Saturday, January 20, 02:11:56 PM

Wish we could edit our comments -- forgot to do my "star" rating in my comment :( Definitely a FIVE star film!!

Saturday, January 20, 02:09:07 PM

Hemsworth out-did himself -- exceptional performance!! Not happy that horses were killed to make props for this movie though.

Saturday, January 20, 06:41:30 AM

Terrific movie...

Saturday, January 20, 12:19:11 AM

Loved it. Great action.

Friday, January 19, 10:35:52 PM

So realistic. Loved the characters

Thursday, January 18, 12:01:31 PM

Great film. Michael Shannon amazing as always and story is really interesting, love these true life stories about heroes.

Tuesday, January 16, 12:07:11 PM

With only one percent of our folks serving in our military it is an opportunity to see how our dedicated soldiers serve.

Tuesday, January 16, 08:43:43 AM

Great movie!!!

Monday, January 15, 07:06:30 PM

As an old soldier and combat vet , who is very proud of our once great nation , am excited the US Army Green Berets get noticed for what they do each and everyday . Bring back the draft ......

Saturday, January 13, 08:07:47 PM