Friday, January 31, 09:54:23 PM

My grandpa is a veteran of this war and he told me that this is as real as it gets. This movie was so good it triggered his PTSD right in the theatre. Long story short, and two heart pills later, we saw the movie twice in one day.

Friday, January 31, 11:26:06 AM

Focused and clarifying about the horrific nature of WW1. Told simply through the 2 soldiers assigned a near impossible task of delivering a message thru NO Man's Land. Outstanding filming. Only idiots would give this one star and there are a few listed here! No sense of history in these poor souls

Thursday, January 30, 09:58:13 PM

Great cinematography and acting

Thursday, January 30, 08:20:29 PM

This is a beautiful, spectacular movie, a true work of art, a cinematic poem on war. It should not be realistic and a true depiction of the war itself and it is not, thank god. It is instead a powerful, symbolic take on what the war can be to humanity. And the means used to convey the idea are clever - nothing like I've seen before. The night images especially are superb, out of this world. The movie is at the same time gripping, daunting and mesmerizing. I went in with little expectations - as I do not really watch war movies, I came out touched, humbled and in awe of the artistry that was involved in its creation. I still think of it, more than one week after I've watched it. I've seen 8 out of the 9 movies nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. This one is certainly a class above the rest.

Thursday, January 30, 04:55:17 PM

Brilliant camera angles and continuous motion. Enjoyed the story from start to finish. Best movie I have seen in the past year.

Thursday, January 30, 03:37:48 PM

This movie was interesting from the point of view, that WWI does not have as much coverage as other war movies, yet it was one of the most brutal wars that was fought.

Thursday, January 30, 11:53:23 AM

The director made a bunch of silly mistakes.

Wednesday, January 29, 04:20:34 AM

Good movie, worth the cost of admission, but it is not worthy of an Oscar

Tuesday, January 28, 11:22:29 AM

Very entertaining and historic.

Tuesday, January 28, 06:49:29 AM

Absolutely love it.

Monday, January 27, 11:33:14 PM

Great movie filled with drama, intensity. Riveting all based on a true story. It gives you the feel of seeing thdestruction and death up close. Great costumes and settings at sites. Very historically accurate. The battle scenes played a role in the moviebut the mission itself is what drives this movie.

Monday, January 27, 03:22:27 PM

Saw this movie on the fly. As an artistic war movie, it works just fine. As a shoulder-to-shoulder with Black Hawk Down or Saving Private Ryan, it does not work at all. Even though parts of the movie were linear with two soldiers running through trenches, the power of the story and the outcome for the two heroes who are running for their lives to save an entire division of soldiers, who are advancing from the safety of their trenches into a deadly trap. Yes, I had mixed emotions about the movie; it lacked the realistic battle scenes of Black Hawk and other war classics; however, it ascended nicely with the remarkable heroism of its main character, who completed his mission, took a final insult from his commanding officer, and rested by himself, joyous that he was still alive. This is sort of a date movie.

Monday, January 27, 03:21:52 PM

Very disappointing. No character building. Big names had such a small part - they didn't even need to be in it except to sell the movie. Some parts didn't make sense - no one around and there's a bucket of fresh milk!!!!! What was that about.

Monday, January 27, 08:44:23 AM

Slow and Boring

Monday, January 27, 12:25:45 AM

Zzzz is all I can say from this movie. Money maker is all.

Sunday, January 26, 09:41:38 PM

Too boring don’t let Sam Mendes ever make another war movie

Sunday, January 26, 07:00:36 PM

The effort it took to make this movie in two takes is astounding. The acting was seamless, and the set was so realistic it could have been in France in the old trenches. Kudos to the director.

Saturday, January 25, 05:45:44 PM

Spectacular movie! It kept you riveted in your seat right from the beginning. You really felt for the main characters and the cinematography was excellent throughout the entire movie. An Oscar hopefully.

Saturday, January 25, 05:22:08 PM

tedious and story line glitches

Saturday, January 25, 10:04:40 AM

A retelling of The Lord of the Rings. As Sam and Frodo advance into Mordor to try to protect the forces of Gondor from falling into a trap, Frodo is unexpectedly killed by a rider on a Nazgul leaving Sam alone only a lonely desperate trek that only ends barely more cheerfull than Mel Gibson's attempt at Gallipoli.

Saturday, January 25, 05:37:58 AM

It wasn't a movie that entertained you. What it did was to show you the realities of war. Men in the trenches, YOUNG men, the filth, lack of food, fear. It is inconceivable that this was their lives for years on end fighting so that we can live our lives in peace and comfort. There is so little understanding and appreciation for what these men gave up. To get back to the movie. Yes I found it unrealistic that the job of warning the other regiment went solely to two soldiers on foot. It surprised me that the other regiment he encountered wouldn't have done more to help him in his mission. It's not as if saving 1600 lives was a little thing. Instead they give him a partial lift. In spite of that, I found myself rooting for the two young men and the success of their mission. I don't know if enjoyed it would be the right term, but I think it was a movie worth making and worth watching.

Friday, January 24, 10:01:55 PM

We’re suppose to love heroes. I get it, But this movie dragged on with little or no plot. Waste of time and money.

Friday, January 24, 04:52:03 PM

Tremendous failing movie.

Friday, January 24, 12:15:27 PM

could not understand the foreign language. Nothing mentioned at all about foreign people. Not a USA movie

Friday, January 24, 11:44:58 AM

Totally unrealistic in many scenes. Action was weak and poorly presented. Events seemed staged and not the result of an actual series of events.

Friday, January 24, 06:05:09 AM

Tremendous cinematography, you feel "in" the movie, not above it, watching from a distance....fine performances by all.....Mendes deserves an Oscar....Bravo.

Friday, January 24, 04:50:59 AM


Friday, January 24, 01:01:50 AM

The cinematography, editing, and digital effects are all very well done.

Thursday, January 23, 06:27:27 PM

Not historical at all. Just another action movie.

Thursday, January 23, 02:15:39 PM

Amazing set pieces, cinematography, and acting.

Thursday, January 23, 03:05:44 AM

No so great after all but my blessing to all of the veterans.

Wednesday, January 22, 10:10:50 PM

filming, acting, flow of the movie well done; painted a very real picture of how war is and the effect on the people whether military or non-military. Have human beings learned anything from history yet?

Wednesday, January 22, 12:34:39 PM

Movie was fine but.... I totally respect people who fought in the past wars and the people who are still fighting but making profit from wars? How many veterans got an extra pay check from this movie?

Tuesday, January 21, 10:47:07 PM

First I respect everyone's opinion! My grandfather fought in 1917 France as a Canadian volunteer. Yes they sat in mud for weeks / months with the enemy 100yd's away. Some never got to shoot their weapon before they got their head blown off. Most had never been far from their own street or town let alone hold a gun. The movie shows what pure hell any part of this war was. The movie story for me shows the dedication of duty, something this young "Oh I've misplaced my cell phone ... what now" generation may not understand. Yes it' was muddy, violent, stressful, rat-infested and hard to understand why they did what they did & had to do. So for all you haters that dislike this movie OK. But don't worry you can always get your fix of modern reality war by going to the new "Star Wars". It's so much more accurate and believable and may be just like the movie in the future world wars. Eh! and the war battle scenes ... No Mud. Great to see Ballin use new faces instead of mega stars like Brad Pitt & DiCaprio, in this role but he had to as the average age was 18 to 20 in this war. Well done , Great Movie. PS WW1 cost the world 40 Million lives. Star Wars ...Not Sure I think the Stormtroopers just kept getting back up! LOL

Tuesday, January 21, 09:56:50 PM

Save your money.

Tuesday, January 21, 08:01:08 PM

Great movie

Tuesday, January 21, 07:00:37 PM

I was expecting way more from this movie just to see the story about two soldiers delivering a message. Almost no battlefield scenes. Germans were shooting like they would shoot for the first time,not much going on and unrealistic story...

Tuesday, January 21, 05:38:58 PM

This movie does a great effort to show a HUGE event, WW I. It does it by taking 2 guys and strings a bunch of small stories together during the war featuring them. The movie does a great job covering a war so big each war area could be a movie in itself. You may get fatique following each short story shift, but focus on the setting and be amazed people could survive and realize how this war changed the world forever. Adult movie due to violence and trauma.

Tuesday, January 21, 05:02:39 PM

I love a good war movie. This was horrid. The story line is not much. Most of the movie was about showing corpses everywhere in every imaginable condition. If you like that see this movie. It reminded me of a C grade Audie Murphy cowboy movie except it was a war movie, not believable and disjointed. Again in a movie, the Germans couldn't hit a barn door from 20 yards with a bazooka. Come on, a bucket of cow's milk available for a baby but all the artillery was destroyed? Do not believe the critics, they need to get some real honest evaluations and actually watch the movie instead of following other critic's opinions - a waste of my time. The popcorn was excellent though!

Tuesday, January 21, 04:22:02 PM

Boring. Not what I expected.