Wednesday, April 19, 12:05:27 AM

One of the greatest movie ever. Would watch it again and again. Tom Hanks acting is amazing as usual. What a great and touching story! Highly recommended.

Wednesday, April 5, 09:11:15 PM

Theater version is a 3 because of the mandatory social/political BS Hollywood feels compelled to add to very film now. I edited it all out of my own downloaded copy, now it's a 5. Great story and it takes deep thinkers/empaths to enjoy it.

Friday, March 24, 05:30:52 PM

So boring I left early on. Nothing funny or entertaining about depression, losing a spouse, or Hank's acting. His son, who portrays a younger Otto, was equally as boring and ceretainly has no acting skills or personality. Waste of time.

Tuesday, March 7, 11:32:31 AM

Funny, sad, goofy…entertaining.

Thursday, March 2, 12:08:55 AM

Loved the movie, made me cry made me laugh. Tom Hanks was fabulous. Would definitely watch it again

Sunday, February 26, 02:24:59 PM

Love Tom Hanks… the movie was good!! Took my sister to see it and she loved it also.

Saturday, February 25, 08:56:38 PM

I loved this movie and plan to see it again with my sister who had not seen it.

Saturday, February 25, 07:33:14 PM

This was a movie about a grumpy old man that didn"t want to go on without his beloved wife. When he got envolved with all his neighbors it turns out he had a BIG heart after all. It was funny and sad. It had my eyes tearing up so any movie that does that has got to your feelings. Don't listen to critics..they don't like movies like this. Go see it for yourself!

Friday, February 24, 05:35:14 AM

Nothing new here. Predicable script. All the present elements used for a sentimental audience.

Sunday, February 19, 08:22:53 AM

Was a wonderful movie, Tom Hanks as always was great. I alternated between laughing and crying throughout the whole movie. Certainly a movie that makes you really think about life.

Saturday, February 18, 11:30:54 PM

A movie that cries and hopes you will too. I didn't.

Thursday, February 16, 04:13:24 AM

Always been a big fan of Tom Hanks, when I first saw him in Happy Days. I felt the movie was happy and sad. Some were very emotional and some very intense scenes. Tom is still a great comedian as well, even in a drama movie.

Monday, February 13, 07:28:31 PM


Sunday, February 12, 03:26:03 AM

It's like Gran Torino with the coolness replaced with cloying sentimentality.

Saturday, February 11, 11:45:48 AM

Loved this movie It was very moving. At 73 it really taught me a lesson .That life is to short

Thursday, February 9, 02:18:31 PM

Total entertainment.

Thursday, February 9, 01:58:22 PM

First half of at. the movie, w/ Hanks as curmudgeon, was great. Second half was for weapers.

Tuesday, February 7, 07:15:50 PM

It was great. I lost it a bit because a friend of mine with the exact name died. I still am emotional about it even though it happened over 50 years ago. The movie brought it all back.

Monday, February 6, 10:40:30 PM

Hanks does a very good job in this feel good film of transformation among old friends and new neighbors. His portrayal of an aging man, wanting to live alone in a world he no longer enjoys is quite believable. My favorite movie in several months.

Sunday, February 5, 05:54:59 PM

If I had known it was about someone continually trying to kill themselves, I would not have gone to see it. It was interesting how Tom Hanks seemed to portray a totally different character than he has in the past.

Sunday, February 5, 02:42:22 PM

Well some comments here is from individuals with a very cold 💙 or they never had bad experience in life ! The movie was good 👍 but yes as I experience my dad hang him self ,I did cry alot and was very sad movie for me! But a very good movie and an example what true love is .

Sunday, February 5, 12:18:58 PM

If you are in a depressed mood, please do not go see this movie. It will make it 1000 times worse. I cried for days.

Sunday, February 5, 10:33:59 AM

As a big fan of the author, Fredrik Backman, and after reading the book (A Man Called Ove, 5 stars) and seeing the Swedish movie titled the same (also 5 star), I was a bit apprehensive as to whether this film would meet such high expectations. But it did. Tom Hanks is a great actor, the rest of the characters were very well cast.

Saturday, February 4, 08:00:56 PM

Movie is very cliché'. The Tom Hanks character is a poor copy of the character Clint Eastwood played in Grand Torino.

Saturday, February 4, 06:21:10 PM

You will laugh a lot and cry some at this movie. If you have read the book A Man Named Ove the story line is very similar.

Saturday, February 4, 08:51:22 AM

Disliked the negative comments. Only someone who is highly insensitive couldn’t possibly appreciate this movie. Too bad for them!!

Friday, February 3, 09:29:15 PM

Characters were so well developed and believable. A story focused on human connections and not the dark side of humanity

Wednesday, February 1, 02:26:54 PM

No blood or guts. Just a nice sentimental show.

Wednesday, February 1, 10:12:28 AM

There was someone you know in many of the characters in this movie. Tom Hanks leads the way with his acting and timing.

Wednesday, February 1, 08:35:41 AM

It was a real movie about things that really happen in real life. It was funny and true to age of characters..

Tuesday, January 31, 05:06:55 PM

I could personally identify with everything.

Tuesday, January 31, 10:44:09 AM

Tom Hanks great acting once again. A grumpy old man dealing with real life issues, yet he takes time to help his neighbors all of them no matter who they are or where they are from. Good example of LOVE THY NEIGHBOR.

Tuesday, January 31, 12:15:16 AM

It was funny!! It was deep! It was entertaining! It was emotional!! Yep I got teary Eyed!!

Monday, January 30, 02:57:11 PM

The relationship between Marisol and Otto. Ups and downs, just like in real life.

Monday, January 30, 10:47:21 AM

Themes of grief and caring are handled beautifully. Outstanding performances by Tom Hanks and Marisa Trevino.

Monday, January 30, 03:36:59 AM

The wife said Tom Hanks made a movie about me I'm flattered I think

Sunday, January 29, 05:48:16 PM

The story line. It was factual and life like. People deal with their life’s hardships and good times in a variety of ways. There is no right or wrong. Great movie, I really enjoyed it!

Sunday, January 29, 03:04:04 PM

I really liked this movie. I especially liked the character of Marisol. Marisol and Otto complimented each other nicely.

Sunday, January 29, 10:40:09 AM

I read the book years ago, thought it excellent and went to see the movie opening day. Again, excellent--Tom Hanks and Mariana Trevino (Marisol) were both outstanding. Our world is full of people with "quirks/flaws" yet they are kind and show compassion to others. This theme resounds throughout the book and movie and is a potential learning lesson for all of us living in these troubling times.

Sunday, January 29, 06:41:47 AM

I was looking forward to this movie but it’s a snoozer and down in the dumps feeling. Sad movies ok but extremely boring. Wasted my time with this junk.