) Thursday, January 14, 09:58:24 AM

Stick to Disney for stories about princes and princesses. This portrays the three princesses as complete airheads. Just what our girls need to watch in this day and age. And the prince is shallow, not handsome at all (what is that filthy bit of hair on his chin) and unlikeable. And the girl we're supposed to like is a pathological thief.

News of the World Wednesday, January 13, 09:12:41 PM


Stray (2019) Wednesday, January 13, 06:25:42 PM

Liked the deeper meaning.

Lupin (Netflix) Wednesday, January 13, 05:54:08 PM

Was a good watch but incomplete ending made it unsatisfying.

Master (Tamil) Wednesday, January 13, 01:28:58 PM


The Rental Wednesday, January 13, 01:27:12 AM

This is one of the best horror movies in a while. It throws out the normal tropes and is really surprising and shockingly good.

Fatale Tuesday, January 12, 11:21:05 PM

twist and turns you don't see coming

Master (Tamil) Tuesday, January 12, 11:15:11 PM