Tuesday, March 10, 06:39:57 PM

I liked everything about this movie.

Monday, March 9, 01:59:04 PM

Wonderful re-creation of the battlefields of WWI and good story, incredibly shot.

Monday, March 9, 01:31:46 PM

Stunning cinematography and a gripping story line. A must see on the big screen!

Saturday, March 7, 11:15:50 PM

Intense. Not what I expected. Hadn’t watched any previews.

Friday, March 6, 07:04:55 PM

Laughingly, solid boring.

Friday, March 6, 03:01:44 PM

This is a solid film - it is not quiet of the quality of a film like Saving Private Ryan but it is a film very much worth seeing. It was refreshing to see the attention to detail and not the normal distortions of history so common in today's films - it did a fine job of presenting WW1 as it was rather than providing a tapestry thought best for movie sales.

Thursday, March 5, 12:59:04 PM


Tuesday, March 3, 06:25:59 PM

I read very different reviews some make sense some do not. If the person was joking it's a bad joke and if the were serious then they are an idiot. Title "1917" not costumes of ww11 Nazi's. It moved well with amazing set design. Constant surprises showing the nightmare of world war I. Acting was great, excellent set design, excellent cinematography. It was like a nightmare that did not end. There was hope in the end for humanity and I like that.

Sunday, March 1, 03:54:15 PM

Like any other was movie but without real .... can’t describe.

Sunday, March 1, 02:29:33 PM

Movie seemed shallow on story. Theme centered almost entirely around one character with just glimpses of how he'd interact with other chacters briefly along his journey. Thought there'd more re: the history behind the war, etc. Apparently my expectations were off.

Saturday, February 29, 11:43:48 PM

Nope for us even though we loved war movies.

Saturday, February 29, 05:26:50 PM

I would suggest that those who rated this movie at one or two stars had expectations that the movie failed to deliver. It is not typical, that is for sure and shows the futility of WWI better than most. This is the real war - the grimy, uncomfortable, unsanitary conditions. Also, the tedium of wondering when, where, and how you would die. And the futility of composing the letters to loved ones at home, masking terror and trying to feign optimism. Finally, it is an absolute celebration of technical movie making!

Saturday, February 29, 02:46:36 AM

Wow! There is so much you can talk about with this movie. There’s the amazing cinematography! The bold choice of making the movie look like one take. The the multitude of period accurate costumes. The miles of detailed set dressing. The fantastic cast, from the two leads to all the major players. The incredible special effects that were so good I couldn’t tell what was practical and what was CGI. It’s all tied together in an emotional satisfying and white-knuckle inducing stressful experience. And what do the people below praise it for? The fact that it doesn’t have any non-straight or non-white people in it. What is wrong with people? This the worst place to get a movie reviews.

Saturday, February 29, 01:54:35 AM

No so great after all.

Friday, February 28, 08:02:10 PM

great movie - enjoyed it immensely

Friday, February 28, 03:34:52 PM

Made WW1 feel much more real and relatable to me. I was impressed the film avoid political correctness and showed what the English army really looked like during WW1. I have expected in the Hollywood of today to have shown a British platoon of WW1 being lead by a African American female LT with perhaps a few gay soldiers and dreamy poets... one can never tell what will get thrown ones way these days. Anyway, the story was decent but not fantastic. I recommend the film - it was not gory like I thought it might be.

Friday, February 28, 03:29:01 PM

Film makes you think on the stupidity of war and the trust that people put in following their governments directives even when it poorly serves the individual and nation to do so. A lesson to the young to avoid listening to the foolishness of 70 year olds in government and the places they can take 20 year old somethings into.

Friday, February 28, 03:26:37 PM

Solid film but not a masterpiece like Saving private Ryan. Well worth seeing but I would refrain from calling it great, just a solid film.

Friday, February 28, 03:24:46 PM

It was not really a war movie, more of a documentary

Friday, February 28, 01:14:27 PM

Well. No so great. Another money grabber to people who think a war movie is going to honor veterans.

Friday, February 28, 03:16:09 AM

You’d think with such a big budget they’d be able to afford another camera! Most movies cut back and forth with multiple camera angles. I don’t know if all these people giving these 5-stars reviews noticed, but this movie is all done in one shot. Obviously the director was too lazy to shoot scenes multiple times in order to get multiple angles. And too lazy to do any editing what so ever! How did no one at the oscars notice this? Clearly they don’t know much about movies. Also the Germans weren’t wearing the Nazi uniforms that they wore in World War II. Come on! Lack of research!

Thursday, February 27, 01:47:26 AM

Blockbuster. Production values off the chart. Surprising twists and turns.

Sunday, February 23, 10:20:18 PM


Saturday, February 22, 12:57:07 PM

No so great after all. How many veterans got help from this movie?

Friday, February 21, 08:08:23 PM

I really enjoyed this movie and I am not a huge fan of war movies. The story line and acting were very good. I I cried and it takes me a lot to cry in a movie so that goes to show how realistic the acting was. I stayed engaged the entire movie wondering what was going to happen next. I think it deserved best picture at the Golden Globes!

Friday, February 21, 06:09:47 PM


Friday, February 21, 03:30:29 PM

Absolute crap!!

Friday, February 21, 09:49:11 AM

Authentic in its scenes, especially of the trenches. I enjoyed it, especially when one sees what is on TV.

Tuesday, February 18, 11:22:11 PM

Boring, silly, predictable and the settings were atrocious, the battle scenes typical ignorant Hollywooden liberal's idea of war. I barely made it to the end, then quickly deleted this POS off my hard drive.

Tuesday, February 18, 06:24:52 PM

was like going back in time to war torn europe in 1917

Tuesday, February 18, 05:05:22 PM

Storyline was good; script was not. Very unrealistic, with pristine trenches, mowed and uncratered fields, unseen enemy, no artillery bombardment (which was heavily factored in WWI trench warfare), absence of noise, cries of wounded, drama. Highly touted, but saw no reason for all the hype. Very disappointing.

Tuesday, February 18, 02:07:54 PM

Very unrealistic. Just goes to show how hype is such a player in all things involving the twisting of the public mind. The main character should have worn a Superman cape instead of a WWI British uniform. Loses his gun and doesn't bother to pick up another even though surrounded by tons of dead soldiers and their discarded weapons? Gimmie a break!

Tuesday, February 18, 09:45:46 AM


Monday, February 17, 07:52:04 PM

Very well done.

Monday, February 17, 12:36:35 PM

This was not a real war movie, very fake. My grandfather and his brother, were in WWI. I have read their letters to their mom. This movie was a total let down.

Monday, February 17, 12:33:48 PM

It’s highly rated but I was really disappointed!

Sunday, February 16, 12:32:15 PM

I was sorta expecting Saving Private Ryan, only in WWI.; Boy was I disappointed. Virtually no plot. Virtually no character development. Totally unbelievable happenings. Main character is apparently bulletproof. Really, the airplane just happens to crash land right where they are standing??? Baloney. Save your money.

Saturday, February 15, 02:30:16 PM

GREAT movie, it seams like you either like this movie or hate it. I think it has to do with the age group. I think these millennial weenies should have saved their money and went back to Oberlin collage and did some more finger painting. For and the rest of us that would like to see an earlier generation fight a war to end all wars go see the movie.

Saturday, February 15, 01:34:58 PM

Well done movie, but incredibly sad.

Friday, February 14, 04:50:19 PM

did not like it, same old same old, guy running to save someone. Cinematography was best about the pic, but not an Oscar worthy film