Saturday, June 19, 05:10:32 PM

It does have it's slow bits but I would've preferred a bit more of the first days with the creatures. they carry the movie well. as usual the theatre was quiet as a mouse, Millicent Simmonds shines as the daughter of her father who will do anything for the family. Please do go see it, there must be a 3rd lol

Friday, June 18, 03:35:29 PM

I rented the first movie last year, but part II is way more scary taking you by surprise. The music/sound effects were spot on adding to suspense. A lot of action in this one and Emily Blunt excellent as always, the rest fine acting too. So refreshing to enjoy a film without any cursing and no gore to speak of.

Wednesday, June 16, 02:22:09 PM

Loved it and the acting so real. Worth seeing again. BEST PICTURE 2021

Sunday, June 13, 09:49:28 PM

I didn't see the 1st QP, so now I have to! Maybe things would have made more sense? I I liked that it wasn't gory or sicko scary. How did the Dad die when he was with his daughter, and the younger son died yet he was with his Mom in the back of the car, at the beginning? We don't see what happened with him. Did the baby need Oxygen for a health issue or was it in case they would need to close the box sometimes? I loved that the Daughter is deaf in real life. She's an awesome actress as well as the Mom! Good flick overall.

Sunday, June 13, 01:49:23 PM

is a suck movies

Friday, June 11, 09:52:17 PM

The quiet place 2 is awesome. I liked everything about the movie. Go see the quiet place 2 it's a good movie. I rated the movie 5 stars because this movie deserved.

Thursday, June 10, 09:03:00 PM

A great follow-up and continuation to the original story. Sure you can nit pick it to death like any sci fi. But just go and enjoy the great story acting and directing.

Wednesday, June 9, 08:29:01 PM

A bit disappointed at this movie in that there was really no plot and the sequences were very predictable. There was a couple of cracks at humor which earned it the 1 star. Otherwise, the CGI and acting were both meh…average. Don’t waste money if you could catch a matinee show for cheaper ticket prices.

Monday, June 7, 01:09:12 AM

I really liked this movie but there are a few things that don't make any sense. I understand the need for quiet but surely there are shoes with rubber soles that would accomplish that. I don't see the need for having your feet blistered and bleeding. Secondly, if those creatures can be killed with a pole or have their heads shot off, why the heck couldn't the military handle them? It doesn't make any sense. In spite of this, the acting was great and I still enjoyed it.

Thursday, June 3, 12:55:17 PM

Scary and tense, full of suspense. Liked it better than the first one., Emily Blunt, acting at it's best. I was exhausted watching her trying to survive. So real. Oscar and best picture 2021

Wednesday, June 2, 10:21:39 AM

Worth every penny

Tuesday, June 1, 12:39:34 AM

good suspence well acted

Saturday, May 29, 01:31:34 PM


Saturday, May 29, 07:11:50 AM

Anything but quiet.

Saturday, May 29, 06:59:05 AM

A unique mix of tension and suspense that leaves you wanting more,

Saturday, May 29, 06:49:40 AM

Best new flick this spring!

Friday, May 28, 08:35:38 PM

There were multiple situations at once, totally setting up for part 3