Sunday, November 24, 12:31:45 PM

Just a wonderful story about Mr. Rogers and what he believed in what a gentle sweet person he was but he inspired many

Sunday, November 24, 11:41:30 AM

It's refreshing to watch a movie that's not dependent on computers and endless special effects. It really is a movie we all need right now. Simple but powerful messages throughout. Once again I'm amazed at the roles Tom Hanks can pull off, I hope he's recognized for this one at the awards next spring.

Sunday, November 24, 10:18:04 AM

I'm not really sure Tom Hanks was the best one for this job. I love him, but this might be my least favorite of his characters. I wish we had read more reviews about the movie itself before going. We didn't want to see something somewhat depressing on our anniversary. The story was more about the journalist having psychological trauma than about what we expected to see.

Sunday, November 24, 09:38:44 AM

there was a terrific documentary on Mr Rogers . Came out last year. Much better than the Tom Hanks copy

Sunday, November 24, 02:08:52 AM

a brilliant movie !

Saturday, November 23, 09:45:55 PM

Reminds us to look hard at what is good rather than the problem itself…

Saturday, November 23, 09:42:22 PM

The best 107 minutes of personal therapy … feeling empowered and awakened!

Saturday, November 23, 09:09:05 PM

Uplifting and worth seeing.

Saturday, November 23, 09:08:13 PM

If you're tired of movies full of fluff, blood and garbage, go see this one.

Saturday, November 23, 09:06:03 PM

Highly recommend this movie as a beautiful example of how a peaceful person can influence lives. If you're tired of movies full of fluff, blood and garbage, go see this one.

Saturday, November 23, 05:21:47 PM

The world needs the wisdom of Mr. Rogers. We enjoyed the film and the memories.

Saturday, November 23, 04:14:35 PM

Every bit of this movie was a precious moment. I hope it wins awards.

Saturday, November 23, 04:01:41 PM

Great message

Saturday, November 23, 02:50:17 PM

It's good but...I wouldn't watch it twice or say anyone has to go see it.

Saturday, November 23, 02:49:08 PM

Tom Hanks, best person to play Mr. Rogers. Great performance !

Saturday, November 23, 01:37:32 AM

I'm a longtime fan of the series and have every episode on blu-ray, so it's with great disappointment I say that at no time watching this movie did I feel I was in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Hanks, laboring under enormous mounds of makeup, never captures the essence of Mr. Rogers, and whoever was responsible for King Friday's voice couldn't have been more incompetent. Even Mr. McFeely was sadly miscast. Perhaps one day we'll get a movie worthy of Mr. Rogers, but this isn't it.

Friday, November 22, 10:22:17 PM

It's kinda weird.

Friday, November 22, 09:12:11 PM

A movie devoid of plot

Friday, November 22, 08:38:32 PM

Hmm, where to start? First off, there was a family there with their young children, I suspect the parents thought it would focus on Mr. Rogers and the young children would enjoy it. Wrong movie, this is adult content, not in a sexual way but in the philosophical way. So mum and dad, get a sitter, it's not for your kids. For me, a male, i cried 3 times and I'm not an over emotional type. The story is really about the writer and how Mr. Rogers gets into his life. There was some surrealism that i'm not sure was necessary. Conclusion - if you want to walk down memory lane about Mr. Rogers - this is not the movie you're looking for as Mr. Rogers is more a vehicle to a man's inner struggles (wow that sounds deep for an average man like me, lol). A good story but heed my advice on what you are about to see.

Friday, November 22, 06:34:58 PM

Very good message need more of that

Friday, November 22, 05:31:23 PM

This movie was dumb and stupid don’t know how it got 5 stars ??

Sunday, September 8, 09:13:22 AM

A warm beautiful film depicting life and some of its problems. Great acting by all. Thumbs up for me.