Monday, December 24, 12:17:23 PM

Didn't get past the first 20 minutes … and that is very, very rare for me to not finish a movie.

Sunday, November 4, 10:16:57 AM


Friday, October 19, 01:44:06 AM

What started off interesting ended up stupid.

Wednesday, October 17, 08:49:53 PM

An intriguing, very different movie -- kept you wondering just what was happening and what would happen next! Anna Kendrick ("Stephanie") did a great job.

Sunday, October 14, 09:37:15 PM

Stupid. Contrived. Boring. Check your brain out with your jacket and get ready to euthanise 2 hours of your life. Hated if but tolerated if only bcoz my wife made me go.

Thursday, October 11, 08:04:28 PM

From the opening titles to the tune of "Watching The Girls Go By" (in French) I knew I was in for a fun ride and I was NOT disappointed. Kendrick was perfect as the frenetic single mother, determined to fit into the much more worldly (and deliciously wicked) Lively's world. I like a film I cannot figure out in the first 20 minutes and this one had me guessing and re-guessing as I tried to untie the tangled web of lies and half-truths, while trying to figure out exactly whose lies they were. My advice; don't read too much into this one. Simply make a really stiff martini, strap in and enjoy the ride!

Wednesday, October 10, 08:49:39 PM

Slow to develop, gratuitous bad language, long and boring monologs and unconnected music score; wasn't sure where the story was going or if it was supposed to be a comidy or a serious drama. Left theater after the first 30 minutes and fortunately found a nearby watering-hole to make up for a busted evening at the movie.

Sunday, October 7, 06:40:13 PM

It’s worth seeing - yes, a bit quirky, and seems convoluted in the storyline, but the ending is great and overall, is entertaining

Saturday, October 6, 09:01:21 PM

Great subtle humor. Acting superb. Plot surprises every moment.

Saturday, October 6, 04:40:14 PM

I didn't expect the humor and the suspense to work so well in this feature. Both actresses added their own magic and mystic to the plot to make it a hit on my list.

Friday, October 5, 09:12:03 PM

What started off as a strong film became foolish. The french all sounded japanese.

Friday, October 5, 07:23:37 PM

I was surprised how much I loved this movie! Made me laugh and kept me entertained to the end!

Wednesday, October 3, 12:35:19 AM

This movie is terrible!! They get together for what, a couple drinks, and all of a sudden there “best friends”? Found the story line just weird. Acting was ok but script was awful.

Tuesday, October 2, 09:42:57 AM

Loved this movie. Lots of plots going on, and enough surprises to keep one's interest.

Monday, October 1, 07:03:50 PM

A fun movie but kind of long; lots of different twists and the actors are pretty darn good in their roles. Light entertainment with quite a few laughs.

Friday, September 28, 08:49:21 PM


Friday, September 28, 01:32:59 PM

Excellent movie - I have already seen it twice.

Friday, September 28, 08:33:53 AM

An interesting film but it starts to fall apart near the end with the improbable twists an turns.

Thursday, September 27, 10:37:13 PM

Enjoyed this movie

Thursday, September 27, 03:31:50 PM

I don’t know if I’d necessarily call this a thriller, the ending was kind of comedic but the movie was definitely enjoyable, a few very funny but crude one liners as well.

Tuesday, September 25, 10:41:37 PM

Loved this movie from the beginning until the end! Great acting and story with many twists and turns. Must see!

Tuesday, September 25, 02:25:57 PM

It was almost a documentary style of movie, weird.... Could have made it for you..... Not my favorite..

Tuesday, September 25, 01:06:11 PM

Great movie!

Monday, September 24, 05:53:55 PM

Great plot, great acting, great music! Looove everything about this movie!

Sunday, September 23, 08:56:10 PM

What a fun movie

Saturday, September 22, 09:58:48 PM

wow... what a ride! plot twists galore.... like a chess game run amok. Blake Lively was fantastic.... and gorgeous!

Thursday, September 20, 09:11:13 PM

No stars for this dumb stupid boring movie don’t waste your time and money

Thursday, September 20, 07:33:31 PM

Surprisingly funny and good/ also a real thriller. This movie is worth seeing but don't think you know what is going to happen.....

Thursday, September 20, 03:14:29 PM

Great plot

Wednesday, September 19, 01:49:31 PM

Excellent plot twister. Enjoyed drama and the laughs mixed in.

Wednesday, September 19, 12:17:26 AM

A rollicking good twisted tale!

Tuesday, September 18, 07:08:32 PM

Entertaining story with fun twists. Good performances by both ladies.

Monday, September 17, 05:10:05 PM

Just read the last review. Didn't really like the book, but there was definitely no lesbians in it so will even more so never watch this movie. Disgusting that they added it for cheap thrills. Trust Hollywood to cheapen everything they touch.

Monday, September 17, 04:40:39 PM

Glad I went on seniors day, cheaper movie price. The movie is true to the book, but Hollywood throws all the dirt, crap, lesbianism, everything in it to offend. It's a thriller with twists. I knew what was coming.

Monday, September 17, 04:38:22 PM

I read the book, and yes, the movie is exactly true to the book, but Hollywood has to throw everything into it....all the perverse stuff, Hollywood delights in this stuff. Blake Lively is good. If you've read the book, forget seeing the movie.

Monday, September 17, 12:30:08 PM

Lively is mesmerizing, she steals the movie! Kendrick though seemed miscast in my opinion, she's better suited to fluffier stuff like the Pitch Perfect flicks,the movie was still quite enjoyable..

Sunday, September 16, 08:08:46 PM

Great story with lots of twists. I wish there were movies like this!

Sunday, September 16, 07:57:53 PM

I agree Kendrick and Lively performed excellent. Unexpected story. You have no idea what you are going to get from this movie.

Sunday, September 16, 05:45:25 PM

One of the best of the year!!!!!

Sunday, September 16, 04:14:31 AM

Awesome ?????? Funny & Smart ??