Tuesday, December 18, 05:35:49 PM

What the heck happened to this movie? It was advertised for one day only where I live... and it was gone the next day. I was looking forward to seeing it. Was it pulled because of being politically incorrect? Rosamund is my favorite actress.

Wednesday, November 28, 08:34:57 PM

An academy award performance

Wednesday, November 28, 07:00:12 PM

An excellent movie depicting the heroism of the brave war correspondents who put themselves in harm's way so that the world might know what is really happening in war zones. It takes a very special kind of person to do this, and we should be extremely grateful to them.

Tuesday, November 20, 10:30:23 PM

This is a very powerful and moving movie. All of the scenes are realistic, and the acting is extraordinary. The movie shows the human (or inhuman) side of war as experienced by ordinary people. The courage of the journalist and photographer made it possible for the world to see. The movie moves along and holds one's interest from beginning to end--very well made.