Sunday, April 1, 05:07:48 PM

Absolutely awesome series

Thursday, March 29, 08:05:57 AM

Felt every moment.... best series I've seen so far

Thursday, September 28, 11:56:24 AM

me and my husband starting watching this last week everynight after we put the kids to bed we would watch this till th3 end it was a very good and sad move it spoke a lot about how the world is today how kids are bullyed and asulted everyday and they try to speak out but no one is listing . this really hot home I have a son in high school he is a Jr this year he went thru the stages of being bullied in Jr high school I always talk to my children about bullys and how we should pray for them and to not be affrad to seek help or look for the signs in there friends family members to just be nice and try to help others as much as you can . thank you .

Thursday, July 13, 08:22:22 PM

Hard-hitting and heart wrenching. The subject matter may be too painful for some. R.I.P. Nolan 1971-2016

Thursday, May 18, 06:27:23 PM

It is a very real interpretation of what people go through in a school setting and it makes one think. As a survivor and parent of a teen myself. It is very eye opening and creates productive conversations that many can relate to. I would buy several copies of this series and share it with as many people as possible. Great for awareness to a serious problem in today's society.

Monday, May 1, 04:57:13 PM

I feel like high schools should show this, not all of it but maybe the highlights.

Sunday, April 23, 03:00:51 AM

This is a tv series that MUST be seen by parents and their teens. It's thought provoking, very poignant and beyond heartbreaking

Sunday, April 2, 07:22:15 PM

This is a must-see for teens and parents. It may invoke a conversation that would never happen otherwise; I know it would have for me.