Monday, February 3, 10:18:57 PM

movie was good .

Friday, September 7, 05:02:55 AM

Unbelievably powerful.

Wednesday, April 4, 04:26:39 PM


Tuesday, March 13, 12:10:17 AM

One of the worst military movies I've seen in a long time. Did they even use military advisors or did they just use a kid that plays video games. I counted over a hundred mistakes in the movie. I didn't even see them reload a magazines once. It is an embarrassment to anyone that served.

Sunday, February 18, 11:30:53 PM

It reminds me of why I stand for the flag and the National Anthem.

Sunday, February 18, 02:31:36 AM

The only thing surpassing american fire power is their ability to churn out ideological propaganda --enough to make the Russians and the Taliban put together blush!

Tuesday, February 13, 11:05:31 AM

I really enjoyed this movie. God bless the United States Military without whom western civilization would not exist.

Tuesday, February 13, 10:20:26 AM

I know is is based on a true story but it is continuous fighting. Not my type of enjoyment.

Thursday, February 8, 01:23:56 PM

Loved it

Wednesday, February 7, 08:02:19 PM

Powerful ....True story...Awesome and action packed!

Wednesday, February 7, 06:01:03 PM

Very powerful! Thank God for those who serve! Thank you 12 Strong.

Wednesday, February 7, 01:18:07 AM

Yes there were horses even during WWII. Poland had an active calvery. And one battle was fought by horseback in Italy and the Italians won that battle, they had more than a dozen tbough. The landscape of Afghanistan is just horrible a rubble of rocks and dust. That is probably why those people dont mind dying for an afterlife. The actors sort of chuckled after that lady was killed, not the best moment. Everyone got shot, and justice prevailed.

Tuesday, February 6, 06:46:12 PM

The movie was wonderful. We should all be proud to be an American. These soldiers went through a lot and I am so proud of our soldiers. America is the greatest country. Thank you. There is a lot of action. We will be buying this when it comes out. Each and everyone of them were and are heroes.

Tuesday, February 6, 01:34:26 AM

Well directed and entertaining movie. 2 thumbs up!

Monday, February 5, 11:38:24 AM

Good: shows what savages we were/are up against. Shows courage, sacrifice, and ingenuity of our soldiers and allies. Not as good: could have developed more the contribution of the Alamo team and the guys that outflanked Al-Qaida on foot.

Sunday, February 4, 01:25:42 PM

Being true story made this even more enjoyable. Best movie in the last couple of years.

Sunday, February 4, 12:38:51 PM

true story the first time we used horse soldiers since WW1. A very moving movie and makes you proud to be an American. Moving...........

Sunday, February 4, 12:04:29 AM

Heroic story about amazing soldiers -t rue warriors! Their bravery and determination to fight for the USA was inspiring.

Friday, February 2, 11:31:10 PM

Excellent because of the insight of intelligence on the ground

Friday, February 2, 10:08:36 AM

Based on a true story the first time we used horse soldiers since WW1. A very moving movie and makes you proud to be an American. Also if you are wondering why there is a Horse Soldier Statue Memorial Modern Day in NYC around where the World Trade Center used to be this movie is about these Soldiers Special Forces. It is a Outstanding Film lot of Action. Must see

Thursday, February 1, 03:51:12 PM

Loved the fact it is a "true" story. Some interaction between the stars were too hard to understand,spoken too softly to hear.

Wednesday, January 31, 06:08:29 PM

Action packed!

Tuesday, January 30, 08:38:49 PM

Excellent. Silent heros. Strategic.

Tuesday, January 30, 03:09:39 PM

I loved

Tuesday, January 30, 12:50:03 PM

Loved the parts that were informative history.

Monday, January 29, 07:12:21 PM

Excellent flick! The Bravery, and courage of the 12 who put their lives on the line! This movie is a must see like was Lone Survivor, and American Sniper!

Monday, January 29, 01:31:55 PM

some should remember 9/11

Monday, January 29, 02:52:38 AM

Excellent show. This only gives a glimpse of what our military does to help keep America safe from harm. Thank you to the amazing 12 for your dedication and sacrifice and all other active military and veterans!

Sunday, January 28, 04:52:43 AM

Yay American exceptionalism depicting the start of a war that has gone on way too long and has cost too many lives.

Saturday, January 27, 10:40:06 PM

Excellent action packed and very realist movie, do not miss this on a big screen.

Saturday, January 27, 12:01:45 AM

Excellent movie. Would go see it again.

Thursday, January 25, 10:40:15 PM

The movie shows the importance of this true event and the implications it had for the 12 Strong Men and for our nation. I also learned about the memorial on their behalf at the Worlld Trade Center. Best kept secret from the general public until this great film.

Wednesday, January 24, 09:36:06 PM

Lots of action! Very well done in my opinion .

Wednesday, January 24, 07:28:40 PM

Excellent action and acting, this movie held my attention all the way through.

Tuesday, January 23, 10:17:34 AM

Excellent movie i would watch it again our soldiers are not recognized and honoured enough for there heroic actions I don't know why it was only rated a 6 out 10 at first.

Monday, January 22, 09:56:21 AM

For the commenter who said horses were killed to make props for this movie, you are mistaken. The American Humane Society had the disclaimer at the end that no animals were harmed in the making of this movie.

Sunday, January 21, 01:44:51 PM

The best action army ,western i've seen in a long time. GOOD ACTORS

Sunday, January 21, 06:00:06 AM

Loved it!!!

Sunday, January 21, 12:55:16 AM

Excellent! Such an amazing team.

Saturday, January 20, 09:15:42 PM

Detailed and action packed.