Monday, March 2, 09:11:43 PM

"It's a Beautiful Day at the Cinema A Beautiful Day for a Movie..." And, I am so proud to say, this is my Favourite Film of 2019!

Thursday, February 27, 09:33:09 AM

eddie murphy's mr. Rodgers on snl is much better

Tuesday, February 18, 04:56:54 PM

SLOW and boring , how exciting could Mr Rodgers be after all

Monday, February 17, 10:15:28 AM


Sunday, February 16, 11:19:38 AM

Tom Hanks was a wonderful Mr. Dress up. Loved the Whole story. Even tho' Fred Rogers was Bi sexual He managed it well, remaining with his wife of 50 years and who ever else, it does not matter. I loved him,as did all the children love him! Well done.

Friday, February 14, 12:21:35 PM

I felt so good at the end and didn't get out of my seat until every last bit of the film,etc. was over. The large majority of the theater did likewise. Everyone was mellow!

Tuesday, February 11, 01:45:18 PM

awsome movie and awsome job tom h

Sunday, February 9, 12:28:27 PM

I saw this a 2nd time and it was better bringing my 22 year old daughter who was emotional throughout this show. What a nice way to live a life.

Friday, January 17, 11:12:37 PM

Hanks nails Mr. Rogers in this flick. Please make sure to bring a few tissues as it has such tender moments it will make you fill up for sure, I cried like a baby every time I saw it, twice so far and plan on going at least one more if not more before it leaves the big screen. It's a must see and will sure turn into a classic down the road.

Wednesday, January 15, 05:29:55 PM

Wonderful movie. Tearjerker and interesting human story. Loved Mr. Rogers. Teaches an important lesson about forgiveness. Must see movie!

Saturday, January 11, 09:49:08 PM

Best movie of the year!!

Tuesday, January 7, 06:17:43 PM

Loved this movie, really touched my heart.

Monday, January 6, 10:47:05 PM

A wonderful movie that everyone should see.

Saturday, January 4, 05:22:57 PM

I hated this movie too dull and boring no story to it at all could have been better

Saturday, December 28, 07:42:23 PM

Deeply moving film that caused me to reflect on my own journey in life... and remember the times when I chose to forgiving someone who did not deserve forgiveness. It brought a powerful message of reconciliation! Very moving story! A must see for everyone!

Saturday, December 28, 04:32:03 PM

I liked the entire movie 5 stars

Thursday, December 26, 04:28:10 PM

Was a little disappointed. Tom Hanks is a great actor but moved a little slow and felt a little uncomfortable in spots. Anyway Fred Rogers must have been a very caring person..Enjoyed no profanity or violence in movie...Yet a little uncomfortable in some of the puppet scenes.

Thursday, December 26, 01:40:58 PM

Not a good movie. Boring!!! Wrong person to depict Mr. Rogers!

Saturday, December 21, 11:51:20 PM

What a kind man Fred Rogers was. Inspires us all to be more tolerant, understanding, and compassionate.

Saturday, December 21, 11:06:18 AM

exceptional family movie.

Wednesday, December 18, 09:26:39 AM

I totally loved it and Mr. Rodgers too! It was therapy on anger and forgiveness which the world needs. 😊

Tuesday, December 17, 09:28:53 PM

Mesmerizing theme. Acting superb. Was not disappointed! It's so refreshing to view a movie with no immorality or bad language or violence.

Monday, December 16, 08:55:37 AM

Excellent story, well written, great acting, beautifully filmed. Very moving portrayal of Mr Rogers’ influence on the young and young-at-heart.

Sunday, December 15, 12:32:50 PM

This was less about Fred Rogers and his influence on young people and more about how he affected a cynical adult. I loved that Tom Hanks wasn't turned into a 'clone', that he was projecting the wisdom of Mr. Rogers, and that was really what the reporter needed.

Sunday, December 15, 12:22:32 AM

Truly moving! Didn't know what to expect, but I am so glad I went. We'll watch it again (and I NEVER watch movies a second time!)

Friday, December 13, 12:12:55 PM

It was a great tribute although it focused on the journalist it portrayed the very essence of who Mr Rogers was, his whole life was not about him but others. Beautiful movie of love, kindness and forgiveness. We need more Mr Rogers and this movie made me want to be a better person.

Thursday, December 12, 05:27:18 PM

Finally a wholesome family movie which tugs on the heart and deals with unresolved emotions. I consider myself a very kind person , but this challenged me to be kinder yet.

Thursday, December 12, 02:55:45 PM

Beautiful, inspirational movie

Thursday, December 12, 04:13:07 AM

Mr. McFeely gives the best performance in the movie. This film would have been a big snore without him.

Wednesday, December 11, 07:08:28 PM

Loved the movie. I could relate in so many ways. It was a story of Mr. Rogers ability to help another with his kindness and understanding. A man that was hurting due to childhood anger. To me it was a very powerful story full of patience, love and understanding.

Wednesday, December 11, 04:22:25 PM

We already had an excellent documentary on Mr. Rogers. This film was much more, much deeper, and shared the essence of the man - his empathy, acceptance, kindness, love, forgiveness etc. It was reflective and made one want to be a better and kinder person in a world growing unkind and unaccepting. I don't think anyone could have portrayed Mr. Rogers better than Tom Hanks.

Wednesday, December 11, 04:04:10 PM

I thoroughly enjoyed this was quite different than expected but in a refreshing way. The world needs more films like this and more people like Fred Rogers!!!

Wednesday, December 11, 12:22:01 PM

Nice warm story, but was expecting more about Mr. Rogers' life and story, not the Esquire writer's story. Young and old in our family found it very slow and boring, wasn't a fun or uplifting movie to attend. I'm sure Mr. Rogers' real life story would have been more interesting to us fans.

Tuesday, December 10, 09:40:46 PM

Watching this movie, I didn't see Fred Rogers, I saw Tom Hanks pretending to be Fred Rogers. Rogers' essence just wasn't there. As far as the story, it was far less about Fred Rogers than about Esquire writer Tom Junod’s difficulties with dealing with his father. Although Rogers was instrumental with excising Junod's demons, the movie could just as easily been named "One Angry Man."

Tuesday, December 10, 12:28:43 PM

Feel good movie. Made you ponder your positivity.

Monday, December 9, 11:24:00 PM

Shows kindness in this narcissistic society- if you didn’t like it- hmmmm?

Monday, December 9, 07:23:16 PM

I thought that Tom Hanks did a wonderful job, telling us Fred Roger’s story! Great movie!

Monday, December 9, 05:00:55 PM

SLOW AND UNINTERESTING, tom hanks is not at his best

Monday, December 9, 04:59:54 PM

Very good message need more of that

Sunday, December 8, 01:32:52 AM

This is a very good movie. Makes you feel good with no agenda or twists. Just makes you feel good and realize there are good people in this world and people can change their hearts if they try.