Friday, February 14, 02:29:09 PM

Lousy story; not historical.

Friday, February 14, 09:43:02 AM

LOVED IT!! Worth checking out on the big screen.

Friday, February 14, 07:33:10 AM

This movie's cinematography and sets were incredibly well done and lent a unique feel to the movie (especially the cinematography). While seeing this movie remember that this is not an action movie but a drama set in the first world war. While there is action the action is not at the forefront of the movie. This movie is about sacrifice, heart and humanity in the midst of humanity at its worst.

Thursday, February 13, 01:12:47 PM

Quite boring, my BF fell asleep and it was his pick!

Wednesday, February 12, 09:53:11 PM

Excellent movie, keeps you on your toes!!!

Wednesday, February 12, 06:33:05 PM

Zzzz seriously?

Wednesday, February 12, 03:22:25 PM

I liked it. The cinematography was excellent and the acting was also very good. Not an action packed war flick, so if you go in hoping for a "Black Hawk Down" experience, you will need to temper that thought. I didn't love the story, but overall this movie is worth seeing IMO.

Wednesday, February 12, 12:51:12 PM

I thought more about how 1917 is real POS. It for sure was not a war movie at all. More of a terribly made adventure movie. Terribly fake computer graphics. The story is a POS. So not real. The movie progressively gets worse and more unbelievable every second. I was thinking how stupid the scene is with the woman and the baby. Then the soldier pull out a canteen of milk. Please, this is comic book GARBAGE. To not waist your time or money on the 1917 POS. Go see They Shall Not Grow Old. Or better yet read a focking book.

Tuesday, February 11, 01:51:22 PM

Not a war movie. 1917 is an adventure movie. It is not a war movie. The movie is exciting but has little to do with WWI. I was hugely disappointed. Go see the excellent film, They Shall Not Grow Old.

Tuesday, February 11, 11:30:01 AM

Did a great job in portraying the horror that was WW1. The story was compelling. Sad to think many apparently rate war films based on the count of explosions, death and gore. Each participant had their own story.

Tuesday, February 11, 06:25:44 AM

Borrrring!!! Don't watch this! Waste of time!! Fell asleep zzzzzzzzz....

Monday, February 10, 03:38:09 PM

good movie if you like military drama about what goes on. more than just entertainment

Sunday, February 9, 04:33:57 PM

Boring and unrealistic!

Saturday, February 8, 05:01:58 PM

Big disappointment. Cant believe the Oscar buzz. One of the worst movies I have ever seen. Hard to believe this is rated 4 stars. I'm generous at 2 stars.

Saturday, February 8, 01:01:34 PM

Lame movie. Just a movie maker.

Saturday, February 8, 10:37:22 AM

Terrible movie in every way. Left early.

Saturday, February 8, 07:53:03 AM


Friday, February 7, 06:11:13 PM

the almost real feeling of being a part pf the movie.... it will be oscar winner for sure(best movie)

Friday, February 7, 02:04:53 PM

It drew you into the characters.

Thursday, February 6, 11:46:09 PM

I had high expectations from all the 5 star reviews, but I could also see the point of view of the low star reviews. Parts were very well done, and other parts seemed under-developed. Will not see this movie again.

Thursday, February 6, 09:55:01 PM

they finally got it right

Thursday, February 6, 06:18:31 PM

Slow and boring,,some parts did not seem to make sense, not what you would expect on a war movie. Good cinematography though.Not worth a Golden Globe. Money WASTED !!!!

Thursday, February 6, 05:44:51 PM

Too many events not believable. Ending uninspired. Expected much more from a Golden Globe winner.

Thursday, February 6, 04:31:22 PM

Beautiful movie for grown-ups. Sam Mendes always delivers as a top notch producer/director. It is our past, young lives that died for noble causes something this world should never lose sight up. Also, the realities and horror of wars on humankind.

Wednesday, February 5, 11:21:27 PM

Some pretty ridiculously stupid situations. Great environmental effects, but the situations are just not believable. Terrible plot development.

Wednesday, February 5, 09:43:41 PM

Good movie, not a true story, but some facts of the time, make it worth seeing

Wednesday, February 5, 05:07:09 PM

I loved the movie. Hardly any swearing. I wish we had more movies that tell about history, even if the story line is fiction. The casting was excellent. I love that there was no unnecessary swearing or sex.

Wednesday, February 5, 10:49:27 AM

The promos were the best part of this movie. I expected so much more and left disappointed. The sets were excellent, while the plot was weak. Save your money and rent it.

Wednesday, February 5, 10:43:34 AM

very real in is reveling the truth about war and how it can end a life so fast. also it shows that leaders don't know every thing about the other side they will be fighting. In the fight from 1967 to 1971.

Wednesday, February 5, 09:26:59 AM

understanding the realness of war. not everything is a Rambo movie.

Tuesday, February 4, 03:09:14 PM

THis si terrafebel

Monday, February 3, 08:58:47 PM

a war movie with heart

Monday, February 3, 02:39:25 PM

Brilliant, engrossing film. Moves fast, you have to keep up. Unique filmmaking style. Based on true stories. Hope it wins many Oscars.

Monday, February 3, 01:00:42 PM

Stupid premise. Not much action as war movies go.

Monday, February 3, 10:21:34 AM

An original take on the first world war. Truly mesmerizing. Finally a movie that breaks the confounds of recreation and the already-been-seen.

Sunday, February 2, 06:32:14 PM

Absolutely amazing!! The intensity of this movie is unbelievable. I loved every aspect of it and really hope it gets the Oscar for picture and director, and as many others the Academy can throw at it. What a pleasure to watch and purchasing the bluray is a definite for me.

Sunday, February 2, 02:38:55 PM

The viewer has to be willing to let the movie unfold as its own story, not the bomb thrower spectacle that "Saving Private Ryan" was. This movie is paced as if we were with the army in 1917. It's a chance to slow down and immerse in a another time, another sense of war. It is a chance to notice and experience some of our heritage, our ancestors way of life. If you want a fuller sense of what it was like to be a WWI soldier, with the many small but beautiful intimate moments of our humanity, this is a wonderful film. It must be taken on its own terms rather than imposing the speed of technology that rushes us on a daily basis. Happy viewing!

Sunday, February 2, 12:16:09 AM


Friday, January 31, 10:59:36 PM

Excellent movie! Very well done. Original, well shot, and very suspenseful all the way through. I highly recommend it.

Friday, January 31, 10:17:49 PM