Monday, January 6, 10:19:36 AM

Subtle and powerful writing and acting. Absolutely gorgeous cinematography and music, used consistently so as to (potentially) deepen the viewer's insights and experience. And far beyond the average film fare, A Hidden Life tells an urgent and essential story. This is a truly great film, and poignantly timely!

Monday, December 30, 05:51:03 PM

I agree with the reviewer below who felt it was all over the place and I couldn't agree with the main character's decision but that's a personal thought and not a review. It just felt long and you keep wondering when something was going to happen. I felt the trailer made it a more exciting movie than it was.

Sunday, December 29, 07:20:34 PM

Goodness what a long, slow, boring movie. I went with great expectations and found it really 'stupid' for want of a better word. Camera focused on scenery continuously for great lengths. What was that about. I clearly missed the point of the movie because there is no way I would face death and leave my family.

Saturday, December 28, 03:10:33 PM

One of the best movies of the year! I wish it was in a bigger Cineplex with all the bells and whistles, but at least it's available.

Saturday, December 28, 09:54:56 AM

Beautiful film. Subtle and powerful all at one. Truly a pleasure to watch. The viewer is given the task of interpreting the protagonist's intentions, and left to form one' own opinion.

Monday, December 23, 09:57:25 PM

I liked the fact that the producers did not try to know or interpret why he did what he did, a conscience well formed in the faith of Christ.

Thursday, December 12, 07:34:02 AM

One of the most moving and thought provoking films I have seen. Terrance Malik does not disappoint.