Friday, December 1, 02:04:58 PM

Watch it when it is on tv. Movie wasnt that good. I agree with the ppl below, whoever is the person giving it 5 star reviews please stop you are the only one messing with the rating that can be confirmed. You must live a sad life.

Friday, December 1, 01:58:16 PM

Lol, came here to look at reviews and I see somebody saying all the bad reviews are written by one person because of wording, lol, ok detective. Yet, flat out posting multiple 5 star reviews. What a pathetic hypocrite. tHIS MOVIE SUCKED. Wow, what nonsense. They must be the movie review police or something. I wasnt even going to write a review untill I saw for sure it was the same person giving it 5 stars multiple times. Well, heres my 1 star. Move on with your life, focusing on some dumb movie reviews is pathetic.

Thursday, November 30, 07:15:03 PM

I'm sure it does have a poor rating on other websites. I am not saying you're doing it in multiple sites, I'm saying you're doing it here on this site. I'm sure this movie was probably pretty darn bad- I'm not arguing with that. What I AM saying is that you're posting it over and over again here, for any movie you didn't like and only need your opinion once. You didn't need to put yet ANOTHER review saying the same complaints. P.S. Bad Mom Christmas doesn't advertise itself as a KIDS MOVIE so I don't know why you're so focused on that.

Thursday, November 30, 09:31:26 AM

We did not like the movie. IS ALL. To paranoid person. Please check other websites. They all agree. The quality of this movie was terrible. The comedy in this movie did not reach the right level of a good comedy.

Thursday, November 30, 03:02:51 AM

To the user who posted twice claiming is one person posting bad reviews was wrong. I don't think a person could get multiply in all of the websites. lol Reviews are written by one person? , The lower score is all over the internet. Check Rotten Tomatoes. The movie was not so great. Acting was poor and stupid. Yes too much swearing during the movie.

Thursday, November 30, 02:51:43 AM

This movie called Bad Mom’s Christmas was very stupid. We did not like the swearing, and the several crudeness. I don't think this is a children’s movie,

Thursday, November 30, 12:53:36 AM

Also: The Movie Review Troll will also say how they or their partner "fell asleep" multiple times, or that they "walked out". She/He also has a hatred for Tom Cruise. So yeah, lots of multiple bad reviews from one person on this site. Doesn't mean the movie is great and they are making it look worse with low rating, just means this person has a weird vendetta against any movie they personally don't like, including kids' movies.

Thursday, November 30, 12:14:54 AM

Im not saying the movie is good or bad, what I AM saying is that one person wrote 90%of the bad reviews about this movie (and other movies currently and previously in the theatres) on this site. The wording is exactly the same. Just look for the same style of writing with these words over and over: "moral", "immoral", "drunk", "F word", "child said F word", "not a Christmas movie", "drunk women", "sex" etc etc. You did this with that terrible movie The House, where you said how greasy Will Farrell looked about 50 times. I agree that movie was probably awful but dude. We get it. If you don't like a movie leave ONE review and that will suffice kay, thx

Wednesday, November 29, 06:56:33 PM

Do not under any circumstance take your kids to this move, and do yourself stay home with them and skip this drunken, immoral, expletive filled dreck.

Wednesday, November 29, 02:09:34 PM

Read the reviews ppl, wish I would have. My review isnt based off of the alcohol or cursing. I just didnt like the movie, no real plot or substance. It was all pretty much pointless.

Wednesday, November 29, 02:07:26 PM


Tuesday, November 28, 09:52:02 PM

The F word is used way too many times, even a child was saying it. We get it !!! Sorry we wasted our money.

Tuesday, November 28, 06:09:25 PM

The movie was lame. If I want to see drunk people go to a bar. The title is misleading the main ide of Christmas.

Tuesday, November 28, 01:40:28 PM

I liked it. It was a cute and funny Christmas movie.

Monday, November 27, 12:39:22 PM

I did not like this movie because represented women is like a products. I did not find any loving Christmas story in here. The movie was very loud and the women was over reacting.

Monday, November 27, 12:31:27 PM

The movie was the worst movie of the century. The decay of our society where alcohol is the main factor to turn funny a movie.

Monday, November 27, 11:32:02 AM

i loved this movie it was so funny best comedy ive seen in a long time

Monday, November 27, 07:31:04 AM

No way this movie can bring any fun time.

Monday, November 27, 01:28:16 AM

A root canal is more entertaining than this movie.

Monday, November 27, 01:25:02 AM

No funny at all. Is all about getting drunk.

Monday, November 27, 12:51:25 AM


Sunday, November 26, 10:58:39 PM

I went with a friend of mine I did not like the movie it is not for children to watch

Sunday, November 26, 09:46:09 PM

I really enjoyed it very funny movie

Sunday, November 26, 06:51:33 PM

What a piece of junk of movie.

Sunday, November 26, 12:18:24 PM


Sunday, November 26, 12:17:26 PM

Shame on me for spending money on this garbage. Shame on the actors and people who made this movie. Really terrible.

Sunday, November 26, 12:15:30 PM

Pure crap. These actors are not funny.

Sunday, November 26, 12:59:45 AM

Epic fail movie.

Saturday, November 25, 01:41:55 PM

The movie was disgusting and nothing related to Christmas. The movie was all about drunk women. Sex. This is not the only site where this movie is getting lower scores.

Saturday, November 25, 01:15:25 PM

worst movie ever

Friday, November 24, 03:03:30 PM

To the person who said all these reviews are written by one person, do you realize the score of this movie on any other website? Got 1 1/2 stars on rotten tomatoes and 27% average rating from critcis, 2 1/2 on rogerebert, 2 on empireonline, 3 on IMD and had a terrible opening eekend. Yet, you are telling ppl its all one person on here? nope. Movie is just bad and you're upset that other people dont like it. I didnt and I wont go see another one if they make it.

Friday, November 24, 02:28:37 PM

I went with my girlfriend, she gave it one star. I'll be nice and give it two.

Friday, November 24, 02:26:44 PM

I pray they dont ever make another Bad Moms movie. I dont think they could though, I dont see how make it even worse then this one.

Friday, November 24, 02:23:20 PM

Lol the aliens story. This movie was so bad that is already fading in my brain.

Friday, November 24, 02:22:06 PM

Not worth paying to see, wait till it is in a $5 bin somewhere.

Friday, November 24, 11:34:39 AM

The only people who would give this 4 or 5 stars are people who do nothing but get drunk and have no idea what a good movie is. So its getting a 2 for me. Only reason I didnt give it a 1 is because Mila Kunis is in it.

Friday, November 24, 11:31:01 AM

I either was abducted by aliens or blacked out this experience. I do remember the first 30 minutes though and it was not good, so I probably blacked out the rest. I would have rather of been abducted by aliens though. Movie wasnt good.

Friday, November 24, 11:25:47 AM

Pay for another movie. Dont go to this one, nothing but drunk woman wanting to get laid, cursing like sailors and acting like high school girls. My daughter paid for this, thank god it was her money and not mine.

Friday, November 24, 12:33:58 AM

The only things this movie is offering are sex, get drunk and swear. Nothing else. Save your money.

Friday, November 24, 12:28:41 AM

Crashing my car into a snow filled ditch in the middle of nowhere in a blizzard with no way to call for help would be a better time then sitting through this movie.