Sunday, August 25, 11:01:11 PM

Was engaged in the movie the whole time. Very good and suspenseful.

Friday, August 23, 04:44:06 AM

Best shark movie ever! Don't see this one alone!

Wednesday, August 21, 01:42:40 PM

Obviously fake unrealistic cheap made movie.

Tuesday, August 20, 01:33:50 AM

It's silly. Sharknado type of a story. I liked Sharknado better. At least you are aware it's not serious.

Monday, August 19, 01:23:31 PM

Absolutely loved it. Excitement and adrenaline flowing throughout the whole movie - never a dull moment. The camera operators deserve big money for this too. A1 great job! As far as the other low ratings ..... really? Good grief said Charlie Brown; what do u want man?????

Saturday, August 17, 04:09:19 PM

Save your money…….this movie was terrible and non-realistic! !!

Saturday, August 17, 08:42:06 AM

Was not worth the price we paid to see it but then there's nothing produced by the entertainment industry nowadays worth much. Sad.

Saturday, August 17, 02:15:49 AM

I only gave it 4 stars, because tweens will ‘jump’ during one or two scenes. But really this is a 1-2 star movie, because it should have been released in a R rating, instead, they took Everything out of some Very Realistic Special Effects, and dumbed it Down, to a 14A rating. :( Kids Don’t always have the $$ for movies. Horror movies should ALWAYS be released as a R rating..., for Us Adult movie goers!

Friday, August 16, 06:19:21 PM

The WORST movie of the yr!! Out of the 1hr 30min movie, I was scared once for about 2 seconds! Poor acting & very boring!! I want a refund!! I was hoping there was a power outage so I can get a refund!! 😠

Wednesday, August 14, 07:43:07 PM

wait for the dvd

Tuesday, July 16, 12:30:46 PM

An exceptional sequel.