Tuesday, January 21, 12:52:22 PM

Very artistic and realistic

Monday, January 20, 09:18:47 PM

The re-creation of the trenches, no man’s land and period accurate wear are to be commended. The movie walks a fine line rather well telling a plausible plot and a few rather suspect scenarios

Monday, January 20, 02:01:39 PM

SLOW-the last 10 minutes ALMOST made it a worthwhile use of my time. Don't pay attention to the rave reviews like I did.

Sunday, January 19, 11:12:43 PM

Difficult to believe entire basis of story, that trench runners would be asked to cross enemy front lines to deliver a message. Could have been dropped by plane in 10 minutes. But there would be no movie then. Unbelievably, you also wont believe the first 75 minutes of the movie takes place in REAL .time. There are no edits or cuts. Everything had to go perfectly!! That alone is worth the price of admission. Impossible to imagine how non stop filming was done in a WWI battlefield environment. Watch and marvel. The movie itself was also captivating, as long as you remember this is an attemp to depict a supposedly true story told by the directors actual WWI experience.

Sunday, January 19, 07:57:33 PM


Sunday, January 19, 07:23:44 PM

i like the movie because in the short span of this movie ...i get the sense of how possibly it was like for the individual soldier in the trenches. The tedium most of the time for the soldier in the battle area with the constant fear of being killed at any time.

Sunday, January 19, 01:54:42 PM

very slow and boring, its like you are there dealing with with sporadic action just like in the trenches

Sunday, January 19, 01:51:02 PM

A beautiful movie that only an adult mind can appreciate.

Saturday, January 18, 07:23:19 PM

Unrealistic . Stupid storyline , it would never happen.

Saturday, January 18, 04:42:04 PM

My husbands choice but was ok for a war story one mans story and I’m sure there are so many, I felt like it was an assault on my senses made me tense.

Saturday, January 18, 03:24:20 PM

Great movie! Great acting.

Saturday, January 18, 03:14:57 PM


Saturday, January 18, 12:32:07 PM

Great movies and cast!!!!! I would go and see it again.

Saturday, January 18, 07:54:48 AM

The story could have been told in 10 minutes. Long, flat and tedious.

Friday, January 17, 10:12:29 PM

A Very strong movie clearly depicting the insanity of war and the conditions under which very young men fought died and were wounded. It tells the story of determination in carrying out a mission, despite incredible odds, of one soldier attempt to save his fellow countrymen from death and destruction. It was a well paced [production full of surprises around every corner.

Friday, January 17, 07:51:38 PM

It was Great.

Friday, January 17, 06:22:00 PM


Friday, January 17, 05:49:36 PM

A mediocre movie. Certainly didn't live up to its hype.

Friday, January 17, 01:18:34 PM

This lasted about 4 years, amazing that survivors didn’t go insane. If this is a real interpretation it’s sure depressing.

Friday, January 17, 08:54:19 AM

interesting story - lousy movie.

Thursday, January 16, 11:13:31 PM

Two hours of depressing scenes.

Thursday, January 16, 11:09:47 PM

Tremendous camera action/control

Thursday, January 16, 10:34:42 PM

Unbelievable, explosions where the main character doesn't get hurt, German soldiers that cannot hit anyone

Thursday, January 16, 12:43:59 AM

Two guys, seemingly unaffected by the monstrous trench warfare and slaughter, go from a to b. The only interesting part is the one twist here. The random events/scenes thrown together as a hodgepodge prevent an actual storyline; it's just a collection of short stories. Hard to stay awake after first hour of getting nowhere. Lack of heroism and honest fear did give it integrity. The problem wasn't bad acting; there was no acting.

Wednesday, January 15, 11:21:05 PM

Stupid movie. Totally artificial. Made of plaster and silicone, with no semblance of reality, in spite of the fact that it pretentiously tries to pass as authentic history. No sense of place. No sense of reality. The real soldiers in the trenches were called “les poilus” because they couldn’t shave. A far cry from the clean- shaven actor we see. The real fields were devastated and there was no sense of ‘magic realism’. The war was a devastating disaster for all involved, not a 2-day miracle!

Wednesday, January 15, 09:12:03 PM

Was not interesting. Solders looked like statues in some of the scenes.

Wednesday, January 15, 08:57:38 PM

Cinematography is Drone amazing .. almost no shot cuts. No stars makes for realiism. Exhilarating and exhausting action. No stars makes for wishing there were stars.

Wednesday, January 15, 08:16:53 PM

Oh boy, I've gotta stop reading the press reviews and all the hype. This is at best - a mediocre movie - the plot line is a little too unbelievable and the acting is far from good. Cinematography is good though. 3 stars is absolute most I'd give it, but then I thought that Mexican movie" ROMA" was such a load of rubbish....maybe it's me, maybe I have no idea what a good movie is supposed to be...maybe.....

Wednesday, January 15, 07:41:48 PM

great cinemography

Wednesday, January 15, 12:08:06 PM

very slow and boring. not very much action

Wednesday, January 15, 07:29:59 AM

Good, not great, overall movie which holds your attention. Actors give good believable performances.

Wednesday, January 15, 03:03:33 AM

Both of my grandfathers served, in the Army, during WWI. One passed away before I was born and the other wouldn't talk about it. I read reviews that slammed the movie for lack of "Fighting". But you sure saw the aftermath of the fighting. This was as much of an anti-war movie as I have seen.

Tuesday, January 14, 04:10:02 PM

Not what I expected, needed more action. The two young actors were good in their roles. Dragged and fell asleep part way through.. Yes, I understand what the movie was about but was quite dull

Monday, January 13, 09:36:29 PM

Excellent movie it showed things I never thought about. Those who didn't like it well tough because if you paid attention this is only partially what it was in the trenches. I had the privilege of meeting my grandmother's brother who was over there, it was hell. A hell you will never be able imagine.

Monday, January 13, 09:25:58 PM

Really shows the trench war fare of WW1 with all it's quagmire of mud and the malodorous smell associated with human and horse death. How insignificant life becomes in times of war whither it's the open field Gettysburg or the jungles of Vietnam. And all man is to live in peace under a tree and in the tall grass. I notice all the people in the theatre were all senior, not one young person. Did you notice that ?

Monday, January 13, 08:48:51 PM

It never gets where ever it’s going.

Monday, January 13, 04:18:45 PM

This film is amazing. Not only does it depict a day in the trenches during WWI, but it is beautifully shot and shows the basic horror of fighting for survival. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone. Please ignore the negative comments on here. Not every war movie needs to be non-stop action to convey the horrors of the actual war itself.

Monday, January 13, 09:29:04 AM

This movie is spectacular. Loved it.

Sunday, January 12, 05:23:22 PM

What were people expecting from this movie? Clearly some wanted just fighting, and glorious victorious moments with the usual musical fanfare nonsense, melodramatic cloying nonsense, and a big win at the end. Grow up. This was a spectacular movie. Go see it, if you are mature enough to handle it.

Sunday, January 12, 04:05:04 PM

Very little of actual fighting, sorry but the war scenes were lacking. Great screens of trenches and a lot of solders but not really fighting. Yes I was disappointed in this movie.