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The Northman Sunday, May 22, 02:36:46 PM

The Northman is a terrible movie that should be avoided at all costs. The acting is terrible, the plot is non-existent, and the ending is completely ridiculous. Save your money and don't bother with this one.

The Northman Sunday, May 22, 02:33:53 PM

Sheeesh! It doesn't get worse than this. So bad.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Sunday, May 22, 02:30:52 PM

Best Marvel movie to date. Great action, great story, very emotional.

2000 Mules Sunday, May 22, 09:10:14 AM

This movie exposes evidence. Anyone who's upset about $5 or higher for gasoline should see this movie and see the reason we are paying and suffering, why Trump isn't president

2000 Mules Sunday, May 22, 08:52:52 AM

Dinesh and Katherine do an excellent job of laying out the facts about ballot trafficking in the 2020 election. The technology is presented in an understandable way. This is a must see!!

Downton Abbey: A New Era Sunday, May 22, 04:47:44 AM

Loved the movie, great costume period. My only objection is, Is it necessary to have a gay content in every movie? For me that was a downer and really wasn't necessary. Not that I do not recognize the gay issue, but I feel as a straight male we are being beaten over the head with this agenda in all phases of life. 5% of the population is not a reality to the other 95% of the populace. Great work, more of same, please.

The Northman Sunday, May 22, 01:45:13 AM

You're here for a review? Stop seeking constant approval and recognition from the worldly standards of "popularity" according to some bogus anti-hermitic billion dollar trance-genderneutral turdburglarclub

2000 Mules Sunday, May 22, 12:21:15 AM

whatever side of the aisle you're on you will leave saying if we don't have fair elections in this country and we don't have a country. There must be in person voting with ID only. Mail in voting must be the exception. And there must be no dominion counting. There must be video cameras at every Ballot Location. We can never let this happen again

2000 Mules Saturday, May 21, 11:41:18 PM

We knew it happened, now there is proof a must see! Great movie! We must stop the stealing of our elections!

Dhaakad Saturday, May 21, 11:31:17 PM

It would be difficult to find an actress better than Kangana as an action heroine! This movie goes to prove how versatile she is. Fast moving film that keeps your interest throughout.