Wednesday, January 16, 06:44:54 PM

I love animal pictures like this. They are feel good movies. Best movie ever!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 10:32:25 AM

The kind of movie you can take your children to see!!! Dog owners and lovers will love it! Unlike Harlotwood's usual horror and political BS flicks, we loved it!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 06:18:23 AM

My child liked the movie understood most of it. Age 12.

Wednesday, January 16, 06:17:18 AM


Wednesday, January 16, 06:15:46 AM

Great Movie. Touching up lifting. Any one that has a dog or likes dogs should see this movie you will like it a lot. Ignore the MORONS with the negative attitude they must be DOG haters I think.

Tuesday, January 15, 07:16:25 PM

This was not disturbing move. Don't let your kids watch it.

Monday, January 14, 02:45:23 PM

Terrible from beginning to end.

Saturday, January 12, 06:15:04 PM

I went with a friend of mine we both liked it

Saturday, January 12, 04:18:49 PM

This movie should not be viewed by children due to it's content and innuendo.

Saturday, January 12, 02:25:25 PM

I loved this movie. The one star user almost ruined the movie for me. I was not disappointed with this story.

Saturday, January 12, 01:57:46 PM

A beautiful story of love and understanding between a dog and humans and other animals! I thought it was wonderful.

Saturday, January 12, 08:50:05 AM

Simply loved it. Wonderful story with a happy ending.

Friday, January 11, 09:58:39 PM

Worst dog movie ever! Actually, worst movie ever! And definitely not for kids. It gets more ridiculous as the movie progresses. And sadly, pretends to be heartwarming. Yes, it's wonderful that the dog found her way home, but that's the only redeeming part of the movie. How is it heartwarming that the dog was chained to the body of a dead homeless veteran? Attacked by a pack of wolves? Hit by a car? and hunted by a venomous Animal Control officer? It is contrived and ridiculous. Hated it!!!

Saturday, January 5, 11:08:06 AM

Excellent heart warming...