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You Should Have Left Monday, June 29, 02:24:17 PM

Home premiere. Creepy story. Acting was great and the plot,boo!

The D Cut Sunday, June 28, 10:20:20 AM

Short & sweet! Comes out just in time ;) D is sooo pretty - and soundtrack is sooo good! I hope there will be a second season :)

The D Cut Sunday, June 28, 09:57:36 AM

I LOVED IT! I’m in love with D! They are super cute, beautiful and strong! It’s a really touching story that brings out laugh and tears. We want to get to know more about the characters because they are all so different <3 The only thing is that the series is too short! When is Season 2 coming out?? The soundtracks were really good too~ hands up to the composer!

The D Cut Sunday, June 28, 09:48:36 AM

Great mini series! The cast is so diverse it was nice to watch, the main character D definitely steals you heart and you want to know more about them! I want a Season 2 of The D Cut!!!

The Postcard Killings Tuesday, June 23, 08:48:05 PM

Must see, exciting , great story line.

Inheritance Tuesday, June 23, 08:33:15 PM

I deleted it before the end it was so boring.

Bloodshot Tuesday, June 23, 08:26:55 PM

It's ok. Standard fare. not one of his better ones

Birds of Prey Monday, June 22, 07:35:52 PM

Also I wouldn't take the reviews here too seriously. They were clearly made by the same pimply guy sitting in his mom's basement, over and over. Butthurt over the fact that this movie didn't follow the comic "bible" or that the lead didnt show enough skin. Ew.

Birds of Prey Monday, June 22, 07:26:37 PM

The movie was probably one of the most stylish films this year. The stunts were really Harley Quinn. And i was thoroughly entertained. Saw this movie in theatre too, at the recommendation of the cinema attendant. He was a Good (TM) dude.

Birds of Prey Monday, June 22, 07:19:53 PM

Look at all the butthurt men in these reviews.. My God. It's not that deep, it was a really great movie!