Sunday, November 12, 10:08:12 PM

Absolutely LOVED this movie. You have to have an actual sense of humor to understand it. Many who are giving it a bad review, clearly had no idea what they were walking into in the first place. These are very well established actresses and they absolutely know how to act! If your in to crass, gritty, real life funny then this is a movie for you! If you have a stick in your butt, go watch my little pony!

Sunday, November 12, 04:01:05 PM

Laughed a lot through out the movie. Must have an open sense of humor. Is not your Hallmark christmas movie but I was def entertained enough to watch it again.

Sunday, November 12, 06:57:11 AM

A sense of Humor has nothing to do with this movie geting a 1 star rating...It was just plain stupid , a total waste of time folks...

Saturday, November 11, 06:56:59 PM

This is probably the worst movie ive ever seen. Absolutey the worst xmas show, so gross, what were these women thinking. So bad, save your money

Saturday, November 11, 03:05:49 PM

Not funny... hard to watch....nothing original...characters are not likable....acting is brutal... if you are really immature and not too bright you may be able to stay for the whole movie.....So sad they can not make a good.. funny movie anymore..

Saturday, November 11, 01:30:20 AM


Saturday, November 11, 01:10:46 AM

Zero stars. Not funny, bad acting. And you don't have to be a prude not to like this movie - it just wasn't entertaining.

Friday, November 10, 11:07:58 AM

great movie,i have not had a laugh like that in a long time .who are these morrons that gave a#1 rating get some sense of ha ha 5 stars

Thursday, November 9, 11:30:07 AM

Without a doubt the worst movie I've seen in a very long time, predictable, weak, forced humour, not even funny. I rated it one star, but really it is a zero.

Wednesday, November 8, 08:15:47 AM

Pay no attention to the 1 star reviews crying about this "Christmas" movie. Those morons were expecting "Its A Wonderful Life" not Bad Moms. If you enjoyed the first movie, you'll enjoy this one. If you are easily offended, go see My Little Pony and leave this movie for people with a sense of humor.

Wednesday, November 8, 01:18:50 AM

Funny Movie lots of laughs.

Tuesday, November 7, 11:00:55 PM

This movie was so funny...It's nice to go out and have a good laugh.

Tuesday, November 7, 09:50:41 PM

The first Bad Moms movie was funny so I thought I’d like Bad Moms Christmas too. I was wrong. It wasn’t terrible but not nearly as funny. The biggest attempt at humour is to under the F-word in every second sentence. I’m not a prude but a child saying “f**k” does not make a comedy.

Tuesday, November 7, 03:13:33 PM

This is not worth one star pure garbage and my computer will not let me enter 1 star

Tuesday, November 7, 02:37:10 PM

It is a hilarious, unrealistic, out-to-lunch type movie that made us laugh heartily in spite of the vulgarity which we totally expected (from the trailers). It is truly an 'escape', especially for the female audience, yet there is some serious message about mothers of certain personality in here that I can truly relate to it and see it everyday. I would've given it a 5 stars if the director didn't make the little girl say "oh my f**king god" numerous times. While I'm far from being religious, I don't think it's either necessary or funny.

Monday, November 6, 11:05:11 PM

Not as good as Bad Mom's but still entertaining and funny. Definitely one to watch with your lady friends.

Monday, November 6, 03:10:37 PM

Misleading Christmas. This movie was very disgusting. True Christmas? Seriously?

Monday, November 6, 12:08:51 AM

The idea was three women whose mothers visit during Xmas all have issues. A decent idea to show the true meaning of family can come together. But, it got sleazy and cheesy fast, which was a shame.

Sunday, November 5, 06:25:47 PM

Lots of fun , lots of laughs and so true about Christmas being crazy time of the year and stressful .

Sunday, November 5, 03:30:17 PM

Some pretty good laughs, and the older moms were hotter than the younger ones.

Sunday, November 5, 11:45:45 AM

It just wasn't funny - a couple of people laughed a couple of times in the whole theatre. I wouldn't call it a comedy, that's for sure

Sunday, November 5, 12:00:43 AM

Lighten up.ppl ...if you don't have a sense of humor have nothing at all .....loads of laughs

Saturday, November 4, 07:48:02 PM

What is next? Bad Christmas? Wait ....they already produced a horror movie with that kind of idea. Bad presents? Bad snow. This movie was so dumb.

Saturday, November 4, 03:37:52 PM

Well I guess these two old seniors aren't prudes! We both found it very funny and laughed a lot! Yes it's crude but that's what makes it funny!

Saturday, November 4, 01:55:19 PM

Sorry to disagree with the negative. Some crudeness, some swearing but great escape from everyday responsibilities. Loved it!

Friday, November 3, 10:32:12 PM

Laughed all the way through

Friday, November 3, 03:02:40 PM

Funny movie. Definitely not for children, Bible Thumpers or Prudes!

Wednesday, November 1, 11:05:14 PM

Pure porno movie. Let's get drunk and have sex. I did not like the message given from the movie. I felt very embarrassed when I went to see this movie. What is next? Bad three wise men? No morality from this movie.

Wednesday, November 1, 11:00:34 PM

A little crude with some bad language . But refreshing and funny The old mom were hilarious

Wednesday, November 1, 10:51:19 PM

Anyone who didn't like this movie has no sense of humor The moms stole the show More for 30 year olds and older people

Wednesday, November 1, 09:23:59 PM

Finally a good movie that made me laugh and was not waste of money and my time. all the other movies I have seen have been dump and stupid and waste of my time and the nay sayers ignore them

Wednesday, November 1, 06:56:42 PM

Really bad.

Monday, October 30, 12:24:12 PM

Wasted my time. The worst movie of the year.

Monday, October 30, 09:53:10 AM

Amazing dumb movie. ;(

Monday, October 30, 02:10:25 AM

They produced bad Santa and now bad moms. I think this movie was disgusting.

Monday, October 30, 02:04:05 AM

Lousy movie. No values. Corrupting movie. I thought was funny to watch but later I found that I just watched a garbage movie.

Sunday, October 29, 04:21:32 PM


Sunday, October 29, 02:11:23 PM

Vulgar and sexually disturbing.

Thursday, September 7, 05:54:46 PM