Sunday, March 12, 08:07:16 AM

Went because of the cast -- expecting an intelligent comedy, but found it very cliche. Would be okay to watch streaming, but not worth the price of admission.

Wednesday, March 8, 11:03:15 AM


Monday, March 6, 04:20:25 PM

I just didn't like it. I didn't find it funny...but I don't think that makes me a horrible person despite what others here would say. If you like this movie, fine! You don't have to spit venom and hatred at those who disagree with you!

Friday, March 3, 11:39:51 AM

I am a Diehard Patriots fan & Loved every minute of it. People that give it a bad review are NE Patriots haters & are jealous.

Tuesday, February 28, 12:37:04 PM

It was so good and makes me laugh and it was very touching

Tuesday, February 28, 12:21:17 PM

Bunch of washed up libtards trying to make a quick buck.

Sunday, February 26, 05:26:33 PM

Boring. Not funny

Sunday, February 26, 12:25:20 PM

There was nothing to like about this movie!!!! Not funny...I gave it two stars because of the cast. Since COVID it seems as though the movie industry doesn't care if they put out good movies anymore.

Sunday, February 26, 11:57:26 AM

More Hollywood garbage

Saturday, February 25, 12:33:26 PM

It was a sweet movie but I wonder how much of it was true. Some scenes seemed a bit far fetched. I watched it with my MIL & SIL. The acting was sweet.

Friday, February 24, 03:40:04 PM

Im 75 and i related to these women! I grew up watching all the actresses! They are awesome women!!!

Thursday, February 23, 06:09:10 PM

Loved the senior lady girl trip!

Wednesday, February 22, 06:44:49 PM

It appeared to me that the movie had been longer and things were cut out. It didn't flow well.

Sunday, February 19, 03:31:01 PM

It was fun, good old fashioned fun! Go and see it and feel good about it!

Saturday, February 18, 07:11:06 PM

Most of the losers on here are just vindictive, small minded, Trolls who are only interested in bringing down the star rating to one star. They are sad, little people of little consequence who, more than likely, were nowhere near this movie. That said, I saw this, being a Brady fan for years, remembering this astonishing comeback for 2017, and a fan of these actresses. It is not a great movie ( certainly not deserving five stars ), but it is a fun flick and, even though a bit corny and labored at times, you left feeling good compared to the dismal ending of Tom Hank's latest picture. I thought Tom Brady did a fine job for the times he did appear. Sally Field was hilarious and Jane Fonda still looks good for her age compared to most in that age bracket. So, go see it if you want a few chuckles and need a break from the stresses of life.

Saturday, February 18, 04:11:01 AM

Stop the negative criticism. Had a lot of extra time before the movie i came to see, started, so I took a peek. It wasn't a serious movie, but a fun movie. I now will be going to see it. I don't usually watch football, but the football action & its close-ups was great on the big screen; very exciting to watch. I have to add, J.F, at 84 LOOKS fabulous. It's obvious she took care of herself & pride in her appearance.

Friday, February 17, 09:32:16 AM

Very funny and uplifting. I laughed out loud and so did many others. At the end the audience was clapping. That tells you it was really good. So many shows are sold out need to be flexible twice I picked a later showtime. So go early or book ahead it is worth the wait.

Tuesday, February 14, 11:37:13 PM

My friends and I went tonight to see this movie and we had a blast! It was so funny that I almost fell out of my seat! It's a great story about life long friendships... Tom Brady is such a sweetheart. We were a bit younger crowd but still enjoyed the movie. Heard the audience laugh out loud. It was an hour and half movie but it was a fun time! We found the movie relaxing and enjoyable.

Tuesday, February 14, 06:14:34 PM

I went with a friend and we both enjoyed the movie. We laughed so much. It has a very good story about friendship. We both want to see it again.

Saturday, February 11, 11:45:56 AM

Thought seeing these great ladies would be fun but sorry—- was bored to death. So disappointed Don’t follow football so should have known better. Lousy movie

Friday, February 10, 04:19:05 PM

Loved every moment of this movie! Went with three friends, and to be honest, I can't tell you who laughed the most. Highly recommend if you are ready to enjoy 1 hour and 38 minutes of laughter......😊

Wednesday, February 8, 09:08:26 PM

The acting was terrible .Very slow,happy to see the real 4 ladies.Don’t waste your money wait for it to be seen on tv.

Tuesday, February 7, 07:11:16 PM


Tuesday, February 7, 10:31:03 AM

So funny and touching. Brought tears at one point, but mostly funny. Enjoyed seeing all the actors and players. I especially enjoyed the laughter in the theater. The ladies near me had a great time laughing. Made watching even better.

Monday, February 6, 05:27:23 PM

This is a great movie funny. I want to see it again. There are a few sad parts but that just adds to the movie. The 4 ladies do such a great job. Tom is great and Gonk.

Sunday, February 5, 06:25:27 PM

We knew it was going to take something pretty special to dethrone The Way of Water, and Tom Brady never disappoints. We may not feel the rush of seeing him throw a touchdown again, but at least we have our memories.

Saturday, February 4, 09:27:20 PM

Super enjoyable.

Saturday, February 4, 09:06:05 PM

middle aged guy who forced to go and ended up loving this movie. FUN ! and a lot of the real Pats players and other famous people playing themselves.

Saturday, February 4, 08:54:42 PM

It was a joy to watch four great actress having so much fun!

Saturday, February 4, 08:41:55 PM

Laughter all the way it will lift you up. A must see for all adults. I enjoyed every minute.

Saturday, February 4, 08:25:01 PM

A good feel well acted movie. Good to see the veteran ladies in action. A nice change from all the garbage movies out there right now especially the new horror movies.

Saturday, February 4, 07:49:15 AM

I liked everything

Friday, February 3, 05:46:42 PM

Absolutely love this movie & so will you. More laughs and fun to watch these great performers The best way to describe it is THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT! BRAVO!

Friday, February 3, 12:24:31 PM

Don't waste your money - dirty language , not fit to see or hear

Friday, February 3, 08:51:09 AM

Not only does 80 for Brady have a Great cast of mature seasoned actors - ladies heads up to you all for a great performance which made us laugh and cry at the same time — but it also had a genuine script which as spectators can believe in - it was over all a belly full of laughs from start to finish - it gets 5 stars from me all the way

Thursday, February 2, 01:05:49 PM

So funny! All the ladies and Tom Brady were great. Love how much the audience laughed.

Wednesday, February 1, 11:56:26 AM

I laughed out loud with tears it was so funny and fun to watch all in this film. Super Super fun you won't want to leave your seat. Based on true story. So glad they did this film one you never get tired of seeing & I will see it again. Tom Brady is a Superstar and could end up in showbiz. Today 2/1/2023 he announced on twitter to my surprise his retirement. MUST SEE MOVIE *

Monday, January 30, 02:51:50 AM

We may not have the pleasure of seeing him in the Super Bowl this year, but he's just as amazing here. Way to go, Tom!