Sunday, May 22, 09:10:14 AM

This movie exposes evidence. Anyone who's upset about $5 or higher for gasoline should see this movie and see the reason we are paying and suffering, why Trump isn't president

Sunday, May 22, 08:52:52 AM

Dinesh and Katherine do an excellent job of laying out the facts about ballot trafficking in the 2020 election. The technology is presented in an understandable way. This is a must see!!

Sunday, May 22, 12:21:15 AM

whatever side of the aisle you're on you will leave saying if we don't have fair elections in this country and we don't have a country. There must be in person voting with ID only. Mail in voting must be the exception. And there must be no dominion counting. There must be video cameras at every Ballot Location. We can never let this happen again

Saturday, May 21, 11:41:18 PM

We knew it happened, now there is proof a must see! Great movie! We must stop the stealing of our elections!

Saturday, May 21, 08:50:27 PM

This was another well directed and produced movie by Dinesh. This movie has shown another aspect of the cheating by using these “Mules”. There were others forces, I.e. countries that were vested in this election and the election machines (Dominion) were compromised through being connected to the internet.

Saturday, May 21, 08:27:03 PM

This documentary was undoubtedly the most irrefutable proof of at least some of the hanky panky done in the 2020 election. Unfortunately, it appears there were a number of other ways that fraud was perpetrated in that election. Like all other calls for more investigation, it is likely this will be ignored to the extent possible by the illegitimate powers that be.

Saturday, May 21, 04:16:23 PM

It is Great to hear the Truth!

Saturday, May 21, 03:08:07 PM

Loved the TRUTH

Saturday, May 21, 02:43:37 PM

Joe Biden couldn't win one legged ass-kicking contest. Well thanks to Mark Zuckerberg and Obama Joey did. We got the change that we can believe in. Obama's finishing it off what he couldn't do in his 8 years. That's why we have high gas prices mad inflation 2 incompetent people that are in the White House. Looking forward 2022 an 2024 Trump🇺🇸👍🗽🏛?💪💯?

Saturday, May 21, 09:59:03 AM

I always knew there was fraud. I mean, it's an election, so of course there's going to be fraud. It was therefore miraculous to me that the media could just declare there was no fraud, without any type of investigation. And anyone who suggested there might be fraud was castigated. Still, I figured the fraud probably wasn't big enough to change the results of the election. But after seeing this?!?

Saturday, May 21, 09:03:19 AM

This documentary definitely shows the fraud! We still have naysayers who say “Trump lost - get over it” or “its propaganda” and of course, the D’s and the R’s who insisted that nothing was wrong, but this should be more than enough to make a LOT of Americans so angry they will want to take matters into their own hands to fix this mess. Obviously the system cannot be trusted to do the right thing, so who will? Great documentary, but it won’t matter if nothing is done about the fraud.

Saturday, May 21, 07:53:44 AM

Excellent. For those who gave it one star you are not American what so ever but a free loader. Not one ballot should have been cast illegally no matter who it was for. We the people

Friday, May 20, 11:00:19 PM

The facts that were presented, video of ballot boxes. Very well presented. Great commentary. Every American should want free and fair elections. Our futures depend on them. Look at our current situation. Knowing that we the people did not choose this. We were forced to take this.

Friday, May 20, 08:17:10 PM

Get over it, crybabies! Trump is a loser! Lost bigly!

Friday, May 20, 08:16:21 PM

I was skeptical to say the least heading into the movie....and having seen it, nothing really changed my opinion. I wanted Trump to win, but he just didn't. This movie didn't really explain anything that hasn't already been discussed over the last year and a half.

Friday, May 20, 08:14:49 PM

This movie was trash, all the way around. Nothing but propaganda. I can't believe I wasted time and money on this!

Friday, May 20, 08:10:54 PM

Just watched this. Trump won. Pray for justice.

Friday, May 20, 07:32:07 PM

Factual and overwhelmingly convincing - therefore frightening. We don't have a free country if elections can be stolen like this.

Friday, May 20, 06:56:55 PM

I appreciate the FACTS that were given..the EVIDENCE to substantiate the FACTS was substantial! VERY eye opening!

Friday, May 20, 05:44:37 PM

Fraud was their only method of (winning?) Now America is paying a severe price for our Government allowing it to happen. Or is there more to it? You mean the sacred FBI and GBI permitted this tragedy? And Mitch McConnell is silent as the entire Republican Congress?

Friday, May 20, 04:58:01 PM

Well researched and well documented. Powerful evidence revealed.

Friday, May 20, 02:28:00 PM

Factual : finally the truth is being exposed! Now lets get Huntes corrupt family exposed to all!

Friday, May 20, 12:42:39 PM

Totally eye opening and convincing!! We must stop the corruption!! A must see!!

Friday, May 20, 09:13:30 AM

Dinesh does an AHmazing job getting this movie together to show the corruptness of our country. YES we have been lied to our whole lives and MSM pushes EVERY agenda and avoids the TRUTH?? DO YOURSELF A FAVOR and GO SEE THIS MOVIE AND BRING EVERYONE YOU KNOW ??

Thursday, May 19, 06:50:08 PM

This greety evil has been going on for decades. Evil doers will have their day. So glad I bought this documentary. Plus going to the big screen to see it again. Trumps My President!

Thursday, May 19, 01:45:40 PM

Voter fraud evidence abounds in this movie researched and done very well by Dinesh D'Souza!!! Outstanding confirmation of incredible voter fraud...watched it on video at home, and can't wait to watch it on the big screen....five stars for this great and relevant documentary!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 11:01:56 PM

If you were pretty sure the election was stolen, this documentary will leave no doubts that it was and explains exactly how the Democrats rigged the election@

Wednesday, May 18, 08:41:40 AM

FREEDOM IS WORTH FIGHTING FOR. Proof in front of the eye, let’s prosecute, get on with this. Who pays these people? DeSouza is amazing.

Tuesday, May 17, 06:10:59 PM

Great movie. Valid evidence, on video as to the ballot harvesting done on as huge scale that changed the 2020 election.

Tuesday, May 17, 05:57:25 PM

This is a must watch. DeSouza has proven without a shadow of a doubt that the election was stolen. I was convinced on election night/week that it was stolen. Now the naysayers can see for themselves.

Tuesday, May 17, 04:28:22 PM

great movie

Tuesday, May 17, 12:31:47 PM

Would love to see more footage. I know the election was stolen. This box stuffing along with the mail-in ballots combined with Dominion fraud sealed the fate of America. Can we recover and do what is both necessary and right? Time will tell.

Monday, May 16, 05:10:15 PM

It SHOULD have been called 54,000 Mules. Dinesh was being modest and I'm being nitpicky. You'll know what I'm talking about when you see the movie. No one should really be surprised by the conclusions it draws, Democrats KNEW Trump was going to bury Joe Biden in a fair race, so they resorted to the only thing they could do, CHEAT bigtime, and it worked, but now they've been caught. I wasn't surprised and neither will democrats be.

Saturday, May 14, 12:46:57 PM

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