Monday, December 9, 06:27:14 PM

Good movie to watch

Sunday, December 8, 07:51:37 AM

Good action and Chadwick was perfect for the part he played. It was predictable though, but I still enjoyed it!

Thursday, December 5, 07:19:55 PM

It was predictable.

Thursday, December 5, 12:50:26 PM

A real Sleeper....yawn...yawn..

Tuesday, December 3, 10:26:57 PM

Knew it was going to be good from very beginning. I go to sleep on many movies while my wife watches them. Not this one. Lots of action but not computer animated junk. A couple of unrealistic scenes but didn't interfere .with story. We go to a movie every week and I did not expect this to be good. Wife and I left feeling very good. One of the Best we have seen.

Sunday, December 1, 03:26:48 PM

Lots of action, good story, well done.

Saturday, November 30, 06:55:38 PM

the entire show was intriguing and the plot line could not be more real. Policing like you never imagined it could be.

Saturday, November 30, 02:37:48 PM

Excellent action movie!

Saturday, November 30, 02:28:03 PM


Thursday, November 28, 10:47:03 AM

I think the movie was well executed with good plot references. I loved it.

Sunday, November 24, 09:39:04 PM

Excellent... as good as any good cop bad cop movie. The only way to make it better is have Denzel Washington. But this guy does an excellent job. I was hesitant to go see it with mostly 3 stars, but no regrets.

Sunday, November 24, 07:47:50 PM

Good old fashion easy to follow crime movie. Decent plots and a reasonable well known cast with some decent action.

Sunday, November 24, 06:43:37 PM

I enjoyed the intensity of Brother Boseman.

Sunday, November 24, 06:41:46 PM

Action packed, Chadwick was cool, collected and calm, and the storyline was credible.

Sunday, November 24, 12:03:49 PM

The movie is mediocre -- neither great, nor terrible. Guru Bob says ….. …………………..63/100

Thursday, November 21, 05:16:48 PM

Not bad but Boseman needs to stick with Black Panther