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Thelma Thursday, June 20, 06:44:04 PM

Funny! Adventure and surprise. Never underestimate a senior. What not to do when it comes to money😊 laughed out loud & want to see it again!

Thelma Thursday, June 20, 04:12:40 PM

This is such a good movie, it's funny, heartwarming and exciting. She really puts herself in danger at times.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die Thursday, June 20, 09:24:57 AM

I would rather watch paint drying than seeing this movie. Will Smith is violent and a terrible actor. Don't go to this movie and support someone who assaults people.

A24 x IMAX Present: Midsommar Director's Cut Thursday, June 20, 09:19:33 AM

Best movie from that year.

Inside Out 2 Wednesday, June 19, 08:27:01 PM

Watched this with my grandson and had a blast! Picking up from the first one, the new emotions were perfect for a growing child. We laughed through out the film. A must see.

Ezra Wednesday, June 19, 05:32:44 PM

Bill Fitzgerald stole the show. Really superb acting.

Tuesday Wednesday, June 19, 05:29:56 PM

Very dark and depressing

Bad Boys: Ride or Die Wednesday, June 19, 01:49:51 PM

i chose LIVE with this one. GOD made another great one

Bad Boys: Ride or Die Wednesday, June 19, 01:49:14 PM

Painless to watch. Uncorny jokes and underacting. yay!!!

Bad Boys: Ride or Die Wednesday, June 19, 01:16:55 PM

Painful to watch. Corny jokes, overacting. ugh