Tuesday, April 24, 01:49:04 PM

Best horror movie in years, Wound never have guessed John Krasinski (Jim from the Office) had this kind of skill as a director.

Monday, April 23, 05:12:36 PM

Really good movie. Not just a horror flick but a thriller as well. It will keep you on the edge of your seat. What is also refreshing is that it does not revel in gore and the characters are well fleshed out.

Monday, April 23, 03:43:03 PM

The first half was a little boring but the second half was pretty good. Overall okay and a different kind of horror movie considering it seems based on the concept that if you make sound you die. Most of the film is silent and very little talking. The movie is excellent for jump scares though which doesn’t get me very often but got me several times.

Saturday, April 21, 02:59:46 AM

I couldn’t eat my popcorn because of the movie. Glued all through. Great movie.

Friday, April 20, 12:08:29 PM

I love scary movies but they are usually so blaringly loud that I have to plug my ears the whole time. This movie was suspenseful and all the right amount of emotional without the need to cover my ears and jump simply from the noise; It made me jump from the anticipation and suspense! Truly a good movie 9/10. The movie starts off from the beginning with action, yet the pace of the movie is slow and builds a relationship with you and the characters.

Friday, April 20, 01:56:14 AM

Great movie! Worth watching

Thursday, April 19, 07:09:40 PM

Very suspenseful...loved it...edge of your seat and actually gave me a couple of jumps....I would definately recommend it.

Thursday, April 19, 06:57:57 AM

An amazing film, was so impressed that when friends wanted to see it the next day, I was in for another show. Was even more impressed the second time round, an excellent thinking persons thriller, well acted and directed.

Wednesday, April 18, 09:34:47 PM

Excellent production and acting. The deaf girl was the best.

Wednesday, April 18, 04:16:18 PM

WE hated the movie, total waste of money.

Wednesday, April 18, 12:07:40 PM

a amazing movie amazing thrill ride

Wednesday, April 18, 11:46:15 AM

it was ok, not great. worth to watch on DVD.

Tuesday, April 17, 01:40:50 PM

I really liked this movie. I think they did a great job with a suspenseful & scary movie where there is little to no conversation louder than a whisper. Also, it was a bonus to know the main characters are married in real life.

Monday, April 16, 09:40:41 PM

You can feel the suspense during the entire movie. A movie where the main actions were to remind silent to able to survive. People were quiet during the entire film. Lol

Monday, April 16, 06:59:10 PM

Excellent thriller. Scary but no too scary.

Sunday, April 15, 10:52:58 PM

One of the best thrillers I have seen in a long time. Excellent acting & well written. Can’t wait for more from John Krasinski

Sunday, April 15, 02:41:30 AM

Good scary movie. Kept me on the edge of my seat. No big unbelievable cgi effects. Brutal monsters.

Saturday, April 14, 10:49:38 PM

The silent scenes made the movie some how little scary. The deaf girl played very well her character.

Saturday, April 14, 07:58:11 PM

We really liked this type of movie.

Saturday, April 14, 06:46:50 PM

The director nailed down perfectly the right tone to bring some suspense to this movie. Normally we are used to movies were characters exchange stories. Well done movie.

Saturday, April 14, 03:56:21 PM

This movie could have really been amazing. However way too many unanswered questions. Best way to describe this is imagine only watching one episode of the walking dead. I think you'd have a few who? What? When? Why? I guess the rest of the script to this movie will remain silent.

Saturday, April 14, 01:50:59 PM

Did not like this movie at all. No speaking, only sign language and subtitles. Acting was great but this movie did not appeal to me.

Saturday, April 14, 11:26:25 AM

This is one of kind of movies that scare you off. The actors were amazing with their roles.

Saturday, April 14, 11:19:07 AM

Monsters were very creepy.

Saturday, April 14, 11:16:31 AM

Silent? The monster were making noises. 50’s? Movies had sounds in the 50’s. This movie was well done and creepy. People were worry to make noises during the movie.

Saturday, April 14, 11:13:16 AM

We were all scare. Lol

Saturday, April 14, 10:04:36 AM

This movie is Aliens meets the Walking Dead. Lots of jump scares, a half decent story and pretty good acting. No box office runaway but worth going to see.

Saturday, April 14, 09:02:21 AM

Holy crap this movie was boring. If I wanted to watch silent movies I'd go back to the 50s

Saturday, April 14, 03:18:06 AM

Fascinating scary movie.

Saturday, April 14, 12:53:54 AM

So slow and repetitive

Saturday, April 14, 12:20:31 AM

I think this movie is not about scary monsters. Is a suspense movie. The survival of humanity and a hostile world. The movie still scary for a small point of view.

Friday, April 13, 11:41:45 PM

Good CG on the speedy creepy monsters. Interesting concept as to what they can and cannot sense. Note to self, "Don't fall in love with characters on a scary movie." Great demonstration of the lengths the family goes to continue hope for survival, but with the array of communications gear, their lack of contact with anyone else is too unbelievable and totally unexplained. Some subtle hints as to where and how the monsters arrived. Maybe I am just not the thriller type, but the lack of a plot and the dark scenes waiting for something to happen just sort of wore on me. The way it ended made the film become a huge agonizing trailer setting you up for the sequel, hence the two stars for such a cheap trick. During at least one of the monster scenes, can Shrek just yell, "Donkey, that was really scary, but you need some tic-tacs!!!". Watch it and try to prove me wrong, but you will be glad when it is over.

Friday, April 13, 09:22:51 PM

Scary movie.

Friday, April 13, 08:58:11 PM

Best scary movie ever made, 1,000 times better than "IT".

Friday, April 13, 02:09:26 PM

OMG!! It was such a good movie! You have to go out and see it to appreciate a different concept that really works. John Krasinski better do another movie because this was exceptional work!! It was nice not to watch gory scenes, or the same old crazy people popping out at you. But to have such intense scenes, psychological scares were just phenomenal!!!!!! Great Job on this movie it should get an oscar!

Friday, April 13, 12:36:58 PM

The worst move I’ve ever seem

Friday, April 13, 10:02:25 AM

Great film it was like you were a part of it The emotion and feeling of the situation. It has a unique attribute that was very enjoyable that kept you at the edge of your seat and also very quiet. In the theater I didn't hardly want to make a sound opening my chocolate bar package in the theater I was so hungry. Nice work they and the effort was well worth it.

Thursday, April 12, 11:40:23 PM

Newspaper caption reads "Meteor(or asteroid) slams into Mexico" That is how they came to earth. This is not an Avenger movie where everyone flies and the acting is wooden. Great movie, great cast!

Thursday, April 12, 10:33:39 PM

Scary and sad. Probably they will making a sequel? We want to know what happened next.

Thursday, April 12, 09:37:01 PM

Movie ended to quickly like they only had money for 90 minutes. The actors were good a least believable playing there part. Pretty much set up for a sequel good luck....