Wednesday, January 17, 10:58:20 AM

I thought the movie was funny! It was better than the first one..Enjoy the comedy and don't take it so serious. Fun afternoon with friends.

Friday, January 5, 09:13:04 PM

Really bad! Not funny at all. Bad acting. Poor story. Women everywhere should be ashamed.

Monday, January 1, 04:21:51 PM

LOVE IT ! laughed my ass :)

Friday, December 29, 06:52:44 PM

If real Moms are as stupid as the ones in the movie it is no wonder they have a hard time in a world with so many conveniences and luxury's. Really bad movie. Pure crap!

Thursday, December 28, 09:06:08 AM

OMG maybe it was the mood I was in but this was absolutely hilarious!

Tuesday, December 19, 10:34:08 AM


Wednesday, December 13, 09:54:18 PM

I saw it with a friend of mine I did not like it I thought it was terrible it is not for children to watch

Tuesday, December 12, 09:48:04 PM

This movie was not what I expected to watch. The script was lousy. The story was totally empty.

Tuesday, December 12, 08:55:43 PM

Movie was mediocre. No an Oscar movie. One of those movies that comes and goes without glory.

Tuesday, December 12, 05:48:20 PM

Drama movie. The women were noisy. Acting for each one of actress was pure garbage. At least my review is a honest one. No bashing anyone. Play cool with reviews please. Lol

Tuesday, December 12, 04:57:30 PM

I don't care about spelling, nor am I paranoid. I certainly didn't mean to imply I was giving 5 stars for a fake review, and I'm not saying reviews are being deleted. I just think this person really got their point across that they didn't like this movie and they don't have to do it for all the movies they hate with 30 reviews saying the same thing in the same tone. *mic drop*

Tuesday, December 12, 03:17:15 PM


Tuesday, December 12, 01:46:49 AM

A total epic disaster.

Monday, December 11, 05:29:31 PM

terrible movie,,too many swear words,, dumber than a box of rocks,, waste of good actors trying to be dumb,,

Saturday, December 9, 01:03:14 AM

Nothing funny to make you laugh in this movie.

Friday, December 8, 06:53:22 PM

Wasted my time and money.

Friday, December 8, 03:34:03 PM

started kinda slow but had some really hilarious parts

Friday, December 8, 12:09:15 PM

I though it was a funny movie ... to have a good laugh and yes some parts are true, we moms do it all, the shopping, wrapping, cooking, decorating etc.. so this movie to me was a good relaxing chili'n movie to have a good laugh is all. My husband came along with me and he seemed to enjoyed it as well. You must admit there was some really funny scenes.

Thursday, December 7, 09:49:29 PM

I can't even imagine that somebody spent money to make this... it's not movie.. It's p.. of nothing.. Don't waste your time before Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 7, 06:37:26 PM

This movie was a bad example for moms.

Thursday, December 7, 06:35:55 PM

No even a movie. I will not calling this film as a movie. No for kids. I will not recommending taking children to watch this movie.

Thursday, December 7, 06:31:49 PM

Zero stars. Derivative, no real plot or arc. Same jokes, forced delivery. Mostly boring. Some good lines from the old lady and Carla.

Thursday, December 7, 05:52:28 PM

Loved it??????I think every mom would get a "kick" out of this movie!" busy moms" can relate to at-least 1mom /actress on the screen! Saw w/9 other ladies & No regrets! We all ??'ed it! The film is for moms who wrk and juggle it ALL but @the end of the day "We made it" and would do anything at any cost for the happyiness of our kids lol all the craziness the hectic schedules.. & busy fast world we live' in w/real problems but we can do it All ! 🙌🏼 So Moms, Go see for yourself 👍

Thursday, December 7, 03:35:58 PM

Terrible movie.

Thursday, December 7, 03:34:53 PM

Movie was very boring.

Thursday, December 7, 01:48:33 PM


Tuesday, December 5, 03:14:53 AM

Totally lame movie.

Monday, December 4, 09:48:36 PM


Saturday, December 2, 10:39:54 PM

Movie was boring.

Saturday, December 2, 05:18:47 PM

It was really funny. A lot better than I thought. A lot of swearing though.

Friday, December 1, 10:21:06 PM

I felt embarrasing watching this movie and I left before the lights went on. I did not want anyone to recognize me.

Friday, December 1, 10:15:40 PM

Hoping they don’t do a sequel from this movie. They should never produce this movie. I checked my spelling before posting in here. We have a police review person checking everyone’s reviews. “Sighs”

Friday, December 1, 10:11:10 PM

One star. The movie need less than one star. No funny. Disgusting movie. Mister detective who keep posting by 5 stars to bash others is the one who keeps messing around. Making popcorn to watch his next 5 stars review. Lol Now my review. The movie contains too much lousy scenes. The swearing was beyond of any 99 cents movie. Time Tube Machine had less swearing and vulgarity than this movie.

Friday, December 1, 10:04:03 PM

We went to watch this movie today and seriously S..... lol First time posting in here. No drama please saying one person is doing all the reviews. I am sure my review will get remove because my gramatical mistakes. I have the rights of free speech to give a simple review.

Friday, December 1, 09:58:28 PM


Friday, December 1, 05:16:43 PM

really funny

Friday, December 1, 05:16:20 PM

Better than the first one. this one was a lot funnier

Friday, December 1, 04:31:36 PM

This movie is called A Bad Moms Christmas for a reason. They are bad moms! They swear and get drunk and have sex! This is not a wholesome Christmas movie and for goodness sakes, it's rated 14A so anyone who brought their children to this movie is just silly! Is it going to win an Oscar? No. It's a dumb movie to go see with your girlfriends and have a few laughs.

Friday, December 1, 02:30:58 PM

I'll be honest, I didnt even see the movie. I just saw 3 5 star reviews written by the same person. So I felt I had to try to counteract them be giving a 1 Star. So if this review gets removed because of that, they need to remove the fake 5 star reviews as well.

Friday, December 1, 02:23:41 PM

Had to come and see the drama unfolding. The drama going on in this review thread is more entertaining then the movie. Who will strike back next? the supposed person typing multiple 1 star reviews, or the paranoid person who is flat out posting multiple 5 star reviews? OMG! THE SUSPENSE! STAY TUNED!